How Many Episodes & When Do New Episodes Come Out?

Viewers of Baddies East are wondering how many episodes are in the series and when each new episode comes out. Baddies East is a reality TV series, featuring OG Baddies like Natalie Nunn and new cast members, as they aim to dominate the East Coast with drama and entertainment.

Here’s how many episodes are in Baddies East Season 1 and on what day new episodes come out.

How many episodes are in Baddies East?

Baddies East has 10 episodes.

The episode list is as follows:

  • Episode 1: Bad in D.C.
  • Episode 2: No Promo
  • Episode 3: Meet Me Outside
  • Episode 4: Greener Grass
  • Episode 5: We gon’ eat
  • Episode 6: On to the Next
  • Episode 7: Go-Kart Road Rage
  • Episode 8: Someone Came with Baggage
  • Episode 9: Baddies and A Hot Boy
  • Episode 10: TBA

Baddies East is the fourth season of the reality TV series, featuring a cast of OG and new Baddies as they bring drama and entertainment to the East Coast. This season consists of 10 episodes, and viewers can expect conflicts, confrontations, and surprises as the Baddies take on new challenges and face returning cast members, ultimately turning up with special guest Bobby Shmurda in Episode 9.

In Baddies East, notable cast departures include Washington, Samuels, Jordan, and Jefferson, while new additions like Latifa “Tesehki” Malone, Destiny “Sukihana” Henderson, and others join the ensemble for the latest season. Suzanne “Stunna Girl” Brown and Cleo “DJ Sky High Baby” Rahman return as supporting cast members.

When do new Baddies East episodes come out?

New episodes of Baddies East typically come out every Sunday.

The official synopsis for the series reads:

“Executive Producer Natalie Nunn, Chrisean Rock, Rollie and more of the OG Baddies are back to show up and show out with newbies like Sukihana and Sky — to take over the East Coast!”

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