Green Lantern Is About to Kill Off a Major Character


  • A major Green Lantern character is set to die in the forthcoming Green Lantern #7, and speculation suggests it could be Kilowog.
  • The Green Lantern Corps has undergone significant changes recently, with the United Planets taking control and imposing new rules and regulations.
  • Kilowog, a beloved member and expert trainer within the Corps, is out of step with the new management, making him a potential liability.

Warning: contains potential spoilers for Green Lantern #7!

DC has hinted that a major Green Lantern character will soon die, and theories are flying as to who it will be. The past year has seen major, wholesale changes to the Green Lantern Corps, changes that do not sit well with long-time members like Hal Jordan and Kilowog. Now, in the forthcoming Green Lantern #7, someone will die. While DC has not revealed who, the answers may lie in the book’s covers.

DC recently revealed their March solicitations, including Green Lantern #7, which will be written by Jeremy Adams and drawn by Dale Eaglesham. The solicitation reads as follows:

THE DEATH OF A MAJOR GREEN LANTERN CHARACTER REVEALED! After his explosive confrontation with Sinestro, Green Lantern is confronted by the United Planets Lanterns for illegally operating within the quarantine zone, and the mystery of what took place on Korugar is finally revealed! PLUS: THE FINALE TO THE ORIGIN OF SINSON, AND THE LEAD-IN TO THE NEW SINISTER SONS SERIES!

While DC did not reveal who would die, two of Green Lantern #7’s covers prominently feature both Hal Jordan and Kilowog.

Green Lantern 7 Preview Cover 1 Kilowog

While it is possible Hal could be the one, he is the star of the book–meaning it is likely that Kilowog will be the one to go.

The Green Lantern Corps is Changing…and Not for the Better

Green Lantern 7 Preview Cover 2 Kilowog

The new direction the Green Lantern Corps has embarked on has alienated veterans such as Jordan and Kilowog. Long an independent organization, the Guardians of the Universe turned majority control of the Corps over to the United Planets. The UP immediately began imposing new rules and regulations on the Corps and began drafting members who would fall in line with their agenda. As part of the reorganization, Jordan was stripped of his duties and Earth’s sector was assigned a new Lantern. Other former Lanterns such as John Stewart have been targeted by the new Corps as well.

Kilowog first appeared in 1986’s Green Lantern Corps #201

So far, Kilowog has not appeared in the new run, leaving fans wondering about his take on the Corps’ new bosses. Kilowog trains new Lanterns, and while he may put forth a hardened image to the rest of the Corps, he is in fact one of their most beloved members. Numerous generations of Lanterns have benefitted from Kilowog’s expertise, but now his time is seemingly drawing to a close. The effect this could have on the Green Lantern Corps can not be understated. Kilowog was the best trainer in the history of the Corps, and without his guidance, future Lanterns could suffer.

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Kilowog is Out of Step with the New Green Lantern Corps

An image of Kilowog looking angry in the Marvel comics

Now that the United Planets have brought the Green Lantern Corps into their bureaucracy, members such as Kilowog are out of step. The UP have a particular way of doing things that will no doubt clash with veterans such as Kilowog who are set in their ways. Kilowog is outspoken, which will lead to clashes with the new management. The UP is creating a Corps of boot-lickers and “yes men,” two things that Kilowog is not. He would speak out against the UP’s changes, making him a liability to the Green Lantern Corps. Kilowog’s time may be drawing short, but he will make the most of it, railing against the UP’s injustices.

Green Lantern #7 is on sale January 9 from DC Comics!

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