TikTok Tako Chatbot Appeared In Your DMs? Here Is Why

TikTok, the go-to entertainment space, has unveiled a new feature – an AI chatbot known as Tako. The TikTok Tako chatbot is the talk of the town, appearing in the DMs of many users and stirring curiosity. So, what’s the buzz all about?

It’s landing in the DMs of TikTok users, making them wonder what this digital partner is all about and what it might bring to the table. It all began with a test run in spring 2023, trialed in just one market. Now, people from all around the world have started seeing it on their smart devices. Let’s take a closer look at Tako’s journey.

tiktok tako chatbot
TikTok Tako chatbot started appearing in users’ DMs for no reason (Image Credit)

Why did the TikTok Tako chatbot appear in your DMs?

The TikTok Tako chatbot was unveiled a couple of months ago, and the company didn’t hide anything. It even shared a thread on Twitter, now X, stating what the team is up to and how it will affect users’ experience in the app. It has been a couple of months, and the team has been working on it since then. Now, people started seeing the TikTok Tako chatbot in their DMs.

TikTok has not made any official announcement regarding the matter. Users who see the chatbot in their DMs say that when they click on the chat, nothing happens. It is either a bug, or TikTok is showing off its upcoming chatbot that aims to enhance user experience.

What really is Tako?

The internet’s search game is changing, and TikTok is hopping on the wagon alongside tech big shots like Google and Bing. TikTok has been tweaking its search features, introducing a new search bar for trends and products in late 2022. And now, they’ve added a specific search widget for iOS users, clarifying that they’re vying to compete with Google.

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Now, let’s talk Tako. While Google and Bing have their AI chatbots, TikTok is taking a swing at its own – Tako. This move is more than just about search; it’s about changing how users navigate and chat within the app. Tako’s goal is to revamp the way TikTok works, especially when finding stuff and chatting with users.

Behind the scenes, TikTok’s roped in an external, unnamed AI provider to cook up Tako. Interestingly, they haven’t used their own AI tech but rather customized an external source to fit their needs.

When Tako first pops up, TikTok doesn’t hesitate to state that it’s an experiment and its answers might not always be spot-on. They want users to know that relying on Tako for serious stuff like medical or legal advice might not be the smartest move. But, TikTok’s banking on Tako to make finding stuff on the app more fun and chatty.

tiktok tako chatbot
TikTok has been working on the feature for a while now (Image Credit)

Tako’s future: Possibilities and pitfalls

TikTok’s got its sights set on something big with Tako. They’ve even filed a patent for it in the US, hinting they’re onto something unique. However, the rise of AI chatbots has ruffled a few feathers, with companies like Apple and big banks putting the brakes on their usage due to worries about data leaks.

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While Tako’s still in the testing phase, TikTok’s aiming for something grander than just answering questions. They’re eyeing a whole new way for users to find and explore content within the app. And that could shake up the playground, especially for Google, as TikTok’s rising popularity among the younger lot could make it their go-to spot for searches.

In essence, Tako’s arrival on TikTok marks a significant leap in AI integration, possibly changing how users move and groove around the app. This trial could define a new chapter in TikTok’s journey, altering how we navigate, explore, and interact on the platform.

Featured image credit: Solen Feyissa/Unsplash

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