Fan-Favorite Marvel Heroes Become The New Wolverine & Cyclops in Genius Fanart


  • Fan artist Angel Solorzano wowed X-Men fans on Instagram with adorable fanart of characters Honey Badger and Jonathan dressed up as Cyclops and Wolverine.
  • The detailed illustration showcases Solorzano’s remarkable skill, which he uses to capture the feeling of childhood whimsy, and the spirit of Halloween, using the perfect two X-Men characters.
  • Solorzano’s brilliant choice of costumes pays homage to beloved X-Men old and new, highlighting the strong bond and teamwork between Cyclops and Wolverine, while also putting a spotlight on how adorable Honey Badger and Jonathan are.

X-Men heroes Gabrielle Kinney – also known as Honey Badger – and Jonathan the Unstoppable have stolen the hearts of fans with their adorably fierce Cyclops and Wolverine Halloween costumes depicted in this ingenious fanart. Though it might sound shocking to say, it’s possible that this duo pulls off these iconic X-Men looks even better than Scott and Logan themselves.

Artist Angel Solorzano recently delighted X-Men enthusiasts on Instagram with a special Halloween treat: a charming reimagining of a young Honey Badger and her steadfast companion, Jonathan the Unstoppable, donning the iconic costumes of Cyclops and Wolverine. This endearing fan art is an adorable showcase of Solorzano’s remarkable skill.

The illustration presents a heartwarming scene: Gabby and Jonathan enjoying their hard-earned treats after a successful night of trick-or-treating. The detailed depiction captures the essence of childhood whimsy, and the playful spirit of Halloween, making it a delightful addition to the X-Men fanart universe, one sure to run away with fans’ hearts.

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Gabby And Jonathan Are The Perfect Cyclops And Wolverine

Honey Badger gabby

Gabrielle Kinney holds a unique place within the X-Men universe as the youngest among ten clones crafted by Alchemax Genetics from the genetic blueprint of Laura Kinney, a mutant originally developed by the Facility using Wolverine’s DNA. Initially intended to serve as bodyguards for humanitarian missions, Gabby and her nine sisters were created with enhanced abilities. Away from her makers, Gabby’s adventures now often include her companion, an actual wolverine Jonathan, a gift from Squirrel Girl. The iconic duo has endeared themselves to fans through their heartwarming escapades, and Solorzano’s delightful fan art, portraying Gabby and Jonathan in Cyclops and Wolverine costumes, is certain to captivate new admirers.

Angel Solorzano’s artistry goes above and beyond, infusing depth into the fanart with intricate details that pay homage to the characters, while rendering the piece truly exceptional. Within this charming portrayal, Gabby is depicted surrounded by scattered candy wrappers, with one claw playfully extended to impale a piece of candy. This masterstroke cleverly blends the timeless image of a child reveling in Halloween treats with a nod to Gabby’s mutant abilities, illustrating her superhuman strength and razor-sharp claws. Solorzano’s ingenuity captures the essence of Halloween joy, as well as cleverly referencing Gabby’s unique powers, rendering this fanart a standout homage to the character.

This Cosplay Highlights Cyclops And Wolverine’s Comic Book Dynamic

X-Men, Honey Badger and Jonathan the Unstoppable (an actual wolverine)

Solorzano’s choice of Cyclops and Wolverine as Gabby and Jonathan’s Halloween costumes was truly brilliant. Not only does it pay homage to two of the most beloved X-Men characters, but it also beautifully captures the shared chemistry and camaraderie that define the relationship between Scott and Logan. While the X-Men movies often portray them as arch-rivals, the comics unveil a much richer, more amicable relationship between the duo. Their tight-knit bond and remarkable teamwork in the comics goes far beyond a simple antagonistic relationship. Solorzano unquestionably nailed it by selecting X-Men’s finest, Wolverine and Cyclops, for Gabby and Jonathan, encapsulating the essence of their powerful, cooperative dynamic.

Source: Angel Solorzano

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