12 Games Like Toca Boca

Toca Boca is a Swedish developer of children’s mobile video games.

The games feature open-ended gameplay instead of providing specific instructions and goals. They offer kids a rich atmosphere and various tools to create stories and explore adventures.

Toca Boca games are fun and engaging for young children. They encourage imagination, creativity, and social interaction.

These games have an intuitive interface, vibrant and colorful graphics, and positive and upbeat music.

Additionally, they focus on self-expression and creativity, are ad-free and safe for children, and are highly replayable.

Examples of popular Toca Boca games are Toca Life World, Toca Hair Salon 4, Toca Blocks, Toca Mystery House, Toca Lab: Plants, Toca Boo, and more.

While some of these games are free, others require in-app purchases, subscriptions, or one-off purchases. Also, some only work with an internet connection while others have limited parental controls.

That said, you may want to explore more games like Toca Boca that are free but feature-rich, and address diverse needs, interests, and personal preferences for your child.

Let’s dive in to learn more about such games.

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Games Like Toca Boca

1. My Town World: Doll House Life

My Town World lets girls and boys unleash their creativity by creating their own stories and games. They can build a mini world and visit all the available dollhouse buildings while having fun.

A child playing this game can act as a policeman, doctor, fighter, teacher, and more in their mini-world. There are over 200 locations to explore, such as school, airport, hospital, and others.

My Town World has a big map with locations and buildings waiting for players to explore and have fun!

Here’s the best part: all the buildings in this game are interconnected, allowing for interaction between them.

You can also go to the shop at My Town World to obtain new characters, add them to the mini world, and dress and customize them.

My Town World is one of the games like Toca Boca where gamers can play with friends on the same device and earn prizes every day.

Ideal for four to twelve-year-olds, this app is free and comes with in-app purchases.

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2. Dr. Panda Town Tales: New Life

Dr. Panda Town Tales: New Life lets you undertake various adventures while taking a break from your daily routine.

You can explore your home, take a walk in town, go on a shopping spree at the mall, or take a vacation to over six exotic islands.

The app has a character creator for customizing characters in various styles, such as eyes, noses, hairstyles, and thousands of combinations.

You can also roleplay via experiences and learn without worrying about the consequences. Other fun activities include hatching dragon eggs, playing in the arcade, and exploring ancient ruins.

Like Mod City Life Town Adventure, players can enjoy this game without reliable internet access. Dr. Panda Town is easy to play, making it perfect for children aged six to eight.

You can install this app for free on your iOS or Android device. Once the trial period ends, you can opt for a monthly subscription at $6.99 or an annual subscription at $39.99.

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3. YoYa: Busy Life World

Another game to boost your child’s creativity is YoYa: Busy Life World. Made by YoYa World, this game lets players create and modify characters in various locations.

YoYa is a dollhouse app that lets you create characters, dress them in attractive costumes and accessories, and create a story.

Kids can explore My Home where they design family members and organize them with daily activities, such as taking showers, cooking dinner, playing with sisters, and more.

Players can explore more locations, including the shopping mall, hair salon, beauty shop, fashion store, hospital, and central park.

You will need to choose your favorite character from a pool of many to play the game. You can change players’ outlook, including their hairstyle, clothes, and expressions.

YoYa: Busy Life World is similar to most Toca Boca games in that you can play it offline as you experience puzzling events and adventurous actions in two different play modes.

YoYa: Busy Life World is free with in-app purchases.

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4. Avatar World: City Life

The free role-playing game Avatar World: City Life, created by Pazu Games, lets users design and personalize their avatars, explore a busy metropolis, and communicate with other players worldwide.

This is one of the games that mimic the operations of a city, including car traffic, trains, factories, leadership, hospitals, and more. Since users collaborate worldwide, they create their cities and share ideas as they play.

This immersive and engaging game offers various activities and customization options, making it an excellent choice for gamers who enjoy virtual world experiences.

Like Toca Boca games, Avatar World: City Life requires players to choose from various outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and more to customize their characters. You can create unique avatars that reflect their preferences and personalities.

This game is free to install on iOS and Android devices and comes with in-app purchases.

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5. Pok Pok

Pok Pok is a game for kids that sparks learning and creativity through open-ended play.

This game is ideal for children aged two to seven to tinker, build, experiment, and learn. The game allows for customization of the game objects to simulate a real-life experience.

The kids can create magic, thanks to their creativity, which can surprise them. Kids’ curiosity will make them create the best digital toys to make playrooms constantly evolving.

Gamers create patterns and objects with the digital toys. They can build various structures since their creativity is not limited, and create any characters or objects they want.

Pok Pok gives a lot of creative control to the gamers. Toca Boca games provide similar functionalities as well.

You can try the game for free for a week before switching to a monthly subscription of $6.99 or an annual subscription of $45.99. It’s available on the Apple Store only for now.

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6. Lila’s World: Create Play Learn

Lila’s World: Create Play Learn is one of the free games like Toca Boca developed by Photon Tadpole Studios. It lets players draw and color a town to create their game world in this game.

It provides players with colored pencils, sketch pens, crayons, and paints for drawing a picture on paper. The limitless creativity allows kids to produce new foods, characters, objects, and more.

Lila’s World: Create Play Learn is safe to play and allows you to browse different worlds as you interact with art pieces. Similarly, this game is available offline but you can have a better experience playing online. Toca Boca games have the same capabilities.

Lila is on a summer vacation and she just visited her granny’s town; the play takes up Lila’s role. In Granny’s town, Lila can check out different sections of the home and go to the family library to read a book.

In addition to exploring home and reading a book, she can cook dishes and play the piano in the music room. This molds the child into a responsible individual, acknowledging that they equally need to participate in house chores, reading, and more.

Furthermore, it allows players to browse the different worlds created by other players. This game is safe for kids and people from all around the world allow their kids to play this game.

7. Miga Town: My World

Miga Town: My World is an open-world game where players can freely explore multiple locations to create their world. In this game, you can create your favorite characters for playing the game.

Players build their worlds by creating multiple stories. They can build their town from scratch, developing every aspect of a locality and day-to-day life while learning the natural dependencies of objects in the world.

These experiences are available offline as the game is not internet-dependent.

This game, like Toca Boca, has a customization feature due to which players can change the characters’ hairstyles, expressions, and clothes.

Although the game already has multiple characters and locations, it is regularly updated with more characters and locations.

Miga Town: My World is free to install on iOS and Android devices.

8. Crafty Lands

Crafty Lands lets players create different landscapes while interacting with entertaining characters.

In addition to finding entertaining personalities to connect with, the player can design and construct new areas based on grandiose blocky architecture.

This game resembles Toca Boca in the sense that there are no restrictions on learning new things, and players can construct anything and explore vast, epic realms.

It is the ideal framework for creating original tales and experiences. Players can construct anything they can imagine in a huge world with blocks. The player can also construct homes, castles, fortresses, villages, and even cities.

Interactive characters, new adventures, exploration, and addictive gameplay are some of Crafty Lands’ key characteristics.

You can install Crafty Lands for free on iOS and Android devices.

9. Block Craft 3D: Building Game

Block Craft 3D offers Minecraft-style gameplay, in which you have to control a character from a first-person perspective and start building or demolishing structures to create your land.

The world is made up of blocks, where you can build whatever you want, like rivers, buildings, parks, houses, and more. Several playable characters are available, each with unique skills and abilities.

So the gamer has to show creativity in building up the blocks for different things; a feature that makes Block Craft 3D resemble Toca Boca games. Another similarity is the unlimited levels of customization.

During gameplay, you can adopt pets and take them for free land navigation. However, this game doesn’t contain scenes that involve facing off with monsters. It promises an intriguing gaming experience by letting players build their own characters.

You can use this game to show off your creativity by building unique models and sharing them with friends to impress them. The game rewards you with points for your creativity that you can use to unlock additional content.

Block Craft 3D is free for Android and iOS devices.

10. SAKURA School Simulator

Are you looking for games like Toca Boca for older children (12 years)? You will love the Japan-made SAKURA School Simulator.

This game is based in Sakura town – an open fictional world. However, the game’s situations are based on the daily life of high schoolers in Japan.

It’s not a shooting and action game, but a simulator.

If you like Japanese animations, you will enjoy this game. Players can experience a Japanese high school simulation as students.

While the game includes a couple of violent elements and actions, it doesn’t contain descriptions of blood. Also, players in the gaming world don’t die; they only faint, wake up the following day, and fight back.

When playing this game, you can talk to other people, including students. You can also attend classes, make friends, purchase something for your (or someone else’s) use, eat at a sushi bar, drive a car, earn money, and more.

SAKURA School Simulator is free for both iOS and Android.

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11. Toca Life World Town Life City Full Advice

Toca Life World Town Life City Full Advice is a free single-player game created by SunburstQuery. This game is free with unique educational content.

In this game, the player can create multiple characters and get some work done. Similar to most Toca Boca games, it has a customization feature so players can modify their created characters.

The player aims to live the lives of different people as they undertake the objectives set by the game.

This game provides player tips, guides, and videos for getting three stars in each level so gamers won’t get frustrated when playing if they get stuck as the game ensues.

Furthermore, it has maximum colors, better-quality graphics, and dozens of mini-challenges. Gamers can discover hundreds of characters in eight locations while customizing them.

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12. Avatar Maker Dress Up for Kids

Avatar Maker lets your kids make a copy of themselves by creating their cartoon characters.

This free game allows children to dress up and make any style they think of. For instance, they can use the new Kawaii avatar for endless customizable accessories. This feature is common in Toca Boca games.

They can also recreate an anime character, create a unique hairstyle, or even color. The gamer can also select a skin color from a wide range, picking their favorite facial expressions.

Players even choose their avatar’s mouth, eyes, eyebrows, and nose. Of course, you will choose the best to match your desired high-level creativity in your avatar.

Not only can gamers build their avatar, but they can also furnish their room with an abundance of accessories, realizing interior design fantasies. Additionally, they get to select every piece of furniture and add various accessories.

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As children’s apps evolve, these games stand out for their commitment to providing engaging, educational, and entertaining experiences for young minds.

Whether your child enjoys imaginative play, problem-solving challenges, or interactive storytelling, these games offer diverse options that capture the essence of Toca Boca’s magic.

Most games like Toca Boca are free. So you need not be limited when looking for something to creatively engage your kids.

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