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7Zap is an online platform specially developed for auto parts trading on an international level. It allows buyers and sellers to get in touch with each other to get their deals done. They offer a wide range of categories of auto parts, including various car companies.

It makes it easier for people who are in search of their auto parts anywhere in the world. It is the best platform solution for those people. It makes multiple processes easier, including repair, maintenance, styling, tuning, etc. 

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They have multiple conditions for buyers and sellers to use their platform, which helps in making the platform safer and mess-free. People can add their product for free and can demand their price. It is a platform with a fast working network that allows sellers to get their offers immediately after uploading their product. 

It is also easier for the buyer to search for any product in their store, and people can buy products anywhere in the world. They also allow people to negotiate with sellers to get the desired price. They enable people to have a straightforward process of buying and selling after a simple verification process, which is necessary for everyone. If you are willing to find alternatives, check out our post listing the best alternative to 7Zap.

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  • Offers leading Levam service.
  • There is no limit on selling.
  • High customer traffic.
  • Simple interface.


  • Weak customer service.
  • No legal action for scammers.
  • Shows limited car models.
  • Limited accessories.

7Zap Alternatives


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Since 2008, Parts Geek has been the best place to find the lowest prices on domestic and imported auto parts and accessories. You can buy millions of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) from reputable companies online, aftermarket, rebuilt, and remanufactured vehicle parts of different quality levels. Because we have direct connections to warehouses throughout the United States, you can count on getting OEM and aftermarket auto parts quickly. It sells the same brand-name auto parts as local auto parts stores but…


Founded in 1999, RockAuto refers to the marketplace with everything regarding the automotive. This platform aims to uncover the detailed information enclosed in the stores. They can list specifications of each available product that gathers not only from an individual man or store but it is collected from all over the market to provide more accurate content. Rockauto also enables users to get the auto parts at many affordable prices without getting any of the physical store or any other…

Smart Car Dock

Smartplay Dock is a car audio system that can link to smartphone apps compatible with vehicles. It has a user interface for controlling in-car media and accessing calls and texts. It allows you to assign any button for widgets, execute applications and create shortcuts. You can use a short-dialer as a GPS button that shows speed, altitude, driving direction, date, and time. There are shortcuts for play/pause, stop, next, and previous songs in multimedia players. Use the shortcuts to raise/lower…

Car Widget

Car Widget is an application that allows you to use phone features while driving. You can select one or more options on your main menu or home screen to show vehicle speed during driving. It will be easily accessible from your automobile home applications. To go to the widget settings, use the application shortcut. It makes it easier and faster to use phone capabilities while driving. It allows you to designate one or more screens from your home launcher for…

Car Home Ultra

Car Home Ultra is a smartphone docking app that lets you use your phone from virtually any location. When your car’s bluetooth recognizes your phone, it will start up immediately, and you can use it by using the home or back buttons. Additionally, you can use the media controller to manage any music or podcast app on your phone with large and easy-to-see buttons. With the built-in data widgets, you can keep track of your speed, position, weather, and altitude.…


Drivemode is a tool that provides a graphical user interface for accessing your phone’s most frequent functions, such as calls, messages, navigation, apps, and music. It allows you to take calls and send messages while driving. In Drive mode, there are voice-activated directions and giant buttons. With voice control, a broad swipe, or a single click, you can focus on driving while safely receiving calls, sending messages, and listening to the news. Furthermore, you will respond to a message or text…

Android Auto

Android Auto is a smart driving app that makes use of Google Assistant to keep you focused, connected, and entertained when you’re driving. This mobile application interface is straightforward, with huge icons and powerful voice command that make driving on your phone much easier. It is designed to be easy to use. With Google Maps, Waze, and other mapping apps, you can get real-time notifications. You can even ask Google Assistant to get gas on the way, check the availability…


AutoMate is an application that provides you with essential services during driving. With AutoMate, you get the necessary information at the right time, allowing you to concentrate on the road. You can use your favorite navigation if you want to acquire routes and turn-by-turn directions. You can find nearby locations such as petrol stations and eateries with a single click. Moreover, You may also call your friends, look at your call history, send and receive SMS messages, and quickly dial…


AutoZen is a technology and service company that sources high-quality consumer vehicles. It completes a significant supply gap in the automotive industry. Its platform has an extensive network of automotive buyers who will compete to buy the seller’s automobile at the best price that is easier for the customers. It acts as a link between a used automobile seller and a potential buyer. It is a free service to the seller and generates revenue by charging the dealership a portion…


CarbitLink is an in-car assistant that allows you to display your phone’s screen onto the dashboard of your vehicle. With quick connections and excellent in-car functions, you have an option with an ideal having experience. The most practical route is based on your current location and road condition. Moreover, you can listen to many albums and songs online at any time. With the help of CarbitLink, you can watch the most popular news, sports, music, games, fashion, and other films…


HereWeGo, a web mapping and navigation service where technologies were managed in Windows Phone and the World Wide Web in 2013. It is a free navigation program that takes domestic and international travelers on familiar and unusual journeys. The environment has a cleaner, easier-to-use interface and navigation. By following the easy stroll principles, you can enjoy a pleasant journey and arrive at your destination with ease, regardless of your transportation. In more than 1,900 locations worldwide, you may take public…

Car Dashdroid

Car Dashdroid is a car home dock replacement that offers the best in-car entertainment options. You can listen and respond to incoming messages without picking up the phone. Additionally,  you can also use bluetooth to start/stop the app and return to the specially-designed home screen by pressing the Home button when you’ve got internet access. Then, it is a win-win situation. You have to maintain your focus on the road. Moreover, You can manage giant buttons and complete voice commands.…

Google Maps

Google Maps is a google-developed internet mapping tool and platform. The core features of Google Maps are satellite pictures and photography, local maps, 360° interactive panorama street views, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for walking, driving, bicycling, flying, and public transportation. Google Maps will make it easy if you wish to travel the world. You can learn about new neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink, and go – anywhere you are on the earth. With real-time transit info, you…


Dashlinq is an application for driving dashboards in automobiles. The user interface is simple and allows you to listen to music or make a phone call during driving. A car-friendly drive mode launcher makes using your phone easy and safe. It offers a secure method to use an Android smartphone in the car, with voice control, attractive and bold graphics, and a design that creates a unified experience. Furthermore, media plugins on the dashboard link your car to music apps…


Waze is a Google company that develops satellite navigation software. With the help of Waze, you’ll always know what’s going on on the road if you know the path and updates on traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more. It will adjust your route if traffic is terrible on your way, saving you time. You can see traffic, cops, dangers, and more on your drive. It will enable you to listen to music, podcasts, and other apps while on the go.…

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