The Mental State Clip Previews the Thought-Provoking Drama

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive The Mental State clip from Gravitas Ventures‘ intense drama movie from director James Camali. The film is set to release digitally and through video-on-demand platforms on Tuesday, December 19. You can currently pre-order the movie on iTunes.

“Andy suspects a dangerous town shooter is on the loose in his hometown,” reads the movie’s synopsis. “Upon learning the shooter’s identity, he uncovers a much darker conspiracy brewing around the girl he loves. As Andy’s behaviors at school become more irrational, his single mother, Angela, struggles to find and afford the professional care he needs. When Andy’s mental health worsens, the story crescendos with a tragic ending at the local high school.”

Check out the exclusive The Mental State clip below (watch more clips and trailers):

Who stars in The Mental State?

The Mental State was directed by James Camali and stars Jance Enslin, Carly Pope, Alyssa Sutherland, Bryan Greenberg, Alison Thornton, William Popp, Nathan Wallace, and William R. Moses. The film is based on the acclaimed play by Josh Adell.

You can also view the exclusive clip on YouTube below:

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