New ‘Invincible’ Season 2 Poster Shows Mark Confronting His Father

The Big Picture

  • In the second season of Invincible, Mark and Omni-Man face off after their previous brutal showdown. Mark is still learning how to be a hero and protect the Earth from the Viltrumite empire.
  • The show is now exploring the concept of the multiverse, with Angstrom Levy seeking revenge using alternate dimensions.
  • Mark, with his inherited abilities, is the only one capable of stopping the threats from different timelines.

With the second season of Invincible taking a break before coming back next year — following today’s episode — Prime Video has released a new poster pitching the two strongest characters in the show against each other. Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) can be seen standing in front of his father, Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons), as the pair reunites for the first time since Nolan Grayson almost beat his son to death. About a month passed between the events of the first season and the second one, and Mark’s still learning what it means to be a hero. With the threat of the Viltrumite empire still lurking in the shadows, Invincible has to get stronger if he wants to protect the Earth from the evil organization.

Problems between Mark and his father began when looked like the boy wouldn’t inherit the powers Omni-Man had. Nolan had always wanted a son who was exactly like him, determined to turn Earth into more territory for the Viltrumites to acquire. But Mark was also Debbie’s (Sandra Oh) son, and by the time he got his powers, he had already fallen in love with Earth and the people living in it.

The disagreement led to a brutal showdown in Chicago, where even heroes like Atom Eve (Gillian Jacobs) and Robot (Zachary Quinto) couldn’t intervene. Omni-Man wasn’t going to let anyone stand in his way, including his own son, who was only trying to protect the people he loved. Before delivering the final blow to Mark, Nolan left the planet, setting the events for the current season of the series in place. The only trace of Viltrumite blood left on Earth was Mark, and that led him to struggle with his identity in Season 2. A new era of Invincible is about to begin.

‘Invincible’ Is Heading Into the Multiverse

The second season of Invincible has raised the stakes for Mark and his friends, with the show currently dealing with a plot meant to explore the concept of the multiverse. Angstrom Levy (Sterling K. Brown) was the character responsible for bringing up alternate dimensions in the first place, and with the combined memories of his deceased alternate selves, he’s sworn revenge on both Omni-Man and Mark. If the Viltrumites were already dangerous for Earth, threats coming from different timelines could make things for the planet worse in a matter of minutes, and there’s only one man capable of stopping them all.

You can check out the new poster from Invincible below. The first half of the second season is available for streaming on Prime Video.

A poster for invincible season 2 bathed in tones of red featuring Omni Man facing his son Mark/Invincible, both are wearing superhero suits
Image via Prime Video

A poster for Invincible.


Invincible is an adult animated superhero series that revolves around 17-year-old Mark Grayson, who’s just like every other guy his age — except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man. But as Mark develops powers of his own, he discovers his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.

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