Is the TikTok Pixar Harry Potter movie real or AI-generated?

Is the TikTok Pixar Harry Potter movie real or AI-generated?

A recent TikTok video has surfaced, suggesting the existence of a Pixar Harry Potter movie for Philosopher’s Stone” on Disney Plus. Crafted by the digital wizardry of an online mind, TikToker @tony.aube, the video takes us on a whimsical journey through the Disney+ app, teasing the possibility of a Pixar-animated Hogwarts. But, before you reach for your wand, let’s unravel the mystery behind this captivating illusion and explore how, perhaps, the lines between fan creativity and artificial intelligence-generated content may have subtly blurred in the wizarding world.

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The TikTok Pixar Harry Potter movie isn’t real, but we know how to make one

Is the TikTok Pixar Harry Potter movie real? The answer is, unfortunately, no. But hang tight— in the next part, we will explain how to make one. But first, here is what happened: The recent TikTok Pixar Harry Potter movie video that caused a stir in the Harry Potter community claimed to unveil a Pixar version of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” on Disney Plus.

Posted by TikToker @tony.aube, the video takes users on a virtual tour through the Disney+ app, specifically within the Pixar category.


who else is watching this tonight? #harrypotter #pixar #dramione

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In the video, @tony.aube navigates the Disney+ interface, showcasing various Pixar titles like “Dug’s Day” and “A Bug’s Life.” Among these classics, the attention-grabber is “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” The TikTok then shows the loading icon, building anticipation.

For a moment, the video gives the impression of an authentic Pixar Harry Potter movie, featuring Pixar’s distinctive animation style. The visuals were convincing enough to deceive viewers into thinking that Disney Plus had discreetly dropped a Pixar version of the iconic wizarding tale.

However, the excitement was short-lived. Fans who hurriedly logged into their Disney+ accounts in hopes of finding the Pixar Harry Potter movie were met with disappointment. The Pixar Harry Potter movie depicted in the TikTok was a carefully crafted hoax. Comments sections overflowed with expressions of letdown, with some fans playfully expressing their frustration at being taken in by the illusion.

Unveil the mystery: Is the TikTok Pixar Harry Potter movie real or AI-generated? In both cases, we know how to make one. Explore now!
Dive into the whimsical world of TikTok’s Pixar Harry Potter movie —pure magic or AI sorcery?”

The video got people talking because it looked like some seriously slick AI cooked up a fake Pixar Harry Potter movie. But if you’re a daily Dataconomy reader, you probably already knew AI could whip up stuff like this, especially when it comes to Pixar vibes.

We previously explained how to create Disney AI posters in Pixar style with ChatGPT and Midjourney and create our Disney-inspired movie. Also, explored the Disney Pixar AI dog trend. Now, its time to make Pixar Harry Potter scenes!

How to generate Pixar Harry Potter movie scenes in 3 steps

Ever wondered how to infuse the enchantment of Hogwarts with the whimsical charm of Pixar animation? Look no further, here is what you need to know:

  • Open Microsoft Edge and visit Bing Image Creator to use DALL-E 3 to generate Pixar Harry Potter scenes
  • Enter your prompt. It could be something like “generate a fight scene between Voldemort and Harry Potter in Pixar style.”
  • And that’s all!  After waiting for the generation process, which is pretty fast, you can get results like this:
Unveil the mystery: Is the TikTok Pixar Harry Potter movie real or AI-generated? In both cases, we know how to make one. Explore now!
Explore the viral TikTok that teased a Pixar Harry Potter movie

Don’t forget: If you want better results, you have to write better prompts. After that, it is all about your imagination.

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Unveil the mystery: Is the TikTok Pixar Harry Potter movie real or AI-generated? In both cases, we know how to make one. Explore now!
From TikTok to Disney Plus: The Pixar Harry Potter  movie

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Featured image credit: Eray Eliaçık/Bing

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