DC President Jim Lee Shows Off One-of-a-Kind Batman Art


  • DC President Jim Lee recently shared a recent art project: Batman drawn on a Louis Vuitton bag, showcases his versatility as an artist.
  • Jim Lee, one of the most influential Batman artists of all time, has helped to define the visual representation of the character over the last several decades.
  • As President and Chief Creative Officer of DC, Lee devotes less time to drawing comics, though he still regularly contributes covers for a variety of DC titles.

DC Comics President and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee recently shared a unique piece of Batman art, a one-of-a-kind piece he created by painting an image of the Dark Knight on a leather Louis Vuitton bag. With this creative project fusing comic book art and fashion, the long-time DC executive and superstar artist gets to show off a skill-set not often seen in his comic book work.

In an Instagram post sharing the final product, Jim Lee noted that Prince’s Purple Rain was also an influence on the new piece of art. Check out the DC President’s exemplary work below:

[I] love the abstraction in painting by creating random forms and colors and making the whole still read as objects,” Lee wrote, providing a series of zoomed-in looks at the art to show how the paint reacts to the texture of the bag.

Jim Lee Is One Of The Most Influential Batman Artists Of All Time

Lee Keeps Finding New, Inventive Ways To Draw The Caped Crusader

Batman, drawn by Jim Lee (artist and DC executive) standing against the Gotham skyline with his chest puffed out.

There is no question that Jim Lee is one of the most iconic Batman artists in the near century of the character’s existence. The “Hush” storyline produced with writer Jeph Loeb defined the visual look of the Dark Knight in the 2000’s. Lee joins the storied legacy of artists such as Dick Sprang, Neal Adams, Frank Miller and many more in providing the definitive look for Batman in their respective eras. It was a strange turn of events for the artist, after first achieving superstar success over at the competition with Marvel’s X-Men, but Lee has established himself by now as one of the most preeminent Batman artists in history.

While many fans may not be aware of Lee’s other artistic pursuits aside from penciling comics, the artist is quite versatile in his talents. Lee’s Twitch stream features the artist showing off for the cameras by sketching and inking a host of pin-ups, where Lee gets to display his mastery over a variety of different media. It is exciting to see Lee stretching himself even further by using a Luis Vuitton bag as a canvas, and the creative pursuit is clearly fulfilling for the DC President. “I learn more each and every time I put brush to canvas,” he wrote in his Instagram caption.

Jim Lee’s Success Has Led Him To The Top Of DC Comics

As An Executive, Jim Lee’s Exceptional Artistic Talents Grace The Page Infrequently

Jim Lee's Batman against the backdrop of a green sky and Gotham skyscrapers

Although the artist still regularly contributes covers for various DC titles, it’s been quite some time since he’s drawn the interior pages of a comic. It might be wishful thinking to hope for a fully-Jim-Lee-painted any time soon, but at least they can enjoy one-of-a-kind artwork like his Batman backpack, and others the DC President shares online. Lee’s success as an artist has led him beyond the creative aspect of the industry – and as he continues to shape his legacy in comics away from the page, DC Comics fans can be assured that he’s bringing the same precision and focus to ensuring his company tells the best stories with cherished characters like Batman.

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