Why The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner Shouldn’t Choose Leslie Fhima


  • Despite their strong connection, Leslie has had her guard up, and might not be the right choice for Gerry.
  • Leslie considered leaving the show to go home to her son, demonstrating her commitment to her family, which may affect her willingness to move for Gerry.
  • The distance between Leslie and Gerry’s hometowns, coupled with their family obligations, may be too difficult to overcome for their relationship to succeed.

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner has to make a very difficult decision between his final two women, Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist, and, although they’re both wonderful people, Leslie might not be the right choice for him. Leslie, a 64-year-old fitness instructor from Minneapolis, Minnesota, captivated Gerry with her sexy and sweet personality from the beginning. She performed a sensual dance routine in the talent show, but then also showed a softer side when she revealed that she wears hearing aids like Gerry.

Throughout The Golden Bachelor, Leslie and Gerry’s connection has continued to grow. Her hometown date, during which he met her family, was a complete success. Leslie is the mother of three children and “glama” of three grandchildren. Leslie and Gerry also had a beautiful overnight Fantasy Suite date. They’ve said that they love each other, and Gerry even told Leslie that he thought she was “the one.” Although they seemed headed for an engagement, Leslie might not be the right match for Gerry.

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Leslie Had Her Guard Up With Gerry

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Leslie has repeatedly told Gerry that she’s never met a man like him. On their first one-on-one date, Leslie confided in Gerry that she’s been divorced twice and was a single mother. She feels that she’s never had a true partnership, and she’s been single for 22 years. In her confessional, she revealed that Gerry embodies everything that she wants in a man.

During their Fantasy Suite date, Leslie admitted that it was hard for her to see Gerry date the other women because she’d been cheated on in her past relationships. Although she has said that she fully trusts Gerry, Leslie understandably had her guard up in the beginning. Hopefully, Leslie will continue to break down her walls.

Leslie Considered Leaving The Golden Bachelor

In an interview with E! News, Leslie confessed that, like Marina Perera and Joan Vassos, she almost left the show to return home to her son. Leslie explained, “I called my son and he needed me.” However, Leslie’s son encouraged her to stay. Leslie admitted that if her son had asked her to leave, she would’ve gone home to him. She said, “With our age comes life. And just because your kids are bigger doesn’t mean they don’t have problems. So we’re a mother first and if my son had said, ‘I need you now,’ I would have left. Because that’s who I am.”

Obviously, Leslie would have made the right choice to put her family first and go home to her son if he needed her. This shouldn’t be held against her. However, during their Fantasy Suite date, when Gerry told her that he didn’t know how they’d decide where they’d live and they’d have to figure it out, and there was no one else he’d rather figure it out with, he needed to understand that Leslie’s children and grandchildren are very important to her.

If Leslie was willing to give up being on The Golden Bachelor for her son, she might not want to move far away from her family for Gerry. He lives in Hudson, Indiana, while she resides in Minneapolis. They’re about a 9 hour and 30 minute car ride apart. Distance has proven to be difficult for past Bachelor Nation couples, and now with children and grandchildren in the mix, it might be too hard for Leslie and Gerry to stay together.

Leslie and Gerry have had a fantastic time together during The Golden Bachelor. However, there are obstacles to their relationship that might prove to be too difficult to overcome. Although Leslie is a beautiful, intelligent, talented, and loving woman, whom any man would be lucky to get engaged to, she might not be the perfect match for Gerry. Hopefully, both Leslie and Gerry will find the true love they’re searching for in the near future, even if it’s not with each other.

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: E! News, Bachelor Nation on ABC/YouTube

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