Park Eun-Bin’s Castaway Diva Episode 9 Trailer: Chae Jong-Hyeop Is Injured 

Castaway Diva released episode 9 trailer after its Sunday episode. Starring Park Eun-Bin and Chae Jong-Hyeop, the K-drama is the story of an aspiring singer who was stranded on an island for 15 years.

Episode 8 featured Mok-Ha (Park Eun-Bin) leaving her dreams behind to protect Kang Bo-Geol and his family from his abusive father. But Bo-Geol finds her and asks her to follow her passion. She also discovers that Bo-Geol (Chae Jong-Hyeop) is her childhood friend Ki-Ho.

In the upcoming episode, the aftermath of Bo-Geol and Bong-Wan’s (Lee Seung-Joon) meeting will be featured. The latter is Ki-Ho’s abusive father because of whom his family ran away and hid their identity.

Watch the Castaway Diva Episode 9 trailer here:

Castaway Diva Episode 9 release date, plot & more

Castaway Diva Episode 9 will air on Saturday, November 25, 2023, on Netflix and at 9:20 p.m. KST on tvN.

The network released the trailer featuring Bo-Geol (Chae Jong-Hyeop) in bad condition. In episode 8 ending, he meets his abusive father Bong-Wan, and reveals that he is Ki-Ho. Before the visit, he searched the term Patricide, which means killing one’s father. 

Furthermore, the Castaway Diva episode 9 trailer shows a devastated and injured Bo-Geol sitting in his car with tears in his eyes. His face has cuts and blood marks, hinting that he is beaten up. He is heard asking, “So how was it? Your first day without your father?” The scene and the dialogue may be unrelated. He may have asked the questions to Mok-Ha who also had an abusive father.

The Castaway Diva episode 9 trailer also shows Mok-Ha trying to prove to Yoon Ran-Joo (Kim Hyo-Jin) that she is worth her idol’s time. It further features Kang Woo-Hak (Cha Hak-Yeon) looking into an accident case that may link to Bong-Wan. The latter, on the other hand, might try to get rid of the evidence.

Catch new episodes of Castaway Diva on Netflix and tvN on Saturdays and Sundays.

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