Vir Das’ International Emmy Award Summed Up In 10 Pics. Bonus

Vir Das' International Emmy Award Summed Up In 10 Pics. Bonus - A Glimpse Of Shefali Shah

Image was shared by Vir Das. (Courtesy: virdas)

Vir Das has made India proud yet again by winning his first-ever International Emmy Award in New York earlier this week. He received the top honour in the comedy category at the 51st International Emmy Awards for his Netflix special Vir Das: Landing. Following the win, the actor-comedian has been sharing some special pictures from the big night on social media, much to the delight of his fans. Back in India, Vir Das has dropped a set of ten pictures that capture the essence of the big win and the celebration that followed. Attached to each of the pictures is a note by the multi-hyphenate.

The first video features the winning moment along with Vir’s note that says: “We were told there was a tie and two envelopes. Then he’s announcing the thing. And someone screams ‘Virrr!’ which is the first time I thought I might be one. Two seconds later I was. Whoever screamed, this is your fault.”

The second image has Vir Das gazing adoringly at his trophy while seated at a table. “I hadn’t set the thing down for two hours. Which means I hadn’t really even looked at it. Got back to the suite. There was this presidential desk in the office. Took a second,” Vir Das explained.

The next image has Vir Das posing with the Indian contingent which included fellow nominees Shefali Shah and Jim Sarbh. He wrote, “The night before the awards. The India contingent went out for dinner. Different genres, platforms and artists. We rooted for each other. Drank much. Went home. Nervous about tomorrow.”

“They have a medal ceremony at the start where every nominee gets a medal. And you get to ‘practice a speech’ should you win. So, you kind of get to hear every nominees’ story,  which I think is a great tradition,” Vir Das wrote about the pre-award party for the nominees, along with the clip.

Sharing an image with his team, Vir Das wrote: “Reg, Akash and me come out of a kitchen walkthrough before someone whisked me away for interviews. I kept saying ‘What did I say on stage? Did I f*****g forget anyone? One of them told me to shut up and smile.”

Next up, we see Vir Das sharing a laugh with fellow Indian nominees Shefali Shah and Jim Sarbh. In a note, he said, “This is an amazing photo of three nominees. I take full credit for this laugh. I make people laugh on red carpets because I don’t know how to pose.”

Speaking about the team of Derry Girls with whom he shared the comedy award, Vir Das wrote: “We tied with Derry Girls and they couldn’t have been more supportive. They’re a massive success and who I expected to win it. When we saw two envelopes. I didn’t know much, but I knew one was theirs.”

We also see a video of Vir Das moments after the win where he says that he is confused whether to carry the trophy in his check-in bag or hand luggage. “I was very shocked. It’s honestly the first thing I thought about,” Vir Das shared about the video.

Vir Das also treats us to an image with Shefali Shah. In it, the two are seen staring at a plate of dessert. Calling her “India’s Meryl Streep”, he said, “I just watched Shefali Shah this whole weekend. She’s India’s Meryl Streep and I wish she could see the effect she has on people. Credibility meets composure. Here’s us staring at dessert after talking about how we both wanted the award which I KNOW is in her future.”

Giving us a tour of his New York hotel room, Vir Das wrote, “I got a pretty sweet room. Saw this cookie. Told myself if I won, I’d eat it. After the ceremony, the Netflix team, Akash, Reg, Shefali and myself wound up ordering pizza here. Just six Indians and an American talking about home while waiting for New York pizza. When they all left, put the Emmy into its box, ate the cookie. Solid cookie”

Sharing the lovely bunch of pictures and videos, Vir Das wrote in caption, “Fancy pics aside, It’s about very real moments, so here’s Ten of mine with long captions to hopefully make you feel what it was like to be there for the Emmy’s. Solid cookie.”

Responding to the post, Kubbra Sait said, “Ya man ya! This is coool stuffffff – stuff made of love and joy and pride.” Simone Singh said, “Huge congrats.”

Vir Das had also shared a video of his acceptance speech on Instagram. In it, Vir Das can be heard saying, “More than anything else I am here for India. I would like to thank you for your laughter. It is a symphony of love, it is an orchestra of freedom, it is a universal lyric that reminds us we are not alone and it is the soundtrack to this idiot’s life. May it play louder until the entire world dances with us. Thank you. Namaste. Jai Hind. Assalamualaikum. Sat Sri Akaal. Love and peace. Thank you.”

Vir Das is known for his work in projects such as Delhi Belly, Go Goa Gone and Whiskey Cavalier.

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