10 Best Custom Hoodie Websites

Customized hoodies are a fun and personal way to make a statement. You get to pick the colors, designs, and graphics that match your style or personality.

Aside from that, they also inspire team spirit in a group, and business owners can use them to advertise their brands.

The process is more interesting now because there are several websites where you can design these hoodies yourself. If you’re looking for one, I’ve got you covered.

Some of the best custom hoodie websites include UberPrints, BlueCotton, CustomPlanet, HoodBeast, RushOrderTees, and CafePress.

I reviewed all of them in this article, noting how they work, the features of the websites, and how you can place an order. So, make sure that you read to the end.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Best Custom Hoodie Websites To Check Out

1. UberPrints

If you’re looking for the easiest website to create your custom hoodies, UberPrints is one of the best choices. You can create any kind of hoodie. Whether you want zip-up hoodies, ladies’ hoodies, or premium hoodies, UberPrints has you covered.

You can create an account to get started or proceed to design without it. Simply, browse through, choose the color and material you want, and start creating.

To add images to your hoodie, you can either upload yours or choose one from UberPrints’ image library. There are also over 50 fonts to choose from for your text.

The best part is that if you need a template to work with, UberPrints has different design templates specially made for you. You can also change the color of the hoodie if you want.

When you’re done at the design studio, you can save your designs or even share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even by email.

There’s also a quote calculator that helps you calculate the cost of the custom hoodie. After payment, their shipping takes between 5 to 10 days.

2. BlueCotton

BlueCotton is another custom hoodie website that tells you, “Create it and we print it!” They aim to deliver quality custom products to your doorstep.

One feature that stands out with this website is that it gives you two printing options before you start designing your hoodie. You can either go with the screen printing option or the embroidery design.

With screen printing, your designs will be printed onto your hoodie with ink while the embroidery design entails digitizing your logo and stitching it with thread to your hoodie. And of course, they all have different prices.

I also realized that BlueCotton’s design studio is well laid out and easy to navigate. You can add clipart, upload images, and add text, names, and numbers.

Interestingly, the website can generate AI images for your hoodie. I think this gives their customers or users more creative freedom when designing their products.

When you’re done with your designs, you can add them to your cart and proceed to check out. Typically, BlueCotton provides four delivery options.

The free shipping option takes a maximum of 10 days. If you’re not in a hurry, you choose this since it’s free.

But if you need it sooner, you can either choose the “Rush” option which takes a maximum of five days, or the “Super Rush” which is in three days.

And if you need it delivered the same day, you can go for the “Shirts in a day” delivery option. However, bear in mind that the faster the delivery, the higher the cost.

3. CustomPlanet

CustomPlanet aims to deliver custom wear including hoodies as fast and cheap as they can. Their products are indeed cheap. I checked their hoodie section and was surprised to see printed hoodies as low as $14.

However, they only offer screen printing and you get to choose the color, text, and image for your hoodie. And if you’re not sure which design to go for, there’s an idea section for you to explore.

Whether you need design ideas for family reunions, vacations, sports, holidays, or schools, you’ll get lots of them. This idea bank is useful for users who have little or no design background.

If you’re too busy to handle your designs, you can delegate it to an artist. CustomPlanet has different artists working for them around the clock and this service is free. All you have to do is explain your design ideas and they’ll get to work.

When they are done, you can either place a single or bulk order and choose your delivery date.

4. Apliiq

Apliiq is a good spot for creating awesome hoodies especially if you’re a business owner. Aside from designing, you can also sell these hoodies through the platform.

You’ll love the mind-blowing catalog of hoodies, from pullovers to zip hoodies, baggy to fitted – the website has it all. There are also amazing hoodies for ladies.

You can get the lightweight crop hoodie or the camo hooded sweatshirt. They are all fashionable and will make you stand out.

There are different ways to customize your hoodies. You can do direct-to-garment printing, screen printing, or even custom embroidery. So, your hoodie, your rules.

The best part is that you can place orders for special hoodies like Tie Dye Cotton Candy or Camo Independent Heavyweight Hoodie. You just need to tell them what you want and they will get it done.

One of the reasons why I said business owners are better off with Apliiq is because the website goes all out with branding.

Aside from the designs on your hoodie, you can add woven labels, embroidered patches, and private labeling. What better way to stand out as a business?

5. HoodBeast

From the name alone, you can easily tell that this website specializes in custom hoodies. It has such a simple design that will get you going in no time.

The creation process is also straightforward. After picking your desired hoodie, you can add text, or upload an image or logo and place them where it will look best. Viola! Your custom hoodie is ready!

Before adding it to your cart, you have to choose the size and color. If you buy in bulk, you’re going to save more with the high-volume discounts.

It takes a few days before your order arrives plus the website keeps you in the loop so you know exactly when you expect your delivery.

They also ship to over 50 countries, so, it doesn’t matter where you are, your custom hoodie is just one click away.

6. RushOrderTees

I know that the name might suggest that the website only specializes in T-shirts but that’s just one of the items it produces. Customers are also allowed to design their hoodies.

You can either go for custom printing or the embroidery services. First, you need to upload your artwork or use their design tool to personalize your hoodie.

You’re also allowed to choose the type of hoodie you want, the size, materials, fit, and even where you want the pockets to be. Additionally, the name RushOrderTees emphasizes quick turnaround times.

The website aims to fulfill orders efficiently. However, the free delivery option takes a longer time. You’ll be notified of your delivery date before even placing the order.

The platform’s customer support team is also reliable. They are always ready to attend to their customers.

7. Broken Arrow Wear

Broken Arrow Wear is another fantastic custom hoodie website to check out. The platform is known for its money-back guarantee policy and also its free shipping on all orders.

To get started, you should first choose their wide selection of hoodies and then click “Design Now”. Their design studio is easy and quick to navigate.

After choosing your hoodie, the next step is to upload your logo or artwork or even create one using the website’s design templates. There are lots of pre-loaded clip art you can explore.

If your design skills are not so strong, some in-house graphic designers can assist you at no charge at all. Just tell them what you want to create and they will get it done.

When you’re finished, you’ll get the final quote and also choose your shipping address. One thing to note about the no minimum hoodie orders from Broken Arrow Wear is that you’ll receive fast and free shipping within the United States.

And even if you’re not based there, international shipping is super affordable. Their customer service representatives are also fantastic. You can reach them either through calls, online chat, or via email.

8. CafePress

CafePress is your go-to website for affordable custom hoodies, whether you’re designing it for yourself or want to create a personalized gift for a loved one. The design tool is convenient to use as you won’t have a hard time putting your designs together.

Just choose the color, size, and quantity you want and you’re good to go! Interestingly, CafePress aims to give their customers 100% satisfaction and that’s why you can return or exchange your products within 30 days. It doesn’t matter if it’s personalized!

If you want to make money from your customized hoodies, check out CafePress’ marketplace. I noticed that designers are allowed to showcase and sell their designs there.

Also, if you’re looking for inspiration or unique designs, you can explore the marketplace to purchase already-made custom hoodies.

9. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt gives you strong wings to creatively fly when creating your hoodie. There are rich features that will help you complete your order as soon as possible.

You can find a suitable design from the platform’s image library. Just type in the keyword you’re looking for. Aside from that, you can add text and choose your desired font and size.

When you’re done, you can share your designs across social media handles.

Spreadshirt is known for printing on quality materials.

The most interesting part is that you can also earn money from your designs. All you need to do is to create the custom hoodies you want to sell, then allow Spreadshirt to take care of everything including the processing, shipping, payments, and customer service.

10. InkPixi

InkPixi has been in business for over 20 years and is easily one of the most trusted custom hoodie websites. Founded by Nathan Depew, the platform is committed to delivering perfect and quality hoodies for customers.

One feature that separates InkPixi from other websites is that it already has designs for you to work with. Just browse through their catalog to find which one works for you, then, you can add your custom text.

Ordering is also quick and simple and you’ll get your product delivered in a few days.


As you have seen there are lots of custom hoodie websites to explore. However, I noticed that some offer richer features.

Of all the websites reviewed above, BlueCotton is my favorite. Aside from choosing from the image library, you can upload yours or even generate AI images straight from the website.

I also like that you can print your designs onto your hoodie with ink or digitalize them and stitch them with thread. The website is also well laid out and there’s a free shipping option that takes a maximum of 10 days.

Don’t stay limited to my choice. Feel free to check out other websites.

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