Is Nam Joo-Hyuk’s Vigilante K-Drama Based on a Webtoon?

Vigilante, the new action-thriller Korean drama series starring Nam Joo-Hyuk, arrived on Disney Plus and Hulu on November 8, 2023. Moon Yoo-Seok serves as the creator of the ongoing series, while Choi Jeong-Yeol directs it. The K-drama is an adaptation of South Korean illustrator Kim Gyu-Sam’s popular Naver webtoon of the same name. The webtoon is written by CRG.

Taking inspiration from the popular webtoon, Vigilante revolves around Kim Ji-Yong, a student at the South Korean police academy. However, things take a dangerous turn when the young student turns into a vigilante at night to punish criminals who get away too easily from the law. Soon enough, Kim Ji-Yong’s night-hunts become the prime subject of an extensive investigation led by police officer Jo Heon.

Vigilante Webtoon: What is it about?

Kim Gyu-Sam and CRG’s Vigilante is a dark webtoon that chronicles the story of Kim Ji-Yong. When he was young, he was traumatized seeing his mother being brutally murdered by a gangster. His mother’s murderer was sentenced to three years and 6 months of imprisonment, which is why Ji-Yong feels the law failed him.

Kim Ji-Yong’s past turns him into an avenger vigilante who takes the law and justice into his own hands. As such, it becomes his life’s mission to punish those criminals who are wrongfully let go by the judicial system. It all begins when he hunts down his mother’s murderer to bring him to justice. From then on, Kim Ji-Yong begins to lead a double life, one as a student and the other as a vigilante at night.

Apart from Nam Joo-Hyuk as Kim Ji-Yong, the upcoming Disney+ K-drama also features Yoo Ji-Tae as Jo Heon. Other supporting actors include Kim So-Jin as Choi Mi-Ryeo and Lee Joon-Hyuk as Cho Kang-Ok.

Vigilante is currently streaming on Hulu and Disney Plus.

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