Did Park Gyu-Young Reveal Her Secret to Cha Eun-Woo?

Starring Cha Eun-Woo and Park Gyu-Young, A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 7 aired on MBC on Wednesday. The K-drama is about a woman who turns into a dog and a man who fears dogs.

Park Gyu-Young’s Han Hae-Na only has ten days left before the curse becomes permanent. She needs to kiss Seo-Won (Eun-Woo) to lift the curse, but several plans have already failed. This time, she decides to tell him the truth.

In episode 7, Seo-Won tries to confess his feelings to Hae-Na on his birthday. She stops him and mentions that she wants to tell him something. She struggles to muster up the courage and again fails to reveal her secret. Amid all this, a threat lingers over the lead cast.

A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 7 ending explained: Seo-Won’s traumatic past threatens Hae-Na’s safety

A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 7 introduces a new character Kim Min-Suk (Kang Eun-Hwan) in a negative role. He claims to be a reporter and is determined to find the truth about Hae-Na’s curse. He thinks she is the girlfriend of Seo-Won, whom he used to bully in school.

When he confronts Cha Eun-Woo’s character, the latter warns Min-Suk, asking him to stay away from his life. He takes unethical approaches to dive deep into Hae-Na’s family secret. Towards the end, it appears Min-Suk wants to hurt Park Gyu-Young’s character and threaten Seo-Won for “fun.”

In addition to the Min-Suk storyline, A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 7 also features Seo-Won’s nephew, Yul (Yoon Hyun-Soo) helping Hae-Na once again. This time, he develops feelings for his teacher, but it goes away soon as he realizes his uncle is attracted to her. Meanwhile, Lee Bo-Gyeom (Lee Hyun-Woo) is suspicious of Min Ji-A (Kim Yi-Kyeong). Both the characters are mysterious and appear to be from a different decade.

The final scene of A Good Day to Be a Dog Episode 7 shows Seo-Won crossing a road over a suspicion. He thinks someone is following Hae-Na, who is standing across the street from him. He jumps into the traffic, runs towards her, and hugs her.

A Good Day to Be a Dog K-drama airs new episodes on Wednesdays on MBC and Viki.

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