xMovies8 Alternatives to Watch Movies/TV Shows Online

xMovies8 Alternatives

What is xMovies8? Is the XMovies8 website available? Is it safe or legal to use? In short, it used to be a free movie-streaming website. However, as most free websites for TV shows and movies often violate copyright laws, like xMovies8, it shut down. If you’re looking for xMovies8 alternatives that offer similar free movies online, we’ve got just the list for you!

NOTE: Free movie websites are often not safe to access. Its content violates copyright regulations, comes with malicious ads, and steals user data. All the xMovies8 alternative sites on our list are purely for informational purposes. We at FastestVPN do not promote, own, or urge users to access illegal content. Proceed at your own discretion. However, we do encourage users to connect with FastestVPN to ensure their connection is safe. 

With that said, let’s dive into xMovies8 questions that users commonly ask. 

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Quick List – xMovies8 Alternative Sites 2024

Among many free movie streaming websites that offer similar content to xMovies8, here are 7 alternatives you can try: 

  1. FMovies 
  2. Peacock TV
  3. YesMovies 
  4. 123Movies 
  5. AZ Movies 
  6. SpaceMov
  7. Solar Movies 

What is xMovies8?

Xmovies8 used to be among some of the best online streaming websites. It didn’t require any payments or account creation and offered users free movies and TV shows to watch. The xMovies8 website used to be big on their users’ online security and privacy, offering them anonymous browsing. 

However, the nature of its content sparked alarming security breaches. For instance, free websites often have content that violates copyright policies. For this reason, accessing them is never recommended. 

Is xMovies8 Available?

No, xMovies8 had shut down due to copyright infringement reasons. So, if you were wondering whether xMovies8 still works, then no, it doesn’t. Many mirror or proxy sites cropped up in its place, along with xMovies 8 alternative websites. 

xMovies8 Mirror Sites

Here are some xMovies8 proxies that replaced the original site since it shut down: 

  • xmovies8-hd.net
  • xmovies8.fun
  • xmovies08.org
  • xmovies8in.com
  • xmovies8.net
  • xmovies8x-movies.in
  • xmovies8.tv
  • xmovies8.fm 

7 Best xMovies8 Alternatives (Free Movies Online)

Since xMovies8 is no longer operational, here are 7 top alternatives to try instead: 

FMovies – Best xMovies8 Alternatives


FMovies is well-known among the streaming community that looks for cord-cutting websites, particularly for free movies and TV shows. It falls first on the list of xMovies8 alternatives because of its growing popularity. 

The content it offers is free to access with a user-friendly interface. Here, you will find content in every genre and category. However, because this is a free website for online movies, ensure you encrypt your data and connection with FastestVPN. If it’s not available for you, try out FMovies alternatives instead. 

Peacock TV

Peacock TV xMovies8 alternatives

Peacock TV is both a free and premium service. The free version gives you hours of movies and TV shows. However, it comes with ads. 

This American-made streaming service is one of the best alternatives to xMovies8 because of its variety of sports content, apart from movies, on channels like NBC. If you want the premium Peacock TV version for free, it’s available only via an Xfinity subscription. For safer streaming, watch Kevin Hart’s What Now XMovies8 special and more with FastestVPN. With it, you can also stream Peacock TV in Canada and other countries. 



YesMovies is another website that is similar to XMovies8 and a few of its alternatives. The website is easy to access and navigate and has user-friendly categories.

 Plus, it’s on the list because it highlights not just Hollywood movies but content from all over the world. You can use its content filter to select movies based on the latest, most Watched, release year, rating, and other categories. 



Next, we have 123Movies, another website similar to XMovies8. 123Movies is one of the oldest and most popular free streaming websites that features hours of movies and TV shows. It has a simple user interface that you can easily navigate through. 

Its streaming selection is quite extensive, giving you movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days xMovies8 specials. However, this website comes with ads, so it’s best that you use FastestVPN to prevent malware and other vulnerabilities. Other than this, there are 123Movies alternative sites you can explore. 

AZ Movies


AZ Movies is a rather new but reliable alternative site to xmovie8. This platform allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and more for free. What we like about the service is that AZ Movies regularly updates its content library, keeping it fresh for users.

However great the platform is, one of its downsides is that the website is geo-restricted in some countries. So, to access it in other locations, you will need to subscribe to a reliable VPN like FastestVPN. 



Next on the list of alternative sites to xMovies8, we have SpaceMov. Here, you will find all the recent and up-to-date movies and TV shows that highlight a variety of genres. You can select comedy, action, thriller, horror, and much more. The streaming quality is also desirable. However, because the website is free, it’s best to stay cautious and use a VPN to access it. 

Solar Movies

Solar Movies

Last, we have SolarMovies, another xMovies8 alternative. This service offers similar streaming content to xMovies8, with a large library to choose from. The genres available on SolarMovies are quite extensive, catering to streamers with a diverse taste for binge-watching. 

How to Unblock xMovies8 Alternatives Securely

There are some xMovies8 alternatives that are not available in every country despite being free. To unblock these websites like xMovies8 in any country, you need the best VPN. 

Free VPNs are not the best option; they don’t work and are a risk. To access movies and TV shows from free websites, you need a solid premium VPN like FastestVPN. 

Our app is compatible with all popular devices, websites, apps, and beyond. Plus, there are more than 600 servers in numerous countries. 

With that said, here is how you can use FastestVPN to unblock xMovies8 substitute websites: 

  • Go to the FastestVPN website and create your account. 
  • Choose the best subscription package. 
  • Download and install the VPN on your device. 
  • Launch the VPN and sign in. 
  • Connect to the best server where xMovies8 alternative sites are accessible. 
  • Go to any streaming website on our list and unblock free movies and TV shows.  

FAQs – xMovies8 Alternatives

What happened to xMovies8?

xMovies8 used to be on the list of most visited websites for free movies and TV shows. However, its content was a violation of copyright regulation, which led to it shutting down.

Is m4uhd an alternative to xMovies8?

Since xmovies8 shut down, one of the best alternative sites, according to SimilarWeb analytics, is m4uhd.met.

Does Amazon Prime have xMovies8 TV shows and movies?

Amazon Prime, in general, is among the leading streaming apps globally. However, users look for cheaper or free alternatives because the service is not free. If you are looking for premium xMovies8 alternatives, which we would recommend, then Amazon Prime makes a great fit.

Is the movie What Now available on xMovies8?

According to search results, many people looked for the Kevin Hart-starred movie called “What Now?” and it was available on xMovies8 before the website shut down. You can, however, find the movie on other alternative sites listed in this guide.

Can you download movies on xMovies8?

Yes, the xMovies8 website used to allow streamers to download movies and TV shows before it shut down. Now, you could test out any of its proxy sites to see if the same option exists.

What is the best xMovies8 alternative?

There are many xMovies8 alternatives available that offer similar content, including FMovies, 123Movies, Peacock TV, AZ Movies, and more. If they’re not available in your country, connect with FastestVPN to unblock them.

Why is xmovies8.fun not working?

There are many free movie websites online that are not working, including the xmovies8 proxies. If one doesn’t work, it probably means the website was illegal, geo-restricted, or shut down.

Is xMovies8 legal?

Yes, xMovies8 is an illegal website and was closed for violating streaming copyright regulations. Even though many free alternatives are available, we recommend only going for paid and premium streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.


Wrapping Up!

Coming to the end of this guide, we mentioned that free movie streaming websites are not always safe to access. For this reason, xMovies8 shut down, and why we never recommend accessing them. 

However, because users are looking for xmovies8 alternatives, we created a list that you can try out at your own will. Although, if you are accessing free websites, we recommend using FastestVPN to secure your connection. 

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