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When it comes to coding and development, MacOS is one of the preferred choices of many developers. It’s because of the tools and reliability Macs provide that makes them the prior choice of developers. 

If you are buying a Mac for development purposes or you are a student learning to code then setting up your device for the coding environment is the first thing to tick off on your to-do list. But what apps to install?

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps available for Mac for developers that you can get. Here is a list of the best Mac apps for developers that you should have. 

Best Mac Apps for Developers

Development takes more than just coding, and having the right apps can enhance your productivity. Here are some best Mac apps that you should have as a developer-

1. Xcode

If you are a developer then Xcode is a must have app for you. In general, Xcode is used for development for the Apple Ecosystem. Xcode natively supports Swift, so you can develop apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Vision Pro, and other Apple devices.

Apart from Swift, it also has pre-built compilers for C, C++, and Objective-C; you will get compilers for any other language for Swift. Its intuitive interface is an add-on for better experience and adds extra features like split editors, source control navigator, live issues, etc.

2. Popsql

This is an advanced editor for SQL. This software provides GUI over the regular terminal you normally use for implementing SQL. Developers like myself, I personally prefer Popsql for this reason. 

One of the best features integrated into SQL is team collaboration. You can assign members to your database and then they can collaborate on your project. The SQL queries get saved on the software, so you can always check what was the last query that you made.

3. Homebrew

One of the first apps to install on your Mac to set up your development environment is Homebrew. This is a package manager that you will eventually need to install/uninstall terminal softwares.

Mac provides plenty of tools for development specifically, and Homebrew adds an extra name to the list. Homebrew is free and open-source, and all the packages that you can install through Homebrew on your Mac are also free.

4. Swift Playgrounds

Not exactly for professional, but recommended for developers learning Swift for development. Swift Playgrounds makes it easier to learn Swift even for newcomers. You can learn to code while playing games, solving puzzles, and building apps, making the process quite interactive.

There are in-built lessons guides that you can bring into use. Also there are animations along with built-in help pages to make the process much easier. Smart coding assistance on the Swift Playgrounds allows you to drag and drop snippets, get inline suggestions for issues in real time, and also format your code automatically.

5. VSCode

Visual Studio Code or VSCode is a code editor that is recommended for beginners as well as professionals. VSCode supports plugins and extensions which you can install to get support for a particular language and even to add extra functionality.

Talking about the features, VSCode allows you to debug your code directly from the editor and it also supports Git natively. One of the most used features of VSCode is IntelliSense. Not only it highlights the errors but shows you suggestions to fix it and it also detects and gives you suggestions to complete it.

6. Sourcetree

Managing Git repositories is essential when working on a team project, and with Sourcetree the process becomes easy. Sourcetree brings Git GUI to developers making it easier for developers to manage their repositories. This also makes it simpler for beginners new to Git. 

It allows you to perform all the Git commands by just a simple click. You can create or clone a repository, or when push, pull or commit a change directly from the software’s interface. It has additional features like support for Git LFS, submodules, local commit search, etc. 

7. Android Studio

Android development on Mac is not a general choice of developers, but Mac do support android development. If you are a developer working on Android apps through Java, Kotline, or Flutter, then you can install Android Studio. 

It comes with built-in virtual device manager with Android SDK up to the latest Android. You can build apps for Android tablets, phones, TVs, as well as for Wear OS. Android Studio also has grade-build support. 

8. Transporter

This app provides the ability to transport your apps, files, and everything to Apple devices. This is an essential app to have on your Mac if you specifically develop for Apple devices and frequently transfer your code between them to test.

Transporter allows you to transfer content by simple drag and drop. Moreover, you can also transport multiple files simultaneously and Transporter will ensure fast delivery. 

Bottom Line

There are plethora or Mac apps for developers and having the right one installed on your system is important. If you are using Mac for development then you should definitely try using the apps we have listed above. 

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