23andMe DNA Test Price Hit All-time Low After The Breach

The 23andMe DNA test price is at its all-time low, but for a reason. Black Friday is surely one of the most important reasons behind it but more importantly, a recent data breach involving the company has caused negative effects on their popularity. Here is everything you need to know about it!

In a recent blow to the widely-used genetic testing giant, 23andMe, a staggering data breach has left nearly a million users of Ashkenazi Jewish descent grappling with the aftermath. The breach brought to light a database ominously dubbed “Ashkenazi DNA Data of Celebrities,” laying bare personal details such as names, genders, and ancestral origins. Despite the flashy title, the brunt of those affected were everyday users. 23andMe points the finger not at a conventional hack but at hackers exploiting vulnerabilities stemming from compromised passwords traced back to other breaches.

23andMe DNA test
The 23andMe DNA test is at its all-time low price right now, a great deal to be fair (Image Credit)

23andMe DNA test price is at its all-time low

The 23andMe data breach was brought to the fore when the shadowy corners of the internet started buzzing about a database named “Ashkenazi DNA Data of Celebrities.” While the name implied a roster of well-known figures, the reality was starkly different. The majority of individuals ensnared in this breach were ordinary folks, adding a layer of irony to the situation.

23andMe was quick to clarify that this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill hack. Instead, they attributed the breach to the exploitation of vulnerabilities resulting from compromised passwords originating in other data breaches. This devious maneuver granted hackers unauthorized access to 23andMe accounts, allowing them to scrape information from individuals with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

23andMe DNA test
Despite the data breach, there is also a positive side that the 23andMe DNA test is pretty cheap right now (Image Credit)

23andMe DNA test price: The upside amid the storm

Despite the turbulence following the data breach, there emerges a silver lining for individuals keen on exploring their genetic roots. The 23andMe DNA Test Kit, a go-to for those delving into their ancestry, now presents an unprecedented opportunity with a slashed price tag.

Just in time for Black Friday, the 23andMe DNA Test Kit is now available at an enticing $79, marking a substantial 34% markdown from its regular retail price. This discounted rate, corroborated by the vigilant price-tracking service camelcamelcamel, stands as the lowest ever recorded on Amazon for this particular ancestry service. For those with a broader curiosity about both ancestry and health insights, the health and ancestry DNA kit can be snagged at a special rate of $99.

Unpacking the 23andMe DNA Test Kit

Beyond being a genetic compass, the 23andMe DNA Test Kit serves as a passport to understanding one’s heritage, all at an affordable rate. Users can peel back the layers of their ancestry with a comprehensive breakdown. The Ancestry Timeline feature adds a captivating dimension, allowing users to traverse the locations and timeframes where their ancestors once roamed.

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