Are Rachel Recchia & Tanner Courtad Still Together?

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise season 9!


  • Rachel and Tanner had a promising connection on Bachelor in Paradise.
  • However, Tanner insulted Rachel at the roast, which damaged their relationship.
  • According to Reality Steve, Rachel self-eliminated from the show.

Bachelor in Paradise season 9 couple Rachel Recchia and Tanner Courtad had an unexpected connection in Mexico, but will they stay together outside of the show? After Brayden Bowers chose Becca Serrano over Rachel, Tanner and Rachel had a great conversation and kissed. He decided to give her his rose at the rose ceremony. However, Tanner was disappointed when Rachel then went on a date with her former Bachelorette suitor, Jordan Vandergriff. Tanner and Rachel talked about it, and they agreed that they wanted to give their relationship a try. Rachel said in her confessional that she felt the most herself during that conversation than she had in her whole Bachelor Nation experience.

However, at the Bachelor in Paradise season 9 roast, Tanner insulted Rachel. He said, “We were all really, really excited when we found out that there was gonna be an ex-Bachelorette on the beach, and obviously we were really hoping for Gabby, but we got Rachel.” In her confessional, Rachel said that she thought her connection with Tanner was special, and she questioned why he’d say something so mean. She cried that she thought that Tanner liked her, but he didn’t. Will Rachel and Tanner’s relationship withstand this latest test?

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Who Is Rachel Recchia?

Rachel Recchia is a 27-year-old pilot from Clermont, Florida. She got her Bachelor Nation start in Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season. Rachel suffered through the infamous Rose Ceremony from Hell, and eventually was dumped by Clayton alongside fellow contestant Gabby Windey. However, things took a turn for the better when Rachel and Gabby were offered the opportunity to take the lead of their own Bachelorette season. They were the first-ever dual Bachelorettes. At the end of the season, Rachel got engaged to Tino Franco. However, they broke up shortly afterward because he kissed another woman during a rough patch in their relationship.

Who Is Tanner Courtad?

Tanner Courtad is a 30-year-old mortgage lender from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He first appeared in Charity Lawon’s Bachelorette season. Although Tanner and Charity had a slow start to their relationship, he made it to the top five before being eliminated. Despite their late connection, Charity felt that they didn’t have a strong enough relationship for her to meet his family during a hometown date. On Bachelor in Paradise season 9, Tanner revealed that he wants to find the right person and settle down.

Are Rachel & Tanner Still Together?

Rachel Recchia Tanner Courtad Bachelor in Paradise

According to an Instagram post from Reality Steve, Rachel and Tanner won’t be leaving Bachelor in Paradise season 9 together. Rachel eventually self-eliminated from the show. In the previews for episode 9, Rachel was shown walking away with her rose before the rose ceremony, and saying that it was such a hard decision. However, it’s unclear when Rachel decides to leave Paradise forever.

Rachel and Tanner were building a sweet relationship on Bachelor in Paradise season 9, but he might’ve taken things too far with his insult at the roast. It was an unnecessary comment that brought back a lot of Rachel’s insecurities. Having seen how Rachel’s dealt with conflict in the past, it’s hard to imagine that she’d give Tanner her rose after he embarrassed her in public. It seems that instead of trying to find another connection, Rachel will self-eliminate. Hopefully, Rachel and Tanner will find the true love they’ve been searching for in the near future.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.

Source: Reality Steve/Instagram

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