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DrakorCute is an extensive online database of various Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dramas. The website provides people with unlimited entertainment. Users can download any drama with a direct downloading link. It also offers complete subtitles for every episode with multiple language support.

The website gives complete details about every drama along with character names, genre of drama, and thoroughly about the storyline. It enables people with a search engine to search for their favorite drama by name very quickly. People can also search for theaters by country, genre, and category. 

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It gives complete details about the date of upload. The website offers every drama in multiple qualities like 720p, 540p, 480p, and 360p. They provide numerous server downloading links so users can download drama from any of them, which is working correctly. It is costly to buy a subscription to watch films and dramas. 

Some people can’t afford the price of a subscription, so DrakorCute allows those people to continue their entertainment for free without any restrictions. It is one of the best and most stable platforms for downloading dramas along with their subtitles in different languages. If you are willing to find alternatives, check out our post listing the best alternative to DrakorCute.

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  • Offers subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Shows popular dramas.
  • Provides various movies.
  • High-end quality.


  • Limited content.
  • Some downloading links don’t work.
  • Subtitles don’t match sometimes.
  • Some dramas are in low resolution.

DrakorCute Alternatives


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Dramanice began in 2014; since then, millions of people have watched thousands of Asian movies. There are a lot of people who go there to watch Asian dramas and movies for free. One of the things it does is offer Asian dramas with English subtitles. Dramanice has every Asian drama you could want, including ones from China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. You can also watch Asian movies and videos with English subtitles for free. Your computers and other electronics…


Kisstvshow.com is a legitimate website that allows users to watch Asian television programs online for free and in high definition without worrying about visiting an illegal website. You can watch high-quality episodes of TV shows online. It has a Show available for free download in excellent quality. There are a variety of formats, ranging from 240p to 720p HD (or even 1080p). HTML5 is compatible with smartphones and iPhones. It has several users who want to watch the Asian Tv…


OnDramanice can let its users watch Asian dramas and movies and the English subtitles released in languages, such as Korean, Thailand, Taiwanese, Japanese, Hong Kong, Chinese, etc. The platform even adds the latest titles and movies each day for its globally spread users. OnDramaNice also helps the audience to enjoy watching movies and dramas on categories, including action, comedy, sci-fi, erotic thrillers, romantic, adventure, fantasy, family, and much more. Their most popular series include Juvenile Justice, Cupid’s Last Wish, Cherry…


HanCinema is a marketplace that can offer users a Korean Movie and Drama Database, so they can easily browse with the help of several aspects, such as movies, directors, dramas, and actors, updated and can find related info and links about Korean content. Users can get instant notifications for each new post, editorials, review, etc. There is an availability of hundreds of thousands of content on the database that can make HanCinema an exclusive English site based on Korean cinema…


NewasianTv is an online video providing site through which users can watch and download several types of videos, such as dramas, movies, and much more. The platform can offer anyone to watch movies and dramas in various categories based on the region, including Thai, Philippine, Chinese, Taiwanese, and a lot more. On the NewAsianTV, users can access thousands of movies. According to their previous searches, there is no way to select the best among them, so it can also recommend…


DramaGo is a torrent-based site that can upload almost all media as pirated content. Anyone can select from the movie groups, so he can import his favorite movies as quickly as he wants. Users must access the web by entering the specific domain name for streaming movies. DramaGo is also a piracy site, providing its users with a massive collection of Korean movies. The extensive list contains the latest and old movies and enables them to watch and stream easily.…


Kshow123 is a marketplace that can provide its users with Asian Dramas and movies and shows with English subtitles in high quality and fast stream. The primary providers even release all of the dramas or movies in 720p or 1080p HD, getting millions of episodes in most drama boxsets. Kshow123 also comes with the latest surfing because the content is updated daily and offered at the best price. After subscribing, the user can get a real-time alert whenever it uploads…


Viu started in 2015 as an online streaming service, which acts as the legit source to watch the popular and latest Korean Drama. This platform lets its users download the app directly from the App Store and Google’s Play Store. Along with providing dramas, movies, and variety shows to Korea, Viu also expands its content sources to multiple other countries, including Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. The platform is even signed a deal in having access to most of the content…

KBS World TV

On 1st July 2003, KBS World TV is a pay television channel operated by Korea’s broadcasting system to entertain international users outside South Korea. Most of the broadcasted content of this platform is in the Korean language, but there is an availability of subtitles in multiple languages, such as English, Chinese, Malay, etc. Furthermore, Users can access almost all high-definition streaming content, so graphic issues don’t bother them anymore. Several services operate by the KBS’s subsidiaries, such as the Japanese…


MyAsianTV is a site containing almost all Korean dramas with English language subtitles that users look at for understanding while watching. The platform is the legal site to watch Korean Drama, which is even available in almost every part of the globe. As for the streaming and downloading content, it is much faster and more suitable than others. MyAsianTV is also the fastest-growing marketplace that didn’t need any registration. The content index and user flow under multiple aspects are well…


AsianCrush comes as a premier streaming service based on Asian movies, TV shows, online web videos, and a lot more. This channel contains almost all genres to find Korean Drama, Asian horror, martial art, sci-fi, Korean thrillers, anime, Asian action, and much more. The content of AsianCrush is only available across North America, and users from abroad have no direct access to this streaming service, so the overseas users must use the un-locator to access content from it. There is…


Kocowa is a streaming service provider that acts as a one-stop-shop for all users by having K-pop and K-drama stuff that contains multi-language subtitles. This platform is an effective way to enjoy the entertainment content based on the Korean network presented by the system of Seoul Broadcasting. Kocowa also lets its users watch multiple shows each day of the week, as it is even available on smartphone devices along with the web, without having any ads or subscriptions fees. It…


Toggle, now known as the MeWatch, is a Media-corps video service provider that can offer users free access to local on-demand dramas, news, entertainment, LIVE programs, sports, and much more. Prime is a type of subscription plan on this platform, prioritizing the customers to view the latest programs several days ahead of free account holders. Toggle also let its users entertain with ad-free access to on-demand videos along with the unlimited download of desired content for viewing offline. It even…


iFlix is an advanced streaming site that allows users to watch movies and favorite television shows instantly. This platform can offer a range of digital tools, which can help anyone who wants to watch the latest content without any waiting. Users can even download any media on their devices if their internet has cut off with online streaming. iFlix also offers high-quality content, and if some of them are not that high definition, they can run smoothly on the streaming.…


KissAsian is a site on the web through which anyone can easily watch Asian Drama without any surveys so that he can get premium Asian Drama streaming available right to him. The platform has the latest online Asian drama series with the finest quality. KissAsian also comes with an advanced responsive design along with a user-friendly interface that offers to watch dramas even on the go. Users can view the English dubbed or subbed Asian movies based on multiple genres,…


OnDemandKorea is an entirely legal service provider that offers users the latest and most popular Korean-based content, such as dramas, various programs, movies, and much more. All of the available programs on this platform are even updated within hours right after the release in Korea so users can stay up-to-date with the recent stuff in programming. OnDemandKorea also lets its users access all contents free of cost except the particular Plus, Pay-Per-View ranges, or Premium ones. Users can easily log…


Viki is an online app that allows its users to access Asian and Korean and many other countries’ dramas, movies, or anime content with ease. It is even the highly trusted platform for customers looking to offer basic TV and cable network. Viki can also enable users to discover and explore the globe of Asian entertainment. It gives a broad selection of dramas, entertainment videos, movies, and multiple TV shows on several topics, like sports, lifestyle, fashion, and cooking in…


Dramabang2.net is the best source provider platform, from which users can get all the information they are looking for, such as from the general topics to more of what they would expect to find at it. This site can allow users to watch Korean Drama and a variety of other content without any cost anytime, anywhere across the globe. Instantly visit all over the site from users because there is no need to register on this platform. Dramabang2 can also…

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