The Best Druvis III Build (Psychubes & Team Comp)

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Druvis III is a beautiful, aristocratic main DPS in Reverse: 1999 whose build focuses on her unique Petrify status. When she casts her Ultimate, Silence In The Woods, or her debuff Incantation, Wind Into The Woods, at two stars or more, Druvis III infects her targets with Petrify, preventing them from acting until the status wears off or until they take Reality DMG.

Druvis III’s best build involves a full-Plant Afflatus, a full Mental-DMG team, and a Psychube that boosts her DMG. Her strict team requirements can make her hard to support, but if you want a team that prevents enemies from acting throughout combat, Druvis III is your girl. With the perfect Psychube, Druvis III is an excellent combination of DPS and Control.

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The Best Psychubes For Druvis III

Druvis III can make many ATK Psychubes in Reverse: 1999 work with her kit thanks to the variety within her Incantations and Insight passives. Most of her Psychubes will focus on improving her DPS potential, with some playing with her Petrify status for extra DMG. Druvis III has a lot of wiggle room for players who struggle to pull the best Psychubes in the game. She can proudly use a 5-Star Psychube while you give your few 6-Stars to your favorite characters.

Since Druvis III is a main DPS in her team comps, it’s hard to go wrong with Brave New World. This Psychube provides an excellent 18% Ultimate Might bonus at Level 60, significantly improving Druvis III’s strongest attack. Once she casts Silence In The Woods, her next Incantation gets up to 40% more Incantation Might. This is a great way to improve the effectiveness of Druvis III’s other attacks, which all deal 100% less DMG than Silence In The Woods at three stars.

For a build with extra utility in Reverse: 1999, you may want to consider Her Second Life as Druvis III’s main Psychube in Reverse: 1999. Her Second Life is a great choice when you need an extra dose of team-wide healing but don’t have a good time to use a healer’s Incantation. Once Druvis III casts her Ultimate, she will heal the entire team by up to 64% of her ATK. Since this Psychube also comes with a 10% ATK bonus, Her Second Life can provide just the edge players need to survive after some grueling hits.

So long as Druvis III is in the right team comp, she can shine with Blasphemer of Night. Blasphemer of Night has an Incantation Might bonus of 18% for some good Incantation DMG. The main focus, however, is on attacking enemies with two or more Negative Statuses. When Druvis III attacks an enemy that fulfills that requirement, she will get a 24% DMG Dealt bonus. Druvis III will need another team member to supply the second Negative Status, but if she can find one, she can make a strong impact with Blasphemer of Night.

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Yearning Desire is the best 5-star alternate Psychube for Druvis III in Reverse: 1999, as it is essentially a simplified version of Blasphemer of Night. It provides a 15% Incantation Might bonus and triggers a 16% DMG Dealt bonus against enemies with just one Negative Status or lowered stats. This is much easier for Druvis III to trigger than Blasphemer of Night’s Amplification but provides weaker benefits.

If you struggle to find a Psychube for Druvis III in Reverse: 1999 and have her Insight One unlocked, Her Bright Future can synergize with her passive. When Druvis III casts her Ultimate with Her Bright Future and has boosted stats, she gets up to 20% more Ritual Might. This pairs well with her passive, where she gets 20% more DMG Dealt when she has raised stats or a Positive Status, alongside the 10% DMG boost from the Psychube. You’ll need a team member who can supply those buffs, however.

The Best Team Comps For Druvis III

If you want to utilize all of Druvis III’s perks with her team comp, you would need a team of all Plant-Afflatus characters who all deal Mental DMG. However, as of Reverse: 1999‘s global launch, Druvis III can’t get these requirements and still have a strong team comp. As the gacha roster expands, watch for Plant/Mental combos.

An-an Lee’s shifting combat modes, combined with her strong buffs and Plant Afflatus, make her an excellent support choice for a team centered around Druvis III in Reverse: 1999. If Druvis III has Insight One, all allies with a Plant Afflatus will get a status called Circle of Life, boosting their DMG Heal and Leech Rate by 10% for increased survival. An-an’s buffs synergize with Druvis III’s Insight One, and she acts as a great sub-DPS. Just remember that her attacks can cancel out Druvis III’s Petrify status, as they are Reality attacks.

Voyager from Reverse: 1999 is the other top-tier support for Druvis III. She may not have a Plant Afflatus, but she deals Mental DMG, so she won’t accidentally cancel Druvis III’s Petrify status on enemies. She provides excellent buffs with her counter and deals a debuff when Stellar Symphony has two or more stars (perfect for synergy with Blasphemer of Night). She also has some useful attacks supporting Druvis III’s push as the main DPS.

You will also want the healer Medicine Pocket on the team since they deal Mental DMG when they aren’t restoring HP. Their debuff Incantation can’t trigger Blasphemer of Night, but it can trigger Yearning Desire if Druvis III doesn’t have Wind Into The Woods at two stars. Their healing is also top-notch, providing a Positive Status for Druvis III’s Insight One.

If you don’t have a Medicine Pocket, Sotheby is a solid alternate healer thanks to her various statuses and Plant Afflatus. She can give Druvis III her Cure status for healing and the Insight One bonus while giving enemies her Poison status. This status deals Genesis DMG against enemies and won’t interfere with Petrify. At three stars, Poison can last for five rounds, giving ample time to trigger Blasphemer of Night or Yearning Desire’s Amplification.

Finally, she may not be a strong late-game healer, but La Source has the Plant/Mental combo that a perfect Druvis III team needs. As a 3-star character, she is easy to get and wonderful to build. She’s the go-to healer for players who never seem to pull strong healers, and her Afflatus and DMG synergize perfectly with Druvis III.

While there may not be many Plant/Mental choices for Druvis III’s dream team, she can still kick major enemy butt in Reverse: 1999.

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