How To Get The Gravitational Aspect In Diablo 4

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Diablo 4‘s Legendary Gravitational Aspect is one of the most sought-after Aspects for the Sorceress class, and for good reason. This unique Sorceress-only Aspect augments the Ball Lightning skill, reducing its damage but causing it to continually orbit the player, electrocuting any enemies that get too close. Unfortunately, the Gravitational Aspect isn’t easy to find.

Diablo 4’s Codex of Power Aspects are essentially powerful character upgrades. They unlock once you’ve completed certain dungeons, and you can imprint them on gear items to enhance your character’s skills and abilities. However, the Gravitational Aspect is slightly different, as it’s one of the few Aspects that isn’t linked to the Codex of Power or a specific dungeon. Instead, you will need to rely on other means.

How To Find The Gravitational Aspect

Diablo 4 Rogue And Sorcerer Fighting Monster With Ball Lightning In Dungeon

In Diablo IV, you can visit an Occultist to extract Legendary Aspects from Legendary Items. This scraps the item but allows you to re-imprint the Aspect on a different piece of gear. According to Fextralife, the only way to get the Gravitational Aspect is to find a Legendary item that has the Gravitational Aspect imprinted and then extract it.

This differs from many other Aspects, which are added to the player’s Codex of Power after completing certain dungeons. The player can then visit an Occultist and choose the Aspect from the Codex to imprint it.

This raises the question of how to get Legendary Items. To maximize Legendary Item drops, you will want to switch to Diablo 4’s Nightmare World Tier or take things a step further in the Torment World Tier. This drastically increases the game’s difficulty but also increases the drop rate of Legendary Items.

From there, you can tackle high-level endgame activities such as Diablo 4’s Helltide world events and challenge Nightmare Dungeons and World Bosses. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee the Gravitational Aspect will drop, so you will need to farm items and grind events and challenges until it appears.

One tactic you can try is to spend Murmuring Obols to roll for random loot items at a Purveyor of Curiosities. According to fansite Diablo4.Life, your chances of grabbing the Gravitational Aspect are highest if you spend Obols to receive random Offhand Items.

How To Use The Gravitational Aspect

Diablo 4 Male And Female Sorcerers Standing In Dark Chapel With Stained Glass Window

You can imprint the Gravitational Aspect on one-handed and two-handed weapons, gloves, amulets, and rings. From there, you can incorporate the imprinted item into your overall build. It’s an excellent Aspect for the Unstable Lightning Sorcerer Build, which is one of Diablo 4’s most OP character builds.

It’s a bit of a grind to get Diablo 4’s Gravitational Aspect. However, it’s ultimately well worth the effort if you want to raise your Lightning Sorcerer to new heights in PvE and PvP.

Source: Fextralife, Diablo4.Life

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