‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 20 Sets Premiere Date for 2024

‘9-1-1’ also makes its ABC debut next year.

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The Big Picture

  • Grey’s Anatomy fans can mark their calendars as the medical drama returns on March 14, promising more unpredictable doctor antics and the potential comeback of Meredith Grey.
  • Abbott Elementary, the successful comedy hindered by the strikes, will premiere new episodes on February 27 with a special hour-long episode. Expect high expectations and continued success for the show’s third season.
  • As audiences head back to the hospital and school, they can anticipate more drama and laughter from Grey’s Anatomy and Abbott Elementary, respectively, after being temporarily affected by the strikes.

It’s time to head back to the hospital, as ABC has announced midseason return dates for some of its biggest hits, including the ongoing drama featuring an unpredictable group of doctors called Grey’s Anatomy. Starting on March 14, audiences will be able to head back to the series currently led by Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and the rumored return of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). There was a lot of drama at stake the last time the show was on the air, which saw its schedule briefly affected by the strikes organized by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA.

In addition to the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy coming back for more shifts, Abbott Elementary is scheduled to premiere new episodes on February 27. After not being able to tell more stories on the screen because of the strike, the third season of the successful comedy will start with a special, hour-long episode. Quinta Brunson will return as Janine Teagues, a second-grade teacher trying to make her students’ life a little bit better, while attempting to manage her own. Given the incredible success the show received over the past couple of years, there are high expectations for its triumphal return.

9-1-1, the network drama about a team of first responders starring Angela Bassett and Peter Krause is set to premiere on ABC on March 14, after the project was canceled by Fox after six seasons earlier this year. The amount of dangers the team will have to face in this new age of the show will be unpredictable, with the main characters needing to bring the best of their abilities into their new home. The premiere will be immediately followed by the return of Grey’s Anatomy and a new episode of Station 19.

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