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BitScreener is a platform that allows the user to have complete tracking of price changes of multiple cryptocurrencies in the open market. It provides people with the most accurate and latest information about crypto to all traders and investors around the world.

They have the best working team that keeps track of all the changes in the open market. It delivers people the latest information about more than 2000 coins and gives constant updates on it. It gives all the details about every coin and covers all the aspects of the market.

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It is one of the most powerful tools that helps professional traders in multiple ways during their daily trading routine. It helps people make multiple decisions about cryptocurrency investments, such as which coin can give them more profit than others.

It enables people to see real-time changes in cryptocurrencies. It provides users with multiple filters, including market cap, price, volume, exchange, type, age, average volume, max supply, circulating supply, performance, etc. These filters help people in their research of the best coin. Users can add their favorite coins to the watchlist, which can be easily accessible anytime. If you are willing to find alternatives, check out our post listing the best alternative to BitScreener.

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  • Gives detailed view.
  • Offers free mobile applications.
  • Easily accessible by device.
  • Advance crypto screening tool.


  • Details are not understandable by beginners.
  • Complicated to get related information.
  • Need a stable internet connection.
  • The app stops working sometimes.

BitScreener Alternatives


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Compressnow contains the best solution for you to reduce the weight of an images without doing much. You can instantly upload images of plenty of formats including gif, png, jpg, and more to compress it in the way you want. It contains an upload button right at the top of the interface that you can click to upload the intended images and compress it according to your needs. You can select up to 10 images simultaneously from your desktop computers…


Compressor.io is a free SaaS tool that is used for reducing the size of photos and images. With the help of this platform, you can shrink files with slight quality loss. It supports many file formats like PNG, SVG, JPEG, and GIF while shrinking files. For maintaining the balance between the file size and image qualities it gives you the option to choose between lossy and lossless compression. Furthermore, this platform enables users to review the edited image after compression.…

Caesium Image Compressor

Caesium Image Compressor is a paid, lightweight, and fast imaging software using which people can compress their photos. This software has many features and tools for compressing photos up to 90% without quality loss. The interface of this platform is easy to use so people from all around the world can easily use it. Bloggers, professional photographers, webmasters, are using it for storing, sharing, and sending digital images. Caesium Image Compressor is available on mobile devices so that people can…

Image Compressor. Com

Image Compressor. Com is a free image resizing tool using which people can compress the size of images. To use this platform for compressing images people do not need to pay anything. The interface of this tool is very simple so people from all around the world can easily use it. This platform enables users to compress images without losing image quality. Furthermore, you can use this compressor for compressing photos directly from the web browser. You just have to…


imagemin is a free image compression tool using which people can compress images. It supports multiple image formats during compressing images and is integrated with build tools and build scripts. This platform enables users to compress images without losing image quality. The interface of this tool is very simple so people from all around the world can easily use it. imagemin removes bloated metadata from images and makes them load faster. You can save the space of your phone by…


TinyJPG is a free photo and graphic website used for reducing the file size of JPEG images. This platform analyzes every uploaded image for applying the best possible JPEG encoding. It has an easy-to-use interface so people from all around the world can easily use it. Furthermore, TinyJPG chooses the optimal strategy based on the content of the user’s image. To use this platform, you just have to upload a JPEG file. After uploading, the image is analyzed, colors, patterns,…


Statically is a free and open-source image resizing and optimization tool. With this platform, you can make your websites load faster. This tool is powered by multi-CDN and provides the most reliable network in its class. The interface of this platform is easy to use so people from all around the world can easily use it. Furthermore, it speeds up websites by serving static assets and lightens the user’s server from static asset traffic loads. To optimize files statically you…


Coinbase: Buy BTC, Ethereum, SHIB, Bitcoin Cash is a free finance app developed by Coinbase Android. This app is a simple and safe way of buying, trading, storing, and selling cryptocurrency. Using it, you can not only sell and buy cryptocurrency but also build your portfolio. It updates you with crypto news and easily navigate the crypto market. Everyone can easily use and customize this app because of its user-friendly interface. Furthermore, using it, users can earn yield on cryptocurrency…

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro is a Lag Fix and GFX Tool developed by App Ocean Inc. It helps users to boost the performance of their games or apps with a single click. Using this booster app, you can solve lag issues in games and get the best game experience. This app creates the environment for people to play games in the best way and speed up their phones. If you want to boost any app or game, then you…


Toolur is one of the best tools that reduce your image file size without compromising quality. It is a panted photo recompression technology, which works in the domain of baseline JPG, that resulting in files that are fully well suited to any browser. It reduces the file size of standard JPG and PNG photos by up to 80% (5X), while the resulting photos are visually the same as the original photos. When you optimize your photographs with Toolur, you can save…


Optimole is an all-in-one pic optimization service for WordPress & beyond that helps you process your photographs in a way like never before (cloud-based). This elegant platform stores, scales, and handles your images with almost 80 percent less size while maintaining its quality as much as it can. Optimole is one of the best compression tools which resizes your photograph while letting you adjust the width and height of your photo. Using this tool, you can blur, sharpen, and pixelate…


ImageRecycle is the online web browsing platform that brings the facility of smart JPEG, PNG, and WebP compression of images. This platform allows you to store your compressed or edited images not only in required formats such as PNG and JPG but you can also save your image in PDF. This platform shows the history of edited images of the previous month so that you can also access the already edited file whenever, wherever. You can get the previous history…


Tinypng is quite a simple platform where most people can easily edit, resize, and compress images. You need to select more than 20 images at a time that you want to compress. You can change the color, design, and size of the image according to your needs. This platform brings a lot of professional tools, including image resizing, and supports different image formats. The developers set the upload limit to 5mb otherwise it will be removed. Tinypng is the only…


JPEGMini is a platform that increases or decreases the size of the image while preserving the actual quality of the image. By using this platform, you can apply filters, range of effects, and edit the image according to your needs. JPEGmini software is designed for all professional vloggers, editors, and people who want to rearrange the size and effects of images. If you are using this platform for the first time, you need a license key to enter the platform…


Kraken.io is a simple image resizing software that allows users to edit more than a hundred images. The upload limit of this software is only one Mb which needs to eliminate photo upload. This software is designed for professional photo editors, students, teachers, vloggers, and social media managers. Kraken.io reduces the size of the images without compromising quality and brings the compressed image in almost the actual quality. By using this software, you can easily optimize your images to accelerate…

Optimizilla - Online Image Сompressor

Optimizilla is an elegantly designed online image optimizer that uses a smart combo of one of the sleekest compression as well as optimization algorithms. It allows its global users to shrink their intended PNG and JPEG images to their desired size. You can intuitively set a minimum possible size while maintaining the required level of quality. Website makers took the image from another website and compress the image according to their needs. This platform helps you upload 20 images at…

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