Does Leslie Fhima Win The Golden Bachelor? (Spoilers)

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Golden Bachelor!


  • Leslie Fhima caught Gerry Turner’s attention on The Golden Bachelor with her memorable limousine entrance and continued charisma.
  • Leslie and Gerry have fallen in love, and shared beautiful hometown and Fantasy Suite dates.
  • Gerry didn’t leave the show with Leslie. Instead, he got engaged to Theresa Nist.

Leslie Fhima is one of Gerry Turner’s Final 2 women The Golden Bachelor, but will she win his heart in the end? Leslie captivated Gerry on night one with her limousine entrance, when she wore a costume of an old woman with a gray wig, housedress, and a walker. When she tossed both her costume and prop aside and revealed her dress, Gerry was enthralled. They then shared a dance. Leslie has continued to make an impression on Gerry with her sexy and sweet personality, from a sensual dance routine in the talent show to sharing that she wears hearing aids like Gerry.

On The Golden Bachelor episode 4, Gerry gave Leslie a one-on-one date in which they rode ATVs and kissed in a hot tub. In her confessional, she revealed that Gerry embodies everything that she wants in a man. Leslie and Gerry had a wonderful hometown date, in which he met her family. They also shared a beautiful Fantasy Suite date. Gerry and Leslie have told each other that they love each other, and he even said that he thought she was the one. Do they end up engaged in the end?

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Who Is Leslie Fhima?

Leslie is a 64-year-old fitness instructor from Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to her ABC bio, Leslie is a mother to three kids, and a “glama” to three grandchildren. On their one-on-one date, Leslie told Gerry that she’s been divorced twice and was a single mother. She feels that she never had a true partnership, and has been single for 22 years. Leslie also loves spending time with her mini Aussiedoodle named Billie. A former professional figure skater, Leslie is now a personal trainer who’s passionate about helping others live their best lives. Leslie has run 10 marathons, and is a former National Aerobics Champion.

Leslie can be found on Instagram at @lesliefhima. Her account has a Linktree which contains links to her YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook accounts. It also has a link to the official website for her company, Soul 612, through which she teaches fitness and dance classes.

On The Golden Bachelor premiere, Leslie revealed that she dated singer Prince when she was younger. He even wrote the song, “Sexy Dancer,” about her. ABC provided more fun facts about Leslie. Lady Gaga and Post Malone are at the top of the “Leslie’s Best Concerts Ever” list. Also, she absolutely hates mice.

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Does Leslie Win Gerry Turner’s Heart?

According to Reality Steve, Gerry and Leslie don’t leave the show together because Gerry is engaged to Theresa. Gerry had narrowed down his group of women to Theresa, a 70-year-old financial services professional from Shrewsbury, New Jersey, and Leslie. Reality Steve said that it took him a while, but he finally was able to find out that Gerry chose Theresa, and they’re engaged. This means that Gerry had to say goodbye to Leslie, which was what had him so distraught in the finale previews.

Since the beginning of The Golden Bachelor, Leslie and Gerry have shared a strong connection. She’s done a great job of avoiding any drama with the women in the house, and focusing her attention completely on Gerry. Leslie and Gerry seemed to be a perfect match, but he felt a deeper connection with Theresa. Hopefully, Leslie will find the happiness and love that she’s looking for in the near future.

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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