Did Pyo Ye-Jin Believe Kim Young-Dae’s Story?

Starring Kim Young-Dae and Pyo Ye-Jin, Moon in the Day episode 7 aired on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, on ENA. The K-drama is a fantasy romance drama revolving around a tragic love story, reincarnation, and vengeful spirit.

Episode 6 ended with Do Ha telling Kang Young-Hwa that she was his wife, Ha Ri-Ta, in his past life. He also revealed that he is a spirit possessing Jun-Oh’s body. In episode 7, Young-Hwa refused to believe Do Ha even after she saw her past in her dreams. Moreover, Young-Hwa tries to avoid Do Ha and does not to believe in his stories. However, her perception changes towards the end. 

Moon in the Day Episode 7 ending explained: Do Ha’s past traumatize his present

Moon in the Day episode 7 begins with Do Ha (Kim Young-Dae) revealing his secret to Kang Young-Hwa (Pyo Ye-Jin). He tells her that he is a 1,500-year-old spirit possessing Jun-Oh’s body, who died in episode 1.

Young-Hwa initially doesn’t believe him. However, her dreams continue to show her past. In her past life, she was Ha Ri-Ta who ended up marrying Do Ha. Although they started as rivals, the duo eventually grew closer. In the past, Do Ha’s father, Soribu, threatened to kill Ri-Ta, whom he considered a traitor’s child. In order to save her, Do Ha married her and agreed to be Soribu’s slave.

Kim Young-Dae’s character’s past returns to the present time. Soribu is also an evil spirit possessing a body. He has killed many people so far and now tries to tell Jun-Oh’s brother, Han Min-O, about Do Ha. Towards the end of Moon in the Day episode 7, Min-O gets suspicious of his younger brother.

Meanwhile, Do Ha struggles to convince Young-Hwa that her dreams are moments from her past life. He wants her to continue dreaming in order to find out the reason why he was killed. Earlier, he was sure that Ri-Ta killed him and wanted to murder Young-Hwa as revenge. However, now he wants to learn the truth through Young-Hwa’s dreams. 

Episode 7 ended with Young-Hwa believing in Do Ha and agreeing to help him. She said, “I am a little more curious about how you and Han Ri-Ta ended up.”

Moon in the Day episode 7 is available on Viki. New episodes of the K-drama air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on ENA. 

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