10 Best Griddler Puzzle Games for Android and iOS

Are you looking for mathematics and brain-training games? Griddler puzzles are the best option for you to try. If you’re not familiar with this name, you might know them as nonograms or picross. In this category, you have to reveal hidden images by solving numerical clues.

If you like challenges, these games are the best for sharp-minded people. On the Internet, you will find many griddler puzzle suggestions, but it is challenging to find the best one.

To address this, we have tested several games and chosen the best options for you. So without further delay, let’s check out the list of the best Griddler puzzle games.

Best Griddler Puzzle Games for Android & iOS

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best free Griddler puzzle games for Android and iPhone users and this list of games is suitable for all age groups.

1. Nonograms Katana

Nonograms Katana

Nonograms Katana is a popular game with millions of downloads. It offers over 1000 nonograms, and all the puzzles are free to play. A computer has tested each puzzle in this game and provided the best solution.

The best part of this game is that it provides puzzles in black-and-white and colored versions. You can use the default puzzles or create your own and share them with your friends. Each puzzle also includes over 15 hints.

Android / iOS

2. Nonograms CrossMe

Nonograms CrossMe

Nonograms CrossMe is one of the best and most interesting griddler games. It helps people become smarter daily. Based on numbers, you need to discover hidden images by turning cells black. This game will keep you entertained during boring times.

It has three different sizes of nonograms: small (10×10), medium (20×20), and large (90×90). In addition, it offers lots of puzzles in various categories like animals, plants, people, cars, buildings, and many more.

Android / iOS

3. Riddle Stones

Riddle Stones

Riddle Stones is a popular puzzle game that helps users train their brains. Playing this game is fun, but to win, users need to use their brains to think about how they can solve the puzzle.

This game is based on griddler, nonogram, and picross, which are popular Asian riddles. If your kids spend too much time on your phones, you can play this game with them. It will help sharpen their brains.

Android / iOS

4. Nonogram Galaxy

Nonogram galaxy

Nonogram Galaxy is a game for those who love picture logic puzzles. Users need to solve the picture puzzle based on numbers; every numbered grid will turn colored or remain black to reveal the hidden picture you have to solve.

At first, you might face difficulty understanding it, but later, you will easily learn the puzzle. It has more than 5000 puzzles and also supports a cloud save feature.

Android / iOS

5. Pic-a-Pix: Nonogram Color


If you compare this game with other options, you will find it a little different. Based on the numbers you see on every row and column, you need to color the grid accordingly to reveal the beautiful painting from the grid.

It offers 125 free colorful pick-a-pix puzzles and provides a bonus puzzle each week for free. As for its other features, you won’t experience any ads, can zoom in on the puzzle, including the grid area, have unlimited undo and redo options, track solving time, and more.

Android / iOS

6. Nonogram Logic Pic

Nonogram Logic Pic

It has great puzzles with difficult levels waiting for you to solve. It offers more interesting puzzles than other options you may have tried. You just need to move smarter and fill the grid to discover the hidden image.

It also provides a quick in-game tutorial that will help you solve the puzzle if you get stuck somewhere. The puzzles in this game surely challenge your brain, helping you to get smarter every day.

Android / iOS

7. Link-a-Pix


Another Griddler game is Link-a-Pix. It has 125+ free puzzles in color and black and white. If you are good at solving puzzles, try this game, as it offers multiple difficulty levels and unique solutions for every puzzle.

You can solve any puzzle in both portrait and landscape modes. With its unlimited undo and redo options, you can simply learn each puzzle. Also, you can backup and restore your puzzle progress in cloud storage.

Android / iOS

8. Nonogram-Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Jigsaw Puzzle Game

If you need a puzzle game for your kid, then try the jigsaw puzzle game. It has simple and easy puzzles that might be challenging for kids. As they solve the levels, the difficulty will increase with each puzzle. You can also choose the difficulty level from easy to expert.

It also provides a video to understand the game and it becomes addictive when someone starts solving the puzzles. The best part is that if you get stuck on any puzzle, you can try another, and later you can come back to solve the one you left.

Android / iOS

9. Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram

Nono Crossing Picture Nonogram

Another game for kids with over 1000 nonogram levels and challenges. It offers interesting puzzles with great cartoonish graphics and sound effects.

Win each puzzle to unlock new pictures and nonogram challenges. It also has fun logic mini-games that kids love to play. The plus point is that you don’t need the internet to play this; you can play anytime, anywhere.

Android / iOS

10. Nonogram: Picture cross puzzle

Picture cross puzzle

Picture Cross Puzzle has over 3000 Nonogram puzzles from easy to master levels. It has millions of downloads on Google Play and the App Store with an excellent rating.

Playing this puzzle game is the best exercise for improving your brain. If you have solved Griddler puzzles before, you can set the difficulty level. With each puzzle you solve, you receive rewards that help you unlock new worlds.

Android / iOS


These are the best Griddler puzzle games for Android and iOS users. Each option has its unique puzzles and difficulties. Before installing the game, read the information that will help you choose the best one for you. If you have any questions related to this list, please let me know in the comment section.

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