10 Best Comic Readers For Windows

Reading a good comic is more fun and easier than a regular book.

Comics are available in various genres, including fantasy, romance, drama, comedy, and sci-fi. There’s always something to suit every age, taste, and reading level.

But graphic books are only as good as the platform you read them on. Most comic book enthusiasts prefer reading their favorite titles on Windows due to the sleek interface and customizable reading experience this operating system offers.

That said, you need the best comic apps for Windows for an immersive reading experience. Most of these apps let you sync your reading progress across various devices.

You can also categorize your books by publisher, genre, or series for easy accessibility. If you have books in different formats, you can find a comic viewer that supports most of the formats.

Choosing the best comic book reader for PC can be challenging, so I handpicked the top ones for you.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what to expect.

Best Comic Readers for Windows

1. CDisplayEx

CDisplayEx is one of the most lightweight comic readers for Windows. Whether your comic is a small or large file, this reader opens it instantly, so you can start reading.

The small size of this reader enhances hardware acceleration by leveraging the graphics card for effortless panning and zooming.

I like CDisplayEx’s minimalistic, clutter-free interface because it keeps me focused on the stories within the book without getting distracted.

The reading customization is another feature that sets this reader apart. It supports multiple reading modes, allowing you to switch between continuous scrolling, single-page, and fit-to-height or fit-to-width layouts.

You can easily adjust the contrast, brightness, and gamma for a personal viewing experience.

CDisplayEx lets you navigate and manage your files easily too. You can create custom collections or organize the comics by folder structure. The annotations and bookmarks allow you to mark important pages and write notes that you can check later.

If you have a big comic library and want to search for a specific issue quickly, you can use advanced search to type and locate a keyword.

CDisplayEx is a free and open-source comic reader, ideal for budget-conscious readers.

2. MComix

MComix is a user-friendly and reliable Windows comic reader for both avid and casual readers. It offers an effective and user-friendly experience.

Its clean and intuitive interface allows you to navigate to any part of your comic library without getting overwhelmed.

Everyone has their preferred moving mode, such as manga mode, single-page, double-page, or continuous scrolling. MComix provides all these options to cater to diverse tastes.

If you loathe manual scrolling, then this reader is for you; you can use the smart scrolling functionality that lets you hit the spacebar and start scrolling through pages automatically and at a reasonable pace.

You can customize your viewing experience in various ways. For example, you can adjust an image’s contrast, brightness, sharpness, or saturation.

If you prefer focusing on the graphics and stories alone, you can go full-screen and hide all distractions, including toolbars.

MComix’s library management capabilities are top-notch, too. You can organize and browse the books by folders, bookmark your favorite pages, and filter library searches by keyword.

This reader is free and open-source.

3. Cover

Cover is one of the best comic readers for Windows that you can use to manage and read your books. Cover is fast and powerful, allowing you to import folders in one step and view them in a sleek user interface. You can import these files from different sources, whether local or cloud.

This reader is compatible with various file formats, including CBR, CBZ, CBT, PDF, CB7, and EPUB (images only).

Cover lets you arrange your comics into customized shelves depending on their publisher, genre, or other personal method, resulting in an organized library.

You can customize your reading environment with contrast, brightness, gamma, and color temperature, from cool nighttime themes to a warm daytime appearance.

Cover’s most outstanding feature is text-to-speech; you simply need to relax on the couch, close your eyes, and let Cover narrate stories in the language and voice of your choosing.

You can create an immersive reading experience by adding background music and setting the mood that enhances each story’s atmosphere.

If you come across interesting pages that you don’t want to forget, you can bookmark them or annotate and revisit them easily.

Cover supports most reading formats, including continuous scrolling, double-page, and single-page. Besides, if you are reading comics in manga, you can enjoy the right-to-left mode

With the free version, you can read up to 25 comic books. To unlock unlimited books, you need a lifetime, in-app purchase.

4. Perfect Viewer

Perfect Viewer is a feature-rich Windows comic reader that is lightning-fast to help you navigate smoothly through various comics.

If your books have black-and-white images, Perfect Viewer offers a four-color image functionality that adds visual appeal and depth to the reading.

There are various page layout options, such as auto-single and auto-dual pages. You can also switch layouts based on the screen orientation, adding flexibility to the reading experience.

Perfect Viewer works with various formats, such as TXT, HTML, and EPUB. If you like reading Japanese comics in formats like Aozora bunko text, you will find it inside this comic reader as well.

It also supports a variety of image formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and WebP, increasing compatibility with various comic files.

Perfect Viewer supports different viewing modes, including fit screen, full size, fit height, fit width, and fixed size, so you can select the mode that suits your needs.

For a better reading experience, you can set an image as wallpaper, and adjust the brightness, saturation, hue, gamma, and contrast.

Perfect Viewer makes comic file management easy; it provides simple options like rename and delete. Additionally, the bookmark and favorite functionalities let you manage your comics effortlessly.

This Windows comic reader costs $2.99 and works with Windows 11 version 21990.0 or later.

5. Ubooquity

Ubooquity is a powerful content server for your favorite comics that you can access on your Windows device.

It supports various comic-friendly formats like CBZ, PDF, CBR, DJVU, and XPS. It also supports a variety of image file formats, including PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and WebP.

While using Ubooquity, you can switch between various reading modes, such as double-page, single-page, and other display modes for a personalized viewing experience.

It offers various customization options, such as the ability to adjust the page contrast, brightness, and stretch ratio. Plus, it can transform a black-and-white image into a four-colorized image.

Navigating from one page to the next is easy too. You can use features, such as fling and pinch to zoom. You can also use the reader’s quick bar to access pages quickly.

If you want to import comics from another device, no worries. You can connect it to your computer and load the files to this reader using removable storage.

Ubooquity comes with an online comic reader that lets you read your favorite graphic books without downloading a file.

You can download Ubooquity for free for non-commercial use.

6. ComicRack

ComicRack is a free but robust reader for comics with plenty of customization features to view pages. It supports auto scrolling, fast navigation, auto-rotation, multi-tab, and multi-screen options.

If you have comics in the manga format, this reader will work for you. It supports formats, such as CBR, CZ, CBT, CB7, DJVU, PDF, and WebComics.

Its robust library allows you to group and sort your comics. You can also manage the comics easily via the smart lists and quick search functionalities.

Besides, ComicRack can remember the last page you read and has options such as cache for the previous and next pages to improve your reading experience.

You can use it to adjust the sharpness and color of comic pages or convert your files into another format.

7. Comic Seer

Comic Seer has an intuitive user interface that makes viewing comics on a Windows device easy. You can use it to open comic files in various formats, including CBR, CBZ, ZIP, and RAR.

The software’s interface features a tabbed navigation panel that you can use to open up to seven files in a single window.

Comic Seer’s main viewer features zoom, rotate, browse mode, and single-page or double-page options. There’s also a library management panel for organizing your comic database.

If you start reading an interesting comic and close the reader or device before finishing, you can easily access it next time you restart the program.

Comic Seer automatically saves your comics and reloads them the same way the Chrome browser restores the tabs for your previous browsing sessions.

It also restores any last-read pages of those books you closed before exiting the reader.

Comic Seer costs $9.99.

8. YACReader

YACReader is one of the best comic readers for Windows with various features for an immersive reading experience.

You can use YACReader to view comic files in various formats, such as CBR, CBZ, ARJ, ZIP, and TAR. It supports multiple image formats, too, including BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

The reader’s outstanding feature is the double-view mode that displays two pages side-by-side for an optimal viewing experience.

You can adjust the display’s height or width using the windowed and full-screen modes. These features enhance reading flexibility.

The bookmarking option allows you to resume your last-read pages. Alphanumeric navigation between comics is a breeze, too, thanks to the folder list and tree views.

YACReader provides you with options to rename, delete, or update your comic collections, making library management easy.

Besides, the comic reader has animation features to further improve your reading experience.

You can download YACReader for free.

9. Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is a fast and versatile comic reader that supports various formats like CBR, CB7, CBT, and CBZ.

The software is small, ultra-fast, and convenient, offering a responsive and swift reading experience.

It provides customizable features that you can tweak to your preferences. You can personalize the look of this reader by adjusting the text color, font size, and background color. There’s a toolbar at the top of the window, which you can hide or show when reading.

Sumatra PDF lets you remember which files you opened and any display settings associated with them.

The software has a simple user interface that makes reading comic books easy.

Please, note that, while you can use Sumatra PDF to read comics, it lacks features like page layouts, reading modes, and advanced library management.

Sumatra PDF is free and open source.

10. GonVisor

GonVisor, also known as GonViewer, is a multiple-format viewer designed for seamless viewing of image sequences.

You can view standard image files and other comic formats, such as CBZ, CB7, CBR, and CBA. It works with various image file formats too, such as PNG, JPG, WebP, and TIFF.

GonVisor also supports image folders, PDF files, and compressed files in 7Zip, Zip, ACE, or RAR formats.

After reading a comic and closing the app, you can use bookmarks to go back to the last page and resume reading.

The reader’s interface is intuitive and fast, letting you view image sequences without problems.

Reading comic books is fun because you can view two pages at once. You can also switch to full-screen mode for a distraction-free viewing experience.

But if you want to focus on specific pages or image details, you can use the magnifier to enlarge a specific section.

Other related features include the automatic slider, line break, image transition, and customizable mouse buttons and hotkeys.

Another distinct feature is image adjustment. You can adjust an image to your screen size, zoom, or rotate it.

The other notable features are the always-on-top mode to keep GonVisor above any other application, the ability to bulk-rename image files, and keeping history of recent files.

GonVisor is among the best comic readers for Windows that displays your usage stats to let you know the duration invested in reading your favorite comics.

It is free to download and use.


These comic readers for Windows have different options that cater to unique preferences and styles. Whether you are a seasoned comic reader seeking elaborate customization or a casual reader craving simplicity, there’s a perfect tool waiting to fulfill your preferences.

If you are seeking something lightweight and fast, you can check out MComix, CDisplayEx, and Sumatra PDF.

If you are into feature-rich comic readers with more customization, options like Perfect Viewer and Cover will do.

Manga aficionados can go with MComix, Cover, and ComicRack. On the other hand, budget-conscious readers can explore MComix, CDisplayEx, YACReader, ComicRack, GonVisor, and Sumatra PDF.

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