10 Best Free IP Stressers You Can Use in 2024

If you own a website or work around networks, an IP Stresser is a must-have tool. IP stressers are generally used to test your web servers for bandwidth and traffic handling capabilities. These tools can be used legally and illegally, like crashing a website, performing DDoS attacks, etc. 

Due to their use case, finding good IP stressers/booters can be difficult as they are often banned. So, what are some good IP stressers that one can use? If you have been looking for some good IP stressers, here is a list you can refer to. 

What are IP Stressers?

Owning and running a website (or server) is difficult. Many known and unknown factors can drive the performance and capacity of your website. One of these is the capacity of your web server to handle a high inflow of traffic to your website – if it cannot do this, your website will automatically start crashing.

IP Stressers are digital tools to monitor how your web server facilitates a smooth traffic flow to your website. You can also gain real-time information about the traffic volume, generated load, and general strength of the web server. The tool does this by simulating fake traffic load on a deployed web server to see if it can take it in real life.

Best IP Stressers or Booters You Can Use

Legitimate IP Stressers tools are secure, trustable, and easy to use. Below is a list of some of the best IP booters you can use.  

1. Stresser AI

A premium creation that has become the top name among IP Stressers, Stresser AI can invade Layer 4 and Layer 7 bypass targets. It allows anonymous use for all. 

The AI foundation makes it possible to evaluate each barrier uniquely and derive solutions within seconds. You can make up to 50 stress attacks in a day, each of which can last a maximum of 300 seconds.

2. HardStresser

This tool has over 30 methods for Layer 4 attacks and over 20 for Layer 7 attacks. The platform is mostly known for its unbelievable bandwidth – 1500 Gbit/s offered for free on their Discord channel to selected users!

HardStresser comes with many features, some of which are strictly paid services. They have 24/7 client support but only and above average stress time.

3. Nightmare Stresser

This online IP booter can test websites, Nintendo Switch, home Wi-Fi, website servers, private networks, etc. It is one of the original IP Stressers ever made and still works with a sturdiness that newer models cannot match.

Nightmare comes with 45 or more attack methods, 5 of which are available for Layer 7 systems. The tool can reach a capacity of about 500 Gbit/s. It works anonymously and deletes logs every 24 hours. 

4. Stresser.Su

This is another free IP stresser that you can go for. This IP stresser has free and paid versions; you will be limited in features with the free version. You will get 180 Max stress time and one concurrent with the free version. You must opt for the paid version for additional features like premium networks, API access, and more stress time. 

As a free IP stresser, this is one of the best IP stressers on the list. Depending on how you want to perform the attack, you can customize the stresser with your custom settings. 

5. Neocities FreeBooter

An IP booter provided by one of the world’s most trusted web hosting platforms must be trustable, right? Not only that, this platform puts your comfort first. The service can be accessed from any platform and runs smoothly on low internet connectivity.

This platform is for those with basic needs. DNS amplification technology has been used to craft attack methods. 50 Gbit/s capacity can be expected from this tool.

6. Load Ninja

Load Ninja is also a good IP stresser that is available for free. The feature ‘InstaPlay Recorder’ on this IP Stresser lets the website builder select a series of arrangements, which it then saves and replays on multiple projects. This unique capacity has made LoadNinja by SmartBear the best selective traffic volume testing platform.

The tool is also popular for its engaging user interface. It can generate detailed reports with a graphical presentation of realistic and comparative data.

7. Free Stresser

If you want to get a ‘Jack Of All Trades’ IP Stresser, you can get the Free Stresser. This anonymous service can be accessed without login or sign-up and can be used up to 50 times daily.

1 Gbps bandwidth is made available for each stress test. All you need to give to the software to generate results is the IP Address and Port Value. One of the most beginner-friendly options, Free Stresser surprisingly evaluates minute changes to give extraordinarily accurate results.

8. Stress Them

With this tool, you can launch unlimited attacks every single day! Stress Them can launch multiple testing systems simultaneously on Layer 4 web organizations. Attack time can last for about 4 hours.

Stress Them does not offer attacks for Layer 7, however. It has a maximum limit of 1000 Gbit/s. As a cherry on top, most of its features are available at zero cost for the user.

9. LoadView by Dotcom-Monitor

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most sophisticated tools out there. LoadView by Dotcom-Monitor builds scripts that run through several projects to simulate authentic traffic on a site almost flawlessly.

Live analysis, automatic course diagrams, and routine comparative tests carried over time are features you get with it. You can customize your tests using this cloud-based traffic tracking software.

10. Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud

Another cloud-based tool, this platform, can check the performance of web organizations and servers without loading your device. You can use it on your mobile phone, tablet, etc too! The platform specializes in monetary affiliation requests.

The free version of LoadRunner offers to deliver traffic for 50 VUs simultaneously. Paid users can access similar technology for up to 5 million VUs instead. The tests include AI examination, customized setups, and day segments.


Using IP Stressers is normal and valid if you engage them for your website or to test your network. These tools test your network or website for high traffic (or load). This list mentioned some of the best free IP stressers you can use. 

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