YouTube AI Features And How To Use Them

YouTube, the video giant, has rolled out two game-changing features—Playables and AI-driven Comment Summaries. To be clear, the YouTube AI features are still experimental and the company has not rolled them out officially, yet. Right now, PYouTube Premium users can take a look at them and try them out on their devices.

Let’s break down what these innovations mean for your YouTube experience.

What are the YouTube AI features and how to use them?

YouTube, the digital giant synonymous with video streaming, is at the forefront of a transformative era, introducing two cutting-edge features set to redefine the platform’s landscape. “Playables” beckon users into an immersive world where gaming seamlessly intertwines with video watching, available exclusively to YouTube Premium subscribers.

On the other frontier, the “Comment Topics Summarized by AI” feature harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to distill the essence of comment sections, offering users a streamlined and insightful interaction. This article delves into the details of these groundbreaking features, exploring how they elevate the YouTube experience and pave the way for a more engaging future in online entertainment.

With Playables and Comment Summaries, YouTube is not just a video hub—it’s a space for active participation. Whether you’re into gaming or trying to make sense of comments, these features showcase YouTube’s commitment to making your experience richer.

Before getting into details of the brand-new youTube AI features, let’s first take a look at how to enable these experimental features on your device:

1 – First, Open YouTube and tap on “You” at the bottom corner.

YouTube AI features and how to use them
Image Credit: Onur Demirkol

2 – Click on Settings at the top right.

YouTube AI Features
Image Credit: Onur Demirkol

3 – Tap on “Try new features”

YouTube AI Features
Image Credit: Onur Demirkol

4 – Activate an available feature. Currently, you can only activate one of them.

YouTube AI Features
Image Credit: Onur Demirkol

Now, let’s take a closer look at the YouTube AI features!

YouTube Playables

In a move that blends video watching with gaming, YouTube has unveiled “Playables” for its Premium subscribers. Forget about downloading games or juggling different apps; Playables lets you dive into gaming directly on YouTube. This experimental feature is a game-changer for both gamers and content creators. Easily shareable games are now part of the YouTube package, with favorites like “Angry Birds: Showdown” leading the charge.

To jump into the gaming arena, just make sure you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber to use YouTube AI features. Accessing Playables is a breeze—no tech wizardry is required. As YouTube keeps refining this feature, we can expect more interactive games to spice up your watching routine.

Here is how to use it:

1 – Go to homepage and tap on the little compassion ocn on the top left.

2 – Click on “Playables”

YouTube AI Features
Image Credit: Onur Demirkol

3 – Choose the game you want to play from the available ones and enjoy!

YouTube AI Features
Image Credit: Onur Demirkol

Comment topics summarizer

Ever felt lost in the sea of YouTube comments? The “Comment Topics Summarized by AI” feature aims to be your guide through the chatter. Although it’s currently on limited release, this feature is a glimpse into YouTube’s commitment to smarter interactions.

To test this feature, you need a YouTube Premium subscription. Keep in mind that YouTube allows you to experiment with one feature at a time, so turn off other experiments. The AI-driven Comment Summaries are available until December 5th, 2023, and exclusively on the Android and iOS apps. YouTube’s goal? Turning comment sections into concise, informative hubs with the help of smart algorithms.

Here is how to use the feature:

1 – Click on the video you want to see the comments of.

2 – Click the comments section.

3 – Sort the comments by “Topics”

YouTube AI Features
Image Credit: Onur Demirkol

Featured image credit: Christian Wiediger/Unsplash

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