Cobra Commander Faces His Greatest Threat in New Continuity: The Dreadnocks


  • As Cobra Commander faces the challenge of building his terrorist organization, he comes face-to-face with the Dreadnok biker gang in the Energon Universe reboot of G.I. Joe.
  • The cover of Cobra Commander #2 features the Dreadnok Buzzer taking his chainsaw gun to the Commander, suggesting a conflict between the two.
  • The miniseries follows Cobra Commander as he searches for Energon and comes into contact with the Dreadnoks, raising the question of whether they will be friend, foe, or something else entirely.

WARNING! Potential spoilers ahead for Cobra Commander #2Cobra Commander is getting his very own miniseries as a part of the Energon Universe reboot of G.I. Joe, and now the über-villain will be facing his greatest challenge as he struggles to build his nascent terrorist organization: the Dreadnok biker gang. The cover and solicitation for February’s Cobra Commander #2 features the Dreadnok Buzzer taking his chainsaw gun to the Commander, putting his signature silver battle-mask to the test.

Launching in conjunction with the Duke miniseries, Cobra Commander by Joshua Williamson, Andrea Milana and Annalisa Leoni will follow the titular G.I. Joe villain as he searches the world for Energon, the valuable resource that powers the Transformers. Cobra Commander #2 will see the Commander brought “face-to-face with a fan-favorite G.I. Joe faction.”

Cobra Commander #2 (2024)

Cobra Commander #2

Release Date:

February 21, 2024


Joshua Williamson


Andrea Milana

Color Artist:

Annalisa Leoni

After last issue’s shocking reveals, Cobra Commander searches for a power greater than any the Earth has ever seen. But when this mission brings him face-to-face with a fan-favorite G.I. Joe faction-will they be friend, foe, or something else entirely?

Judging from the cover by Milana and Leoni, that “fan-favorite G.I. Joe faction” has to be the Dreadnoks, as evidenced by the appearance of Buzzer and his signature chainsaw gun. While Dreadnok member Zarana was already revealed to be in the initial line-up of characters scheduled to appear in Cobra Commander, hopefully the appearance of other Dreadnoks can’t be far behind.

What Other Villains Will Appear in Cobra Commander?

Skybound's Energon Universe, Cobra line-up

Now that fans have confirmation that Zarana and Buzzer will be appearing in the Cobra Commander series, the question must be asked: which other Dreadnoks will be showing up? Fans can assume that leader and master-of-disguise Zartan won’t be far behind, with fellow Dreadnoks such as Torch, Thrasher, Ripper, Gnawgahyde and the rest in tow. Given that Zarana is also confirmed to be a major character in the series, then surely her twin brother Zandar will be on hand to make an appearance as well. The fact that Cobra Commander will come into conflict with the Dreadnoks is an interesting twist, with the solicitation questioning whether the gang is “friend, foe, or something else entirely.

Given that Cobra doesn’t yet exist in the Energon Universe, the Cobra Commander miniseries will follow the titular villain as he travels the world and slowly builds his nascent terrorist organization. The Dreadnoks have traditionally been portrayed as Cobra’s shock troops, mercenaries that the Commander can call upon to deal out heavy, “shock-and-awe”-style damage. Watching Cobra Commander scheme to get the Dreadnoks on his side should prove to be very entertaining, as well as the other factions that will go on to make up the Cobra organization. It’s been revealed that Destro will also be appearing in the miniseries, so fans can assume that the Commander will also be scheming to get the M.A.R.S. weapons manufacturing corporation on his side.

The Dreadnoks Make Their Mark In Cobra Commander

Zartan is a master of disguise

This all sounds like an organic way to build out the world of G.I. Joe in the new Energon Universe era, as fans will get to see how the G.I. Joe and Cobra organizations will be built from the ground up in the wake of the arrival of the Transformers on Earth. With the arrival of the Dreadnoks in the pages of Cobra Commander, it will be very intriguing to see which other characters and factions appear in the upcoming G.I. Joe titles, establishing the Energon Universe as a line that fans won’t want to miss a single issue of as it continues to grow in exciting new ways.

Cobra Commander #2 will be on sale February 21, 2024 from Skybound Entertainment

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