13 Best Stores Like Torrid 2024

Torrid is an online shop for women’s clothing that mostly caters to the needs of plus-size women. It has a wide catalog of dresses, tops, sweaters, jeans, jackets, coats, swimwear, and more.

The store has smartphone apps that make it easy to place orders from anywhere. The site offers amazing deals and discounts from time to time, something that’s more common during the festive seasons.

However, the site can be a little crowded with all the labels and images. This often makes navigating the site difficult for new users. Furthermore, some women may not find the specific types of clothes they want.

If you want to shop for a more diverse range of clothes plus accessories, we have some solutions for you.

Here are the best stores like Torrid you can check out.

Best Stores Like Torrid

1. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant has a rich history dating back to 1904. It’s the largest plus-size clothing retailer in the United States.

It offers a wide-ranging selection of clothes that cater to both style and comfort for all ages of women. You can get stylish work attire, everyday casual wear, and glamorous dresses for special occasions.

The website design is almost identical to Torrid’s but a little easier to navigate. It is thoughtfully designed with the customers in mind. You can easily browse through the categories to find what you want.

Each item in their store is accompanied by sizing information, color options, and reviews from other shoppers. That’s helpful as it guides you into making a more informed decision.

Moreover, Lane Bryant ensures that your goods reach you in good condition. They work with reliable shipping companies who will see to this.

The platform has a support center that addresses all your needs 24/7. Lane Bryant has a rewards app for Android and iOS.

2. Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart was founded in 1991, and the name was inspired by Martha Stewart and Laura Ashley.

The store offers a variety of fashion pieces for women of all sizes and ships globally.

Ashley Stewart understands that style is personal; hence, their clothing options cater to various tastes and occasions. You can buy office wear, dinner dresses, gym clothes, and swimwear, among many others.

Like most of the other Torrid alternatives, Ashley Stewart offers people regular deals and flash sales. Right now, the site is full of Christmas and New Year clearance sales with up to 50% discounts.

Ashley Stewart has both in-store and online shopping. Their website is user-friendly and can be navigated by anyone. All you have to do is select a category in which your desired clothing piece falls under.

Each item has a detailed description and a model just to give you a vivid look. There are different color options available for every item, so it’s up to you to choose.

Furthermore, their tracking and shipping system ensures that you get your goods on time. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t have official mobile apps at the moment.

3. Eloquii

Eloquii is a dynamic source of women’s fashion that’s best known for designer-level clothes at amazing offers. The platform is home to all types of plus-size women, offering diverse styles and shapes.

At Eloquii, you will find a comprehensive range of clothing that’s both fashionable and flattering. You can get trendy dresses, tops, and winter fits, as well as customized festive attire. If you want official wear that compliments your curves, then this is where to shop.

You can locate the specific item by browsing through different categories or using the search function at the top. There are filters like size, color, brand, etc. that can significantly cut down the time you spend searching.

Furthermore, rather than just displaying clothes, Eloquii uses real-life models, like Torrid. So shoppers can visualize how the clothes would look on them before buying.

Representation is at the core of Eloquii’s online operations and that has won them a lot of repeat buyers.

Eloquii’s shopping and shipping process are smooth and stress-free. The platform occasionally surprises buyers with gift cards that come with amazing discounts. You can even track your order through the website or the iOS app.

4. Rebdolls

Rebdolls is a haven for fashion-forward plus-size women seeking inclusive clothing options. There is a diverse range of fashion apparel for all sizes of women. If you are a big woman struggling to find fit clothes, give Rebdolls a visit.

Furthermore, their website provides a smooth user experience even for first-time visitors. There are no eccentric colors used. Everything is designed in calming, neutral colors that make the clothes and their labels stand out.

The delivery system is as efficient as Torrid. Once you place your order, you can track it from the comfort of your house until it reaches your door. There’s free shipping for a certain number of orders, all processed on the same day.

Rebdolls has Android and iOS apps.

5. Universal Standard

Universal Standard is a powerhouse of plus-size clothes that has made significant strides in promoting body positivity. Universal Standard has a plus-size range that rivals what Torrid offers. It caters to the vibrant styles of women of all sizes.

It offers an impressive fashion collection consisting of all the statement pieces you can think of. You can get stylish dresses, unique tops, denim pants, etc.

Besides outerwear, Universal Standard uses its platform to promote inclusivity in the fashion industry. The landing page is full of all types of positive messages, which I found very touching. It’s the kind of place where buyers feel comfortable in their own skin when shopping.

The checkout process on Universal Standard is very smooth with a website that’s quite easy to navigate. There’s a size chart provided to help you find your exact measurements. You can shop by category and add filters like size, color, price, etc.

There are no apps but the website works well with small screens like smartphones and tablets.

6. ASOS Curve

ASOS Curve is the plus-size section of ASOS. It transcends borders to provide its plus-size customers with the best fashion pieces.

One area that stood out for me is their rich collection of matching two-piece sets. While Torrid also features a similar selection, it’s more refined on ASOS Curve. So finding something that fits your body well without spending too much is very easy.

ASOS’s online aisles will leave you feeling like you just stepped into a global marketplace. It’s the place you go to when you want the latest fashion releases from all over the world.

The ASOS store boasts an expansive collection that spans every conceivable style, from casual streetwear to elegant evening dresses, all at affordable prices.

You can get bold prints, minimalist designs, or eclectic fashion pieces, things you can’t find anywhere else. There’s a customer reviews section in case you are in doubt regarding an item and want more information.

Placing an order here is easy. The website provides a seamless avenue for selecting the best payment options depending on your location.

ASOS is available on Android and iOS.


WRAY is based in New York City and as you’d expect, it stocks high-quality clothes for all sizes of women. While it’s not exclusively focused on plus-size women like Torrid, it has an impressive line of big women’s clothes.

WRAY is where you go if you want to recreate a look from the past. It offers vintage-inspired fashion to women of all sizes and shapes. There’s a wide range of retro dresses, tops, outerwear, undergarments, and accessories to choose from.

The platform has also made sure that each client has a positive shopping experience, thanks to their intuitive interface. You won’t get lost because everything is neatly arranged into categories.

The shipping is also a well-coordinated affair. WRAY has joined forces with trustworthy shipping companies to ensure timely deliveries across the world. There’s a sizing chart for accurate measurements with a personal styling appointment available.

8. Avenue

Avenue calls itself the World of Curves. It gives Torrid a run for its money due to its plus-size-specific catalog. There’s a carefully curated fashion collection that specifically caters to the modern plus-size woman.

Avenue has both in-store and online shopping options; both are delightful to visit. You can sift through dresses, tops, denim, lingerie, outerwear, and footwear.

Their collection is not only trendy but is also designed to boost your confidence. On top of this, Avenue offers their on-budget customers affordable yet stylish options. At any given time, active discounts plus flash sales are being run on the site.

One helpful thing about Avenue is its sizing guides. If you’re unsure if something will fit, simply refer to the sizing guide that comes in all international sizes.

The site employs real-life plus-size models to let customers see how the clothes will fit.

Don’t worry about timely deliveries because Avenue uses the services of reliable shipping companies. You’ll have items on your doorstep within days.

Moreover, Avenue’s customer-friendly customer support ensures that you are happy with your purchase. Returns are allowed within 72 hours. Avenue has Android and iOS apps.

9. Lands’ End

Established in 1963, Lands’ End has provided women with all types of clothes for decades. The brand ensures inclusivity by offering fits for all sizes, from petite to plus sizes.

The plus-size fashion collection on Lands’ End is very similar to what Torrid offers. There are versatile dresses, cozy winter essentials, work suits, etc. In a nutshell, you can find just about anything you need here.

The long years that Lands’ End has been operational have given them a good understanding of what women want.

The shopping experience is straightforward too. Their website consists of a detailed sizing chart, product descriptions, and a clean interface for easy exploration.

Each category is further broken down into smaller sub-categories. Narrowing down to specific clothing items only takes a few seconds.

Lands’ End has a well-oiled delivery system. All packages arrive safe with beautiful branding. To avoid confusion. Customers are given a grace period of 90 days to return anything that’s faulty or doesn’t fit.

There are no mobile apps for Lands’ End.

10. Maurices

The first thing that catches your eye when you open the plus-size section on Maurices’ website are the models. They are all plus size which lets you see exactly how the clothes will fit you right away. For this reason, perusing through the catalog is just as easy as on Torrid.

Maurices is a women’s fashion empire that believes a great outfit can change a woman’s day, no matter their size. It consistently delivers good fashion pieces that are inclusive of all women.

You can get luxurious-looking clothes without breaking the bank. The store stocks stylish dresses, jeans, pajamas, intimates, matching sets, and even maternity clothes.

Shopping at Maurices is easy as their website provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The only mobile app supported is Android.

11. Anthropologie

Next up is Anthropologie, a prominent player in the fashion landscape. The brand extends its chic and sophisticated styles to embrace all types of plus-size women.

You can tell by a single look that Anthropologie fosters inclusivity without dropping the ball on elegance.

Like Torrid, Anthropologie offers a wide collection of plus-size clothes with their respective accessories. You can grab cardigans, dresses, jeans, jackets, blazers, tops, etc. As of the time of writing this, there were over 880 plus-size items from different categories.

The user-friendly website makes it easy for customers to shop. Their fashion pieces are grouped into different categories to make it easier for you to find them.

There’s even a menu on the left panel that leads you to where you want with a single click.

Furthermore, they provide you with sizing charts and item descriptions so you can understand them better.

Shipping with Anthropologie is a well-orchestrated process. With the help of trusted carriers, your package is sure to arrive on time. Tracking information is provided for your peace of mind.

Anthropologie has an iOS app.

12. thredUP

thredUP is the best thrift shop for plus-size women’s clothes. You won’t find brand new clothes like on Torrid, though.

thredUP focuses on sustainable fashion, providing women with a unique shopping experience centered around thrift items.

The store’s virtual aisles for plus-size women have a rich assortment of pre-owned clothes. But don’t let that make you think they’re of low quality. You’re likely to find a rare designer piece that was discarded after a single wear.

thredUP’s collection consists of dresses, sweaters, jeans, tops, and designer handbags. You can buy footwear and fashion accessories like sunglasses, hats, watches, etc. The sizes go all the way to XXL plus they have maternity selections.

The website is easy to use and offers multiple ways of finding the items you need. There’s a search function, and the clothes are arranged in different categories.

You can shop from anywhere using the Android and iOS apps.

13. SHEIN Curve

SHEIN has become one of the most famous fast-fashion sites in the world right now. Unlike Torrid, it offers more than just women’s clothing. You can even find clothes for newborns.

But if you’re plus size, there’s a special category called Curve that has thousands of cheap fast-fashion clothes. Shopping on SHEIN is easier than most of the other alternatives. It has a user-friendly interface you can access through the website or the mobile apps.

The interface allows plus-size shoppers to browse through various categories to find what they are looking for.

Each item is accompanied by images and detailed descriptions that help you understand the item better. You can filter clothes based on your size and then choose your desired color.

But the best bit is the section where other buyers display images of themselves wearing what they bought. I found that quite helpful as it shows prospective buyers how the clothes fit in real life.

SHEIN’s buying process is straightforward. There are a variety of payment options available, including PayPal, credit cards, etc.

In regards to delivery, the company ships worldwide. It collaborates with reliable global carriers that will ensure your items arrive safely on time.

You can download SHEIN on iOS and Android.

Final Words

Women are particular about what they wear, and these Torrid alternatives can meet these needs.

Lane Bryant takes the top spot because it extensively focuses on plus-size women. The platform offers a wide range of clothes that are stylish and ships them worldwide.

If you can’t find what you need there, feel free to check out the other alternatives.

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