Crunchyroll Reveals New Acquisitions, Release Dates for Multiple Series

Crunchyroll announced a slew of news during its industry panel at Anime NYC 2023, including some new information on previously announced series, as well as some new acquisitions.

Among the news, Crunchyroll confirmed that Tower of God Season 2, based on the popular webtoon, would be arriving on the streaming service in July 2024. The anime series Solo Leveling also saw its English dub cast revealed ahead of its January 2024 release.

Full list of Crunchyroll acquisitions and news

For a full look at some of Crunchyroll’s new acquisitions and news, as well as what’s to come in the future, check out below:

Delusional Monthly Magazine
Release Date: January 2024

Synopsis: The story takes place in the town of Most City in a certain country. On the second floor of an old building is a publishing company that puts out a periodical called Delusional Monthly Magazine, a science magazine featuring articles about shocking, bizarre events and inexplicable phenomena that make even scientists throw up their hands in defeat.

Senpai is an Otokonoko
Release Date: 2024

Synopsis: Can true love really overcome any obstacles? Saki, a high school student, confesses her feelings to Makoto. Taken aback, Makoto reveals his secret, but the sudden discovery doesn’t seem to bother Saki who is already head over heels for him.

After being rejected, Saki asks Ryuji, Makoto’s childhood friend, for some advice on how to win his heart. A love triangle unfolds when Ryuji realizes that he might also have some feelings for his old friend.

True Beauty
Release Date: 2024

Synopsis: Jugyeong, who transformed herself with makeup, transfers to Saebom High School to leave her past of being bullied behind. The school is known for producing idols, actors, and influencers, thanks to its unique tradition of anonymous voting for the school’s True Beauty goddess. The chosen student gets scouted by entertainment agencies

Release Date: November 30

Synopsis: Class 1-A are bored out of their minds! Stuck in their dorms during the winter season, they can’t go out or do anything fun. That is until third year Mirio Togata pays the students a visit with a new card game the support course developed that uses U.A. students as playable characters. Now to pass the time, they’ll play this game that’s just as tough as U.A. Who will win the card battle?!

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