Harry Potter Pixar Movie on Disney Plus TikTok Video Explained

After a TikTok video showing a new Harry Potter Pixar movie and its trailer on Disney Plus hit the web and sent everyone into a frenzy, fans are curious to know if it is really there or not. Here is what you need to know.

Is there a Harry Potter Pixar movie coming out on Disney Plus?

No, there is no Harry Potter Pixar movie coming out on Disney Plus.

There is no Harry Potter Pixar movie confirmed for Disney Plus. The TikToker Aube, who showed the video, admitted that it was fake and that the entire trailer was created using AI.

Aube is a self-proclaimed “AI Designer” and former Google employee based in Silicon Valley. Two days after posting the video on TikTok, Aube issued a statement to TikTokers who saw it saying:

“Alright you guys got me, this Harry Potter by Pixar video was fake, it was made with AI. Most of you got it very quickly, but still, it was very funny to see the whole internet blow up and all of the fact checking articles written about this. And for all of you who are sad that this wasn’t real, here’s why you shouldn’t be sad. I was able to make this one-minute trailer in a single evening of work, which means that a team of highly-motivated people would probably finish the entire movie with current, existing tools in a couple months, and at some point in the future, any of you will be able to do exactly this by simply asking the AI to do it for you. At some point in the next ten years, you will be able to watch your favorite movie in any of the styles that you prefer, you’ll be able to select in the style of which director, you’ll be able to swap the actors to the one that you want to watch. This is going to completely revolutionize the Hollywood industry.”

Although Aube admitted that the trailer shown in the video and the presence of the Harry Potter Pixar movie in the Disney Plus catalog was fake, it looked very convincing that it reportedly made some fans go to their Disney Plus catalog to find it to no avail.

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