14 Fear The Walking Dead Characters Who Can Return In Future Shows

Spoilers ahead for the series finale of Fear the Walking Dead.


  • Fear the Walking Dead‘s series finale leaves room for future spinoffs and crossovers, allowing memorable characters like Victor Strand and Alicia Clark to potentially return in other franchise fare.
  • Most of the franchise’s most compelling characters go their own ways in the finale, but leave the possibility of future appearances open.
  • Characters like Tracy, Daniel Salazar, Luciana Galvez, June, Odessa, Althea, and Isabelle all have the potential to appear in other Walking Dead universe shows and movies due to their resonant stories and fan popularity.

Fear The Walking Dead, the ever-inconsistent spinoff of The Walking Dead, boasts several characters who can return in future shows now that the eight-season series has wrapped. At first, the series centered on the Clarks, a blended family that was forced to band together during the earliest days of the outbreak. Kim Dickens’ Madison Clark became a central figure in the series — an answer to The Walking Dead‘s Lori Grimes problem — as did her daughter, the fan-favorite Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). Eventually, Fear the Walking Dead‘s cast grew to include new characters, like Colman Domingo’s Victor Strand, and folks who crossed over from other franchise entries, like Dwight (Austin Amelio).

For the most part, the show’s hardened survivors weathered Fear The Walking Dead‘s series-ending finale. In fact, the show has already faced some criticism for its unconventional conclusion, which doesn’t contain any major character deaths. Instead, Fear the Walking Dead‘s finale is punctuated by ridiculous moments, from characters surviving explosions (again) to bullet-stopping necklaces. Without a doubt, the show has kept the door open for future spinoffs and crossovers. Most of the series’ most memorable characters have the potential to crop up in other franchise fare, including Daryl Dixon, Dead City, or the planned movies.

10 Madison Clark

Madison Clark pointing a pistol In Fear The Walking Dead Season 8

Despite Fear The Walking Dead season 8’s cast being something of an ensemble, Madison Clark remained a central figure throughout the show’s lengthy run. On more than one occasion, it seemed like Madison wouldn’t make it out alive, but the Clark matriarch defied the odds (and the all-consuming flames of two fiery explosions) to reunite with her daughter, Alicia. In the end, Madison and Alicia inspire other survivors with their selflessness, which is quite the legacy. With the duo heading for the West Coast (and not telling their friends that they’re alive), it seems unlikely that Madison will reappear in a current franchise spinoff, but who knows what the future will hold.

9 Alicia Clark

Alycia Debnam-Carey As Alicia Clark In The Fear The Walking Dead Series Finale

After seemingly dying off-screen, the fan-favorite character Alicia Clark was brought back for Fear the Walking Dead‘s series finale. Alicia’s reunion with her worse-for-wear mother, Madison, is one of the episode’s emotional high points. Even better, the mother-daughter duo decide to drive out to Los Angeles together and settle back into their pre-apocalypse home state. Again, that puts Alicia and Madison at a hefty geographical distance from most of the other Walking Dead characters and settings, but, in the future, the Clarks might just come back.

8 Tracy Otto

Tracy looks unamused in Fear the Walking Dead

Thankfully, Fear the Walking Dead‘s finale confirmed that Tracy is not actually Alicia’s daughter, completely upending Troy’s last-ditch effort to get Madison to safeguard his kid. After shooting Madison and leaving her for dead, Tracy has a remarkable (and not-so-believable) change of heart in the wake of Madison’s grand sacrifice at PADRE. Even though Madison doesn’t die in the explosion, she inspires Tracy to do what’s right — to be selfless. It’s an interesting thread, and certainly filled with much more hope than other Walking Dead fare, making Tracy a great candidate for future franchise appearances.

7 Victor Strand

Victor Strand uses a radio in Fear The Walking Dead

If Colman Domingo wasn’t having a moment in Hollywood thanks to his sure-to-be Oscar-nominated turn in Rustin, his Fear the Walking Dead character, Victor Strand, would be the most likely spinoff lead. In the series finale, Victor watches his former family — Madison and Alicia — in the rearview mirror. Although he goes his own way, Strand has a new family — and an open road — ahead of him. While it’s not clear where he’s headed, Strand remains one of the franchise’s most compelling characters, and that open-ended quality to his conclusion leaves plenty of room for future appearances.

6 Daniel Salazar (& Skidmark)

Skidmark the cat with Daniel in Fear the Walking Dead

Aside from Alicia and Madison’s emotional reunion, Daniel Salazar had the best moment in Fear the Walking Dead‘s finale. Finally, after too many episodes apart, Daniel is reunited with his cat companion, Skidmark. While Skidmark may have used up several of his nine lives over the course of his time on the show, it’s clear that this duo have plenty of adventures ahead of them. With Skidmark being such a fan favorite — and a bit of comic relief in the unrelenting apocalypse of The Walking Dead — it’s possible the cat (and Daniel) will appear again.

5 Luciana Galvez

Luciana Galvez looks nervous in Fear the Walking Dead

While Luciana wasn’t in Part 1 of Fear the Walking Dead season 8, she makes a long-anticipated return in episode 8 of the final outing. After rescuing Daniel from PADRE, Luciana’s selfless commitment to helping other survivors becomes more apparent than ever. There’s no doubt that Polar Bear’s “take what you need, leave what you don’t” attitude is still informing her biggest priorities. This dedication to others makes Luciana a top-choice candidate when it comes to Fear characters appearing in other Walking Dead universe shows and movies. As MADRE spreads across the country, Luciana seems ready to spearhead the effort.

4 June & Odessa

June looking worried and Odessa looking serious collage of Fear the Walking Dead

At the end of Fear the Walking Dead, June and Odessa take the MRAP back to John Dorie’s Texas cabin. Since the duo met at PADRE, June has become a mother figure to Odessa, and the series indicates that the younger of the two still has a lot to learn. Another far-flung pair, June and Odessa seem to be far away from the action happening in the franchise’s other two currently airing shows, Daryl Dixon and Dead City, but they also seem like the perfect kind of characters to crossover into future installments.

3 Althea & Isabelle

Althea & Isabelle lying on a hill in Fear the Walking Dead

After meeting Isabelle in season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead, Althea learned quite a bit about the Civic Republic Military (CRM), seemingly tying the couple’s fate to the secretive, highly influential organization. While Althea and Isabelle’s fates are currently up in the air, they’re likely alive. Since The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will heavily feature the CRM, Isabelle and Althea are the perfect characters to appear in the Rick and Michonne spinoff, which will benefit greatly from integrating itself with other franchise entries.

2 Sarah, Wendell, Jacob & Other Characters Who Were Sidelined In Fear Season 8

Sara and Wendell look serious in Fear the Walking Dead

Despite being fairly influential, series regular characters in previous installments of Fear the Walking Dead, characters like Rabbi Jacob and trucker siblings Sarah and Wendell all but disappeared from season 8 of the series. While Fear‘s showrunner addresses the issue, claiming they’d initially planned to check in on the trio of characters, that obviously didn’t pan out. Given that all three personalities are established in the Walking Dead universe, and still alive post-Fear, it’s more likely than not that they’ll crop up in other franchise entries.

1 Mo

Mo crouches with a radio in Fear the Walking Dead

Morgan Jones-Mukherjee, a.k.a. Mo, was formerly part of PADRE — until Morgan Jones and Grace Mukherjee adopted her. Later, Madison kidnaps Mo, forcing her back into PADRE, which kicks off a grueling arc for the character. Ultimately, Mo joins Morgan, her adoptive father, when he returns to Alexandria, so she isn’t in the Fear the Walking Dead finale. Nonetheless, since it’s been made known that Mo and Morgan are searching for Rick Grimes, it’s likely that Mo will appear in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

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