Follow Adder Review & 20% OFF in 2024: Does It Still Work?


#1 Top Rated


#1 Instagram growth service of 2023


#1 Top Rated


#1 Instagram growth service of 2023


Follow Adder Review 2024

When it comes to creating a successful brand presence on a platform such as Instagram, it goes without saying that somebody new to the game will need all the help they can get.

The competition can seem overwhelming, and regardless of your area of specialization, there will probably be many well-established accounts with large followings that seem to dominate the demographic.

Luckily, there are many products and services which can help you get the ball rolling when it comes to growing your account.

The problem then becomes sorting through all of these offerings and figuring out which one would be a great fit for your budget, marketing strategy, and engagement goals.

It can be a painful and frustrating process trying to find an online social media management tool that won’t let you down, especially when a lot of services get shut down by Instagram’s legal team, leaving you back where you started.

The key rests in finding a service that is legitimate and reliable, providing the most bang for your buck without having to switch services every few months.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at Follow Adder and their social networking management software.

Will it really deliver on all of their promises of bolstering your Instagram presence?

Or is this another in a long list of scams looking to make a quick buck off of your desire to enhance your following?

What is Follow Adder?

Follow Adder logo

Follow Adder markets itself as “Automated social networking Instagram management software”.

Like a lot of companies in the area of automated Instagram account management, Follow Adder promises to help you take a hands-off approach to running your Instagram account by giving you access to an app which allow you to automatically follow/unfollow Instagram users, schedule posts, like back photos, automate your direct messages, and give you access to a variety of search functions so you can better explore the details of your demographic.

The service also functions as a powerful Instagram bot which will help you automatically gain likes, video views, and followers, and direct traffic to your account to help it grow in volume and get more exposure to real users.

These features place Follow Adder into a broader category of Instagram bot/account management services which are often targeted by Instagram for takedown if they are found to be acting against Instagram’s terms of services, so its important to dig a little deeper when it comes to any service making these types of claims.

But hey, that’s why you’re reading this article, right?

Price Structure

Follow Adder Pricing

Compared to similar services in the realm of Instagram management, Follow Adder is a pretty affordable option if you’re looking for access to their standard features.

They are very up-front about their pricing structure, which is definitely a good sign.

Like a lot of similar services, they operate on a subscription basis rather than with one (typically upfront) payment, so you will have to commit to several months of using the service.

If you only have one Instagram account that you want to manage, then their entry-level “Starter” package is a decent option, coming to about $8.33 per month for access to all of the software’s features.

We can’t really talk about pricing without also mentioning how secure payments are, and Follow Adder gets strong, positive marks on this front.

Their website has legitimate and secure payment gateways and a security certificate, so it’s pretty safe to make transactions through their website.

What’s even better is that you can use Follow Adder coupon codes to get a large discount!

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Features and Benefits

Follow Adder Features

Obviously, this type of automated computer software can help take a lot of the hassle out of managing an Instagram account.

The ability to schedule and automate a lot of the most common activities is a huge advantage for anyone attempting to build a following, and will allow you to step away from your account and take a more hands-off approach.

You’d still be able to interact with followers in a personalized and meaningful away, assuming that you are careful with how you choose to automate your account interactions, of course.

Follow Adder offers services meant to augment your Instagram efforts, or entirely replace them.

It’s all up to how much you want to do yourself, versus how much you want their software to do.

Follow Adder is also powerful when it comes to data-scraping features.

Knowing your follower base and having access to data and metrics is what makes or breaks an Instagram account, and Follow Adder has a ton of features that will make it easier to make informed decisions about your account.

For example, Follow Adder allows you to import and export user lists from the software.

It gives you statistical overviews of data for your account, and provides you with activity logs as well as data on users interacting with you.

Some other big features which Follow Adder offers:

  • Bulk uploads of photos. This feature allows you to upload multiple photos in a batch, which will then be published to Instagram according to a preset schedule. It goes without saying that this is significantly more convenient than uploading photos into Instagram one-by-one, manually.
  • Hashtag Targeting. Follow Adder tracks the hashtags you use, and then uses this information to target other users who are interested in similar content. This allows you to grow your following without actively seeking new contacts.
  • Run Contests. Follow Adder even has a feature that will help you run contests to increase brand awareness and drive active engagement with your follower base, offering them prizes and rewards for discussing your account and using certain hashtags.

Review Conclusion

The final question to be answered: is Follow Adder worth it?

Follow Adder is probably only a good option if you’re running one account, and even then, it’s certainly risky. These types of services do not work as they automate key interactions that get you flagged by Instagram with outdated technology.

The software that Follow Adder offers is pretty sophisticated, with a lot of features that you won’t find with competitors, but it doesn’t work the way it should anymore due to Instagram’s regulations and terms of use.

What’s more, the value proposition really drops off when you’re trying to manage multiple accounts, as the pricing begins to scale upwards.

They offer a free trial which will give you the option to try the service and decide if it meets your needs, so you don’t necessarily have to commit any money upfront.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that Follow Adder will be safe from takedown from Instagram in the long term, which is unfortunate, but it’s the reality of these types of services and if you want to keep your account safe it’s better to avoid their services.

It’s also worth noting that Instagram automation bots are generally pretty controversial and accounts using them heavily may be targeted by Instagram for further action, so if you do decide to give this service a try, be wary of how much you’re willing to entrust their bots with.

We’ll examine this in the next section as well as how you can choose the best Instagram growth service without putting your account at risk with automation like Follower Adder uses.

Why Follow Adder Doesn’t Work 

Although Follow Adder used to be a pretty sophisticated tool that wasn’t rivaled by many others, it’s come into light that now the tool is a bit lackluster due to the way that Instagram controls bots and automation on its platform. 

Instagram is able to detect bots through high levels of interactions, which means that each account has been assigned a daily engagement cap, and once that cap is exceeded, Instagram is flagged and your account can be banned, restricted, or even permanently deleted. 

The unfortunate thing is that users don’t have access to their engagement limits, so the bots are basically firing in the dark and have no idea how much interaction is appropriate and how much will get the account on Instagram’s radar. 

This is the primary reason why many bot services have stopped functioning; they operate at such low levels that they’re unable to provide any tangible results, virtually running without providing value for what are often pricey services. 

Follow Adder is among them, and not only is Follow Adder an automation tool, but it also does some of the most dangerous types of automated interactions, such as comments and DMs. This can get you in trouble with Instagram and also diminish your reputation significantly. 

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to use bots to get more Instagram followers, but it’s simply not possible. The bot has to be perfectly designed and operated to function within the parameters Instagram has laid out, and Follow Adder just can’t do it.

Instagram Automation FAQs 

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram and get more followers, it’s best to avoid Follow Adder because you can get your account in some serious trouble. Does that mean all automation services are bad? 

Let’s take a look at a few FAQs about Instagram automation to get a better picture of the current landscape and how things are looking.

Does Instagram Automation Work? 

There are some Instagram automation services that can work, but it really depends on how the company operates. Many different companies use downloaded software that has to run on your computer all the time, or even a chrome extension, and these can put your security at risk in a big way. 

There are only a handful of different Instagram automation strategies that can work, mainly the ones that use very low, non-intrusive engagement strategies and ultra-targeting, and they should also be managed and overseen by a team of account managers. 

If not, it’s virtually impossible that an Instagram automation service can work.

Are There Different Kinds of Instagram Automation? 

Yes, there are two types of Instagram automation — front end, and back end. 

Front end automation is anything that is done in relation to other users, such as automating likes, comments, video views, shares, DMs, etc. These types of automation techniques are the ones that Instagram will come after you for because they impact the user experience. 

Back end automation, though, is totally viable and can be used in great ways to help your Instagram account performance. Tools for post planning and scheduling, auto-posting, hashtag generation, as well as Instagram analytics are all services that will keep you perfectly safe and even more efficient.

How Do You Gain Instagram Followers Without Getting Banned? 

One of the only ways to get more Instagram followers without getting banned is to use a service like the ones we mentioned above — an Instagram growth service that automated only low-impact interactions and also has human oversight. 

Other methods, such as buying packaged followers or using bots that perform mass engagements are not good ways to gain Instagram followers. Instead, you’re just going to risk an account ban and also gain poor quality followers that are fake or bots, lowering your reputation and messing up your analytics. 

Many companies that sell “high-quality” followers sell fakes, and those are also cleared out by Instagram routinely, which means you’ll be losing your investment altogether with no value at all. Avoid this. Use an organic Instagram growth service instead. 

The following section will give you a few pieces of criteria to help you choose one that’s legitimate and can work for you. 

How to Choose the Best Instagram Growth Company 

When considering a third party like Follow Adder to help you get more Instagram followers, you need to do your research and at the very least consider the following 4 factors when reviewing the company.

FAQs and Information 

Most companies aim to design their website around buzzwords, tricking people into thinking that the service works when it actually doesn’t. What you need to look for are real pieces of information that go into detail about what the service is, what you can expect, and how it’s provided. 

If things are overly general, it’s probably best to keep on walking, or be very skeptical. Also look for a detailed FAQ that has substantial information about the service and any doubts or issues clients could have.


If a company delivers Instagram followers instantly, it’s highly likely that they are fake. Some companies can deliver followers that look pretty good, but at the end of the day, they don’t produce business results and it’s not a long-term growth solution. 

Find a company that provides gradual results that come in naturally through real user interactions.

Terms of Service 

Always review the terms of service. Know your rights, know the policies, and double check any information about guarantees and refunds, as many companies advertise one thing and then weasel out of it through the terms of service. If the website doesn’t have one, avoid the service.

Safety and Security 

You also need to confirm that the service complies with Instagram and has a secure website with SSL encryption to protect your data and devices.

Ensure the payment gateway is also protected and that you know how to either cancel your billing or plan so that you’re not continually charged if you no longer need the service.

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