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Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Rick and Morty season 7, episode 6.


  • Rick and Morty season 7, episode 6 returned to the show’s comedic misadventures after a dark and plot-heavy episode 5.
  • The episode featured sharp satirical gags and political commentary, even in its lighter and more standalone episodes.
  • Rick once again proved his wit and creativity by solving puzzles and winning against adversaries without relying solely on gadgets and weapons.

While episode 5 was a show-shaking outing for the series, Rick and Morty season 7, episode 6 was a return to wild comedic misadventures for the titular duo. Rick and Morty season 7, episode 5, “Unmortricken,” shook up the show’s lighthearted season with a series of wild revelations. Not only did Evil Morty return to the series, but he helped Rick kill Rick Prime in a bombshell episode that ended a story which started back in the show’s season 5 finale. This was a massive tonal shift after the comparatively silly early episodes of Rick and Morty season 7, which focused on standalone adventures and largely ignored the show’s lore.

While Rick and Morty season 7 hinted at the Rick Prime plot before “Unmortricken,” few viewers could have guessed the shocking direction that the mid-season episode would take the series in. Rick and Morty season 7’s future stories could go anywhere after the unexpected death of the show’s primary villain, but episode 6, “Rickfending Your Mort,” is far from another grim, canon-centric outing. Instead, this madcap episode saw Rick audit Morty’s claims about their adventures with some help from the Observer, an omniscient being who proved to be a real pain once the process got underway.

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12 Rick and Morty Revealed Rick’s Fate After Rick Prime’s Death

Rick’s Reaction To Rick Prime’s Defeat Was Funnier Than Expected

The first big laugh in “Rickfending Your Mort” came in the first moments of the episode’s cold open. After the ending of “Unmortricken” left viewers to wonder how Rick would react to finally killing Rick Prime, “Rickfending Your Mort” wasted no time before revealing the answer. It turned out that Rick had been lying around getting drunk and blowing raspberries on the garage floor. After the intense ending of Rick and Morty’s Rick Prime storyline, this comically immature revelation was a welcome reprieve from the show’s darker tone.

11 Rick Criticised Policing Problems

Rick & Morty’s Satirical Wit Remained Sharp

Rick and Morty singing and playing musical instruments in Get Schwifty

As Morty attempted to cash in his adventures, Rick demanded an audit of the credits that Morty had accrued. This required the services of the Observer, an omniscient being who could replay these events for a fee. Rick announced that the Observer had seen everything that ever happened, comparing him to police body cams if they couldn’t be turned off before beating up minorities. This dark gag proved that even Rick and Morty’s lighter episodes feature sharp satirical gags and political commentary.

10 Rick & Morty’s Truth Or Dare Adventure

Rick Creatively Solved An Age-Old Riddle

Rick bursts through a door dressed like Blade in Rick and Morty season 7 trailer

Rick’s inventive solution to the classic puzzle wherein one guard always tells the truth and the other always lies turns out to be asking one whether he ever slept with the other’s wife. This immediately caused some violent in-fighting, proving that Rick really can rely on his wits when gadgets and weapons won’t cut it. After Rick and Morty season 7, episode 5 almost killed him off, it was a fun surprise to see Rick winning again.

9 “Maximum Overdrive With Clothes”

Rick And Morty Cued Up An Absurd Stephen King Spoof

Rick and Morty recreated Stephen King’s infamous killer car short story “Trucks,” adapted as the movie Maximum Overdrive, in one of Morty’s adventures. However, they were attacked by sentient clothes instead of sentient cars, and spent much of the segment debating whether this was a better or worse fate. This gruesome horror movie parody was the first of two Stephen King spoofs in the episode.

8 Rick Recreated His Most Infamous Antics

Rick And Morty Season 7 Mocked the Infamous Pickle Rick

Morty walks away in disgust as Rick reveals he has turned himself into a talking leg in Rick and Morty's season 7 trailer

In “Leg Rick,” Rick repeated his season 3 antics with a gag that clearly parodied both season 3, episode 3, “Pickle Rick,” and the fan base’s reaction to that famous episode. What made this self-referential gag work so well was the character’s reaction to his own joke, as Rick thought “Leg Rick” was as ingenious and hilarious as “Pickle Rick.” The gag also recurred later in the episode, failing to sway a jury when Rick and Morty were on trial.

7 The Observer Turned On Rick And Morty

Rick And Morty Forgot Their Own Sci-fi Premise

Jerry, Beth, Rick, Morty and Summer having dinner in Rick and Morty season 7

In a classic Rick and Morty sci-fi parody, the Observer turned on the show’s heroes after they bad-mouthed him in the kitchen. He played back the footage of them insulting him, which they soon realized was an inevitability, since they already knew he could see and hear everything. Enraged, the Observer then started sowing discord by playing embarrassing secret memories involving all the Smith family members.

6 Morty Discovers Rick’s Morty Bets

The Ricks Had A Pool Going On Morty’s Gullibility

Rick in a spaceship in rick and morty season 7 episode 5

In one mortifying video, Rick convinced Morty that licking the inside of an Apeborg’s nose was somehow the only way to save the day. It soon transpired that the Ricks had an entire wall of outlandish bets detailing the gross and absurd things they wanted to trick Morty into doing. While Rick and Morty season 7, episode 4 saw Rick look out for Morty, this memory proves he is no hero.

5 Rick And Morty Got Caught

Rick And Morty’s Lies Didn’t Last Long

Rick told Morty to hide their accidental murder of the Observer, only for the scene to cut to a jury full of other Observers watching this footage. This immediately proved their guilt and prompted Rick and Morty to once again admit that they didn’t think this plan through. However, the pair were still able to escape their deadly fate after being caught.

4 Morty’s Many Guns

Morty Repeatedly Proved He Couldn’t Handle Deadly Weapons

Morty holding a gun and looking nervous in Rick and Morty

In an attempt to convince the jury they were well-meaning fools, Rick and Morty’s lawyer presented a clip of Rick gifting Morty with a so-called “Gorilla Gun.” Both Morty’s Gorilla Gun and Bully Gun ended terribly for him after he misunderstood Rick’s meaning, but things soon got worse. When Rick simply gifted Morty a “gun,” it inexplicably turned out to be a weapon that produced a clone of Jeffrey Dahmer and ruined a date with Jessica in the process.

3 Rick And Morty Played In The Pet Sematary

Rick and Morty react to a rotting zombie hand rising from the ground

Rick and Morty experimented with bringing things back to life in the Pet Sematary, eventually accidentally cooking Benjamin Franklin’s corpse in the process. Although this clip was intended to exonerate the pair, it ended up just making them seem like monsters. Bizarrely, Rick and Morty season 7, episode 4’s post-credits scene already addressed the pair considering committing cannibalism earlier in the season, making this macabre gag a callback as well as a gross-out joke.

2 Rick And Morty Learned Nothing

Rick And Morty’s Ordeal Didn’t Teach Them A Thing

Morty and Rick driving in the ship in Rick and Morty season 7, episode 3

Not only did the duo’s brush with death not humble them, but their escape from the Observer led Rick to accompany Morty on yet another adventure. After Rick Prime’s death, Rick was too despondent for any antics, but the Observer’s death and their subsequent trial seemingly reignited his love of dangerous, irresponsible space adventures. Rick even gifted Morty another gun for fun, further reinforcing the idea that the pair learned less than nothing from their ordeal.

1 Morty’s Churro Story

Morty’s Worst Experiment Cost Him Dearly

Akira Morty hovering over the town with military pointing guns at him in Rick & Morty

Morty’s short-sighted decision to grant his churro sentience ended with the snack vowing to kill him someday after Rick and Morty abandoned it on a remote, desolate planet. This came back in the post-credits stinger, with the churro finally tracking Morty down. Like many of Rick and Morty season 7’s post-credits scenes, this bizarre moment made the preceding episode’s wild story even weirder.

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