Why Invincible Season 2’s New Main Villain Hardly Appears In Part 1

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Invincible season 2, episode 4!


  • Angstrom Levy, the main villain of Invincible season 2, has a minor role in the first part of the season, but there is a reason for his absence.
  • Despite being set up as the new main villain, Angstrom Levy hardly appears in the subsequent three episodes after the first episode.
  • Angstrom Levy is operating in the background, preparing and gathering information to strike back at Invincible in the future. His role will become more prominent soon.

Invincible season 2 introduced an all-new main villain, and here’s why the character hardly appears in part 1 of the new batch of episodes. Angstrom Levy was the main focus of the first episode of Invincible season 2, with the series setting him up as the major new threat that Mark and the Guardians of the Globe would have to take on throughout the season. However, with four episodes under season 2’s best, this hasn’t turned out to be the case. Angstrom Levy hasn’t played much of a role in the episodes after his Invincible debut, but there is a reason for the character’s absence.

Invincible season 2 is finally here, with the highly-anticipated continuation of Amazon Prime Video’s beloved animated superhero series now releasing on the streaming service. Invincible season 2 has already been pretty packed, with the series following up on Invincible and Omni-Man’s battle in Chicago while also introducing the new main villain of Invincible season 2, Angstrom Levy. Invincible season 2 has actually been divided into two parts, with episode 4 concluding the release of part 1, and Invincible season 2, part 2 set to release in early 2024. Although the mid-season finale was exciting, Angstrom Levy didn’t have a role in it, which was surprising to some Invincible fans.

Angstrom Levy Barely Appears In Invincible Season 2, Part 1

Angstrom Levy was set up as a major character in Invincible season 2 way back in episode 1, with him arguably being the episode’s main character. Most of season 2, episode 1 focuses on Angstrom Levy exploring the multiverse, with him finding various universes in which Omni-Man and Invincible joined forces to take over Earth. Angstrom Levy decided to recruit the Maulers to combine the minds of loads of Angstrom Levy variants with that of his own, allowing him to accrue knowledge of every universe. However, after things went horribly wrong, Angstrom dedicated himself to finding and killing the show’s main Mark Grayson.

Despite Invincible season 2, episode 1 setting him up as the show’s new main villain, he hardly appears in the subsequent three episodes. Angstrom Levy appears in Invincible season 2, episode 2’s mid-credits scene, with him interrogating a version of Mark from another universe, although that is the last time that he is seen. Angstrom Levy and the mainstream version of Mark never even interact in season 2, part 1 after episode 1, which is surprising considering he was set up as the show’s new main villain. Angstrom Levy hasn’t played much of a main role in season 2’s story yet, but that doesn’t mean he won’t.

Angstrom Levy’s Minor Role In Invincible Season 2 So Far Explained

Angstrom Levy with his hood up and a portal behind him in Invincible.

Since his first appearance in Invincible season 2, Angstrom Levy has been operating in the background, setting up his villainous future. As the season 2, episode 2 mid-credits scene reveals, Angstrom Levy has been using his powers to travel to other universes and talk to any Invincible variant that he can get to. In the scene, he convinced Mark to tell him how he and Omni-Man were defeated, possibly giving Angstrom information that will be used on the mainstream Invincible in the future. Angstrom Levy is using this time to prepare, slowly getting ready to strike back at Invincible in the future of the series.

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Angstrom Levy’s hiatus from Invincible season 2 isn’t unprecedented, as the original comic series follows a similar structure. After Angstrom’s initial appearance, he disappears for a while, lurking in the shadows as he prepares to strike. So, while it may seem strange to shine a spotlight on the villain in episode 1 only to take it away, it actually makes sense. Angstrom Levy may be a villain, but he is also incredibly intelligent, meaning that he isn’t going to take his shot at Invincible until he is certain that he can win.

Angstrom Levy Will Become A Big Deal In Invincible (But Not Yet)

Angstrom Levy in front of green portals in Invincible season 2

Angstrom Levy will definitely become a big deal in Invincible, but he hasn’t yet. In the comics, Angstrom torments Mark in a variety of ways, with these events undoubtedly appearing in the show’s future. Angstrom Levy kidnaps Debbie and Oliver Grayson at one point, luring Invincible into a trap. At one point, Angstrom even recruits several evil variants of Invincible to attack the main version of Mark, leading to an absolutely harrowing battle. Angstrom Levy will soon become one of the biggest threats that Amazon’s Invincible has seen yet, and his villainy will be made clear soon enough.

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