Apple iPhone battery lawsuit is ready to go to court

Apple iPhone battery lawsuit is ready to go to court

According to the latest news, the Apple iPhone battery lawsuit can go to court, and the tech giant is currently facing a $2 billion settlement possibility. Here is everything you need to know about it!

Apple faced a setback as a London court allowed a significant lawsuit, estimating a colossal $2 billion. The lawsuit accuses Apple of hiding flawed batteries in millions of iPhones. British consumer advocate Justin Gutmann brought the case forward for roughly 24 million iPhone users in the UK.

They’re seeking damages of up to $1.9 billion alongside accrued interest, alleging that Apple obscured battery problems in certain phone models by using software updates to limit performance.

Apple iPhone battery lawsuit
The Apple iPhone battery lawsuit could end up with a $2 billion settlement (Image Credit)

Apple iPhone battery lawsuit controversy and clash of claims

Gutmann claims that Apple intentionally concealed battery problems in various iPhone models. This alleged cover-up was achieved through software updates that limited the devices’ performance. However, Apple strongly denies these accusations, calling the lawsuit “baseless.” The company maintains that, except for a few iPhone 6s models, there are no inherent battery issues and even provided free battery replacements for those specific models.

Justin Gutmann’s lawsuit, representing up to 25 million iPhone owners in the UK, took a significant step forward after the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal rejected Apple’s request to dismiss the case. Consequently, the legal proceedings are set to continue, with a specific trial date yet to be determined.

iPhone batterygate lawsuit payouts will begin soon

Gutmann’s lawsuit, initially filed in 2022, argues that the batteries integrated into seven different iPhone models were inadequate to handle the demands of the devices’ processor and operating system. This inadequacy allegedly compromised overall performance, rendering the devices practically unusable.

The legal action further contends that Apple’s automatic iOS updates included a concealed “power management tool.” This tool purportedly slowed the performance of iPhones, forcing many users to either replace their batteries at a high cost or purchase entirely new phones.

Apple iPhone battery lawsuit
Apple’s appeal against the Apple iPhone battery lawsuit was declined (Image Credit)

Apple faces a potential $2 billion settlement

The ongoing dispute regarding Apple’s use of alleged substandard batteries in specific iPhone models might lead to a substantial $2 billion settlement. This potential liability stands as a critical point in the legal battle.

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The Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) denied Gutmann’s request to dismiss the Apple iPhone battery claim, allowing his case to proceed. However, the CAT identified several doubts and a lack of precise information in the case that require clarification before a trial can take place. The panel also highlighted that modifications to Gutmann’s funding arrangements may be required following a significant Supreme Court verdict in July that found numerous similar agreements illegal.

Eligibility for compensation in the lawsuit

Individuals who owned any of the listed iPhone models released between 2014 and 2016 might qualify for compensation in the ongoing Apple battery lawsuit:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus

Encouragingly, affected consumers don’t need to actively join the lawsuit, as it’s an opt-out claim. Owners of the mentioned iPhone models will automatically be part of the case and can claim potential damages if awarded in the future.

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