Mammootty, Jyothika’s New Movie Kaathal

Kaathal – The Core is facing a potential ban in Kuwait and Qatar just days before its release on November 23. This Mammootty and Jyothika starrer is directed by Jeo Baby. As per reports, the governments of both countries have reportedly decided to ban the film due to its portrayal of homosexuality. This marks a trend where several Indian films have faced similar restrictions in these regions.

The movie has generated significant anticipation. It features Mammootty as George Devassy, a retired bank official, and Jyothika as his wife, Omana. The storyline takes an unexpected twist when George decides to contest in the upcoming Panchayat Elections but his wife files for divorce. She says that he has been in a homosexual relationship with Thankan, a friend from the same village.

The news of the ban comes as a setback for the film’s team, especially considering the talent involved. Kaathal – The Core marks the first collaboration between the acclaimed actors Mammootty and Jyothika, both known for their versatile performances. The film is expected to explore the societal challenges and politics surrounding the mindset towards homosexuality.

Mammootty’s new movie faces a ban, claim reports

The decision to ban the film sheds light on the ongoing debate on freedom of expression in cinema. Additionally, it also focused on the clash between artistic expression and cultural sensitivities.

Despite the ban in the above-mentioned countries, the film is set to be screened at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK), adding another layer to the discourse on artistic freedom and cultural acceptance.

Kaathal – The Core is jointly written by Adarsh Sukumaran and Paulson Skaria, produced by Mammootty Kampany, with music made by Matthews Pulickan, cinematography by Salu K Thomas, and editing by Francies Louis. The ban raises questions about the delicate balance filmmakers must ensure between storytelling and cultural norms. It also sparks discussions on the broader implications of censorship in cinema.

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