How to recover Uninstalled Programs on Windows 11

This post will show you how to recover uninstalled programs on Windows 11/10. Recovering uninstalled programs can be crucial, especially when valuable data or software is accidentally removed or lost due to system corruption. Fortunately, you can do so easily by following the steps mentioned in this post.


Can you see the History of Uninstalled Apps?

You can see the history of uninstalled applications on Windows devices using the Event Viewer. Here’s how:

Click Start, search Event Viewer, and hit Enter.

Navigate to Windows Logs > Applications and click Filter Current Log in the right pane.

The Filter Current Log page will now open here; select MsiInstaller in the dropdown beside Event sources, type 1034 under Event ID, and hit Enter.

Filter Current Log page

A list of all the uninstalled applications will now appear.

list of uninstalled applications

How to Recover Uninstalled Programs on Windows 11?

You have two methods to recover uninstalled programs on Windows 11/10 computers and they are:

  1. Using System Restore
  2. Using Third-Party Data Recovery Software

Now, let’s see these in detail.

1] Using System Restore

recover Uninstalled Programs

You can easily recover uninstalled applications and deleted/lost files using system restore. System Restore is a Windows feature that allows users to revert their device to a previous state. It’s designed to help troubleshoot issues caused by recent changes, such as installing new software or updates, uninstalling programs, and deleting files without affecting personal files like documents, photos, or emails.

This post will show you how you can perform a system restore. However, you can only perform a system restore if you’ve created a restore point earlier or if a system-created one exists.

2] Using Third-Party Data Recovery Software

MiniTool Data Recovery Software Free

You can recover uninstalled programs on Windows 11 using a third-party data recovery tool. Use these tools cautiously, as they might not always be reliable and could potentially cause issues. Stellar, Easus, MiniTool, Wondershare, etc. offer some good free versions, so see if they help.

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I hope this post helps you.

How do I use Restore point in Windows 11?

To use a restore point to perform a system restore, search recovery in the Control Panel and click Open System Restore. Here, choose Restore system files and settings, click Next, and follow the instructions on-screen.

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How do I get back an uninstalled app?

To get back an uninstalled app on Windows, you’ll have to perform a system restore. However, you need to have a restore point. If that doesn’t help, consider using a third-party data recovery tool.

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