Listen to an Exclusive Track From The Last Repair Shop Soundtrack

ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track titled “See How Life Is?” from The Last Repair Shop—Original Score. It features music by Katya Richardson and themes by Emmy Award-winning composer Kris Bowers. Lakeshore Records will release the full album digitally on November 24. You can purchase or stream the soundtrack here.

“One of my favorite cues from the film is ‘See How Life Is?’. It comes at a crucial moment in the story when Steve reveals the unexpected journey that led him to become a piano tuner,” says Richardson. “The score needed to build from his uncertainty and flourish into a warm and melodic resolution, while maintaining a sense of magical wonder throughout. The range of emotions I got to explore within this single piece made it a rewarding experience.”

Listen to “See How Life Is?” below:

The short film, co-directed by Bowers and Academy Award-winner Ben Proudfoot, recently won the Critics Choice Documentary Award for “Best Short Documentary” and is released by Searchlight Pictures and L.A. Times Studios.

“Once commonplace in the United States, today Los Angeles is by far the largest and one of the last American cities to provide free and freely repaired musical instruments to its public schoolchildren, a continuous service since 1959,” says the synopsis. “The Last Repair Shop grants an all-access pass to the nondescript downtown warehouse where a dwindling handful of devoted craftspeople keep over 80,000 student instruments in good repair.”

The Last Repair Shop Tracklist

01. The Last Repair Shop – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

02. Dana: Strings – Katya Richardson

03. It’s Hard Being a Kid – Katya Richardson

04. I Thought I Was Broken – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

05. Practice Makes Perfect – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

06. I’m Still Here – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

07. Paty: Brass – Katya Richardson

08. My Story -Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

09. American Dream – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

10. My Son – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

11. The Test – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

12. All These Years – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

13. Duane: Woodwinds – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

14. Frankenstein – Katya Richardson

15. Swap Meet – Katya Richardson

16. Dream a Little – Katya Richardson

17. Steve: Pianos – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

18. Baku, 1987 – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

19. We Left Everything – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

20. See How Life Is? – Katya Richardson, Kris Bowers

21. I Love the Violin – Katya Richardson

22. The Alumni – Kris Bowers

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