16 Best GetIntoPC Alternatives

GetIntoPC is a popular provider of free software programs. These are programs patched to a degree where you no longer need a license.

Besides GetIntoPC, there are several platforms that allow you to download free software. FileCR, SoftPedia & CNET Download to name a few. The best GetIntoPC alternative is Softonic. Not only does it offer a variety of categories to chose software from but supports all major OS including Mac.  

More about GetIntoPC & Why explore alternatives

On GetIntoPC, you can find software like 3D CAD programs, Graphic design programs like Pattaizer, CorelDRAW, and Adobe InDesign, Antivirus programs and many more.

GetIntoPC guarantees that these patched programs do not have any viruses. I tested several of them, and no program ever installed malware on my PC.

You will find a key generator (or license) in the installation packet. As such, you no longer have to search the internet for an activation key.

However, GetIntoPC lacks some features that other similar providers have. In the years I have been using free software for personal use, I have seen sites with better service than GetIntoPC.

For example, GetIntoPC does not have a review section. As a result, users cannot tell others whether or not the software is problematic.

GetIntoPC also does not offer games. All the free programs you can download from GetIntoPC are for personal productivity only.

Given all these reasons, I have put together this list of top alternatives to GetIntoPC.

Check it out.

Best GetIntoPC Alternatives

1. Softonic

Softonic is a platform where you will find a multitude of apps for different operating systems, including Mac. You can download these programs for free, just like you would in GetIntoPC.

Here are the categories of apps on the site:

  • Games
  • Browsers
  • Productivity programs
  • Multimedia
  • Lifestyle

There are many more, and I can say that it is easy to browse these categories. It feels like you are shopping for software.

I prefer Softonic over GetIntoPC because the programs you can download here are not exclusive to Windows. For example, you can download Android apps for free, which you typically buy from Google PlayStore.

Another advantage of Softonic is its review area and ratings for each app. For example, users can leave a score between one and five stars for downloaded programs.

Why is this important? It is critical for users like you and me to assess if the programs are safe. The last thing we want is spyware or malware on our computers.

You can analyze whether the program is safe if you read the user reviews. Use the reviews as your guide. You can find out if the application works and if it carries a virus.

2. FileCR

FileCR is a safe website where you can download Windows, Mac, and Android applications. In addition, the site offers multiple categories from which you can choose software.

Here are some examples of the categories:

What I like about the site, which GetIntoPc does not offer, is the FileCR assistant. In addition, it is a free Chrome extension that gives you notifications.

Once you get the FileCR assistant, you will get a notification for new updates and premium uploads. You can also use the extension to add software to your favorites list.

The advantage of FileCR over GetIntoPc is that there is only one method to download. With GetIntoPc, the download process can vary widely between the apps, which can be confusing.

3. Softpedia

As its name implies, Softpedia touts itself as the encyclopedia of downloads. As a result, you will find hundreds of apps here that you may not have heard of before.

The site supports Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. I like the search box where you can type the software you want and choose which operating system.

Softpedia not only provides you with software downloads, but it can also help you update software drivers. For example, you can edit the following drivers here:

  • Audio drivers
  • Video drivers
  • CPU drivers
  • Printer drivers

One advantage of using Softpedia over GetIntoPC is the Download Hub. The Download Hub is where you can quickly find software that performs a specific task.

For example, go to the File Recovery hub if you are looking for file recovery programs. Here, you will see that there are 11 programs available to you.

In addition, each product page has three areas of interest: Review, Free Download, and Specification.

The review section is where you will find a synopsis of the program and how the reviewer rated it between one and five stars. Please read it to find out what the reviewer says about the product.

Finally, the free download is where you get the file, and the specification is where you check the hardware the program needs to run.

4. CNET Download

Known for its vast collection of software for various platforms, CNET Download is a reliable source for free software.

CNET Download is a platform that provides free software downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices across various categories of software and apps, including security, utilities, and more.

It is designed to make shopping for software easier and more efficient.

Key Features

CNET Download offers a wide range of software and apps for various operating systems. It also provides software reviews, helping users make informed decisions.

The platform features a user-friendly interface and a robust search function, allowing users to quickly find and download the software they need.

Additionally, CNET Download offers a free application that helps keep the software on your Windows computer up-to-date and clean up the junk that accumulates on your system over time.

Pricing and Plans

CNET Download primarily offers free software downloads. However, some software or apps may have free trials, after which a monthly or yearly subscription fee may apply.

The specific pricing details would depend on the individual software or app.

Features and Functionality

CNET Download provides a vast selection of software and apps for different operating systems.

It offers real-time searching, allowing users to find their desired software quickly. The platform also provides software updates, ensuring users have the latest versions of their software

Additionally, CNET Download offers utilities features to clean up junk files that might be slowing down your computer.

Pros and Cons

Compared to GetIntoPC, CNET Download offers a more secure and reliable platform for software downloads. It provides a wide range of software and apps, along with software reviews to help users make informed decisions.

However, some users have reported that downloads from CNET Download were bundled with unwanted software in the past, although recent reports suggest that this issue has been addressed

Compared to other alternatives like FileHippo and Softpedia, CNET Download offers a similar range of software and apps. However, these alternatives may offer different features or user experiences.

Best for

CNET Download is best for users who are looking for a wide range of software and apps for various operating systems. It is particularly beneficial for users who value having software reviews available to help them make informed decisions. It’s also suitable for users who want to keep their software up-to-date and their systems clean from junk files.

5. FileHippo

The last on our list of alternatives to GetIntoPC is FileHippo. It has a vast library of handpicked software programs. Tthe selection is so huge that it has already provided more than five million downloads!

The site only supports Windows but has more software categories than GetIntoPC. Below are some examples of these categories:

  • Games
  • Leisure apps
  • Office and news
  • System tuning and utilities
  • Social media and messaging

What I like about the site is that there is an easy way to find what apps are most popular. In addition, there is a button at the top that indicates this list.

After clicking it, you will see all the programs that users have downloaded, which you may want to try. It also has a dedicated link for the latest updates or patches.

Unlike GetIntoPC, this site has a valuable blog where you learn what is going on. For example, an article talks about when Microsoft would kill Wunderlist.

As a Wunderlist user, you need to know this to prepare. Once Wunderlist goes through decommissioning, you already have replacement software.

There is also a review section on the site. This area is where you can find comparison articles to help you decide which software to download.

Find out more tools like FileHippo here.

6. FileHorse

FileHorse is a program-sharing app for Windows and Mac. It has a wide variety of programs, and most of the ones they offer are the latest apps people use.

Here are some of the categories:

What I Like about FileHorse is that there are games on the site that GetIntoPC does not have. For example, you can download Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA San Andreas, and many more.

Unlike GetIntoPC, FileHorse has a voting system where the users rate an app after installation. The rating is between one and five stars.

As a user, I find this useful because it tells me if there is anything I must be concerned about. In addition, there are comments in the ratings, which will help me understand why others are unhappy with the app.

FileHorse is perfectly safe, and the download process is easy. If the free download is unavailable, the website will navigate you to the original creator of the software.

7. PC Wonderland

PC Wonderland is a software database where you can find operating systems, utilities, antivirus programs, and much more. It also has a dedicated category for office tools.

Here are the software categories you can choose from:

PC Wonderland also outshines GetIntoPC because it has three other categories that GetIntoPc does not have. This is important as it gives us more options for the kind of programs we can get for free.

8. KaranPc

KaranPC is what you need if you are looking for things like Portable Software, Programming/Development, Mobile Tools for PC, and File Managers. You are not going to find these things in GetIntoPC.

KaranPC tops GetIntoPc because it has more than 30 categories of software programs. It even has games like chess and solitaire.

In addition, you can also expect software programs that will help you make games and catalog them. Game developers will be happy to know that you can download Game Maker Studio here for free.

Besides the sheer volume of categories, I like that KaranPC has communication tools. You can use these apps to chat and extract communication addresses from other websites.

9. CrackingPatching

CrackPatching is the place to go for software downloads and the latest updates and patches. As you know, cracks and patches are the codes you need to run software for free.

The free software may stop running on your PC without patches and updated cracks, especially if you connect online. Therefore, I strongly recommend CrackPatching for updating your free software.

The website has applications and software programs for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. If you want to see the most downloaded programs, head to their Top 100 Software section.

CrackPatching has a lot of categories, and below are a few:

What you will love about CrackPatching is the IDM, which GetIntoPC does not have. IDM stands for Internet Download Manager.

What IDM does is crack the program you downloaded. It can manage and schedule your downloads using full bandwidth capacity.

It is helpful for people who have intermittent internet signals. With IDM, you can resume your downloads from where you left off.

I also like that CrackPatching has an area for Adobe programs which benefits people looking for Adobe products that can get expensive.

CrackPatching also excels over GetIntoPC because each software page has an updated key. Furthermore, you can download the full cracked software version or only the latest license key.

10.  Ninite

Ninite is the place to go if you are busy. It is a software database where hundreds of programs can be installed and used for free.

What makes Ninite different from GetIntoPC is Ninite Pro. Therefore, you can manage several computers simultaneously with Ninite Pro.

Essentially, you will get instant access to view all your machines in one place. In addition, you can control which apps to download on these machines.

You will love Ninite if you want to download several apps simultaneously. All you must do is check the boxes of the apps you want and then click download.

You cannot do this with GetIntoPC. With GetIntoPC, each software has a dedicated product page, and you can only download each installer one at a time.

Ninite, on the other hand, makes it possible to skip all the product pages. Instead, after choosing the apps you want, it will download all of them in the background.

Use Ninite if you do not want any disturbances. As the site downloads your apps, it has the AI to check which ones have already been updated and skip them, thereby saving you precious time.

11. SnapFiles

SnapFiles is where you will find freeware and shareware, not just cracked software programs. Think of it as a repository of many programs that creators want to give away for free.

Freeware and Shareware have their sections, each with a category. Below are some examples of these categories:

The sheer volume of software programs on this site is immense. There are even registry tools here that you are not likely to find in GetIntoPC.

In addition, SnapFiles has a section where you can try paid programs before you even pay them. These are costly programs where a free trial is unavailable, but SnapFiles found a way to make it accessible.

You can also go to the Top 100 Downloads page if you want. Here, you will find programs you may not have thought you needed.

I also appreciate that SnapFiles has what they call Editor’s Selections. So if you want to get the best programs, click that link and see what the site owners love from their entire catalog of apps.

12. Downloadly

Downloadly is where you can download the latest Windows programs. In addition, you can find many free (cracked) software programs without worrying about viruses.

Here are some of the categories you will find here:

  • Data recovery
  • Drivers
  • Operating systems
  • Office PDF
  • Mobile tools
  • Utilities

Unlike GetIntoPC, you can even find WordPress themes on this site, which you typically buy elsewhere. What I like about the site is that after testing, I never got any warning or alert that the file I downloaded had malware.

Downloadly is not your ordinary software database. It offers a premium membership that they call VIP for people who want faster service.

As a VIP member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to faster download speeds
  • No limit on connections
  • No more ads when you download or use the software
  • Get support for IDM
  • No limit to bandwidth

The VIP program is not free, as you have to pay 3.5 euros for 30 days. However, you can spend six euros for 60 days if you want.

I recommend the paid service if you have many programs to download. It beats the waiting time you must endure using other software databases.

In addition, there are no ads, which can really be annoying at times. I can’t blame them since they have to make money, too.

13. ALL PC World

If you want more than what GetIntoPc offers, try ALL PC World. It has apps not only for office use but also for computer maintenance like a fan controller.

Here are several categories that you can browse:

  • Software
  • Utilities
  • Operating systems
  • 3D CAD
  • Office Tools
  • Data Recovery

The software category has sub-categories. More than 30 sub-categories include mobile tools, mathematics software, fonts, emulators, and eBook programs.

What I like about ALL PC World is that it has no bias regarding software. The website will publish the app for as long as it is about computers.

The Data Recovery section is what I like most, which is not present in GetIntoPC. In it, you will find programs that allow you to get back files that you accidentally deleted.

What makes ALL PC World stand out compared to GetIntoPC is the type of software it has on the site. Some of the software programs here are not available in GetIntoPC.

Generally speaking, I recommend ALL PC World to people with unusual computer needs, like file checksum calculators, Niri launchers, SSD managers, disk cleaners, and many more.

14. haxNode

haxNode (yes, small “h”) is a globally renowned website where you can get free software programs in the full version. On top of that, you can also download patches, keygens, cracks, and license keys.

Here are the types of software you can download:

What I like about haxNode is that it has a dedicated page for Adobe products. There is also an IDM Crack, which GetIntoPC does not offer.

So, if you only want the latest Adobe programs and their cracks, go to the Adobe section. You will find free programs in that area, like Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Premiere, Xd, Animate, and many more.

haxNode also offers free online courses like training for Python, UI/UX Design, Microsoft Excel, and variations of the Python language.

GetIntoPC offers educational materials and tutorials. However, it does not offer the extensive training that haxNode does.

Like the programs, each online course has a download link. In addition, there are some requirements that you must meet before you can join.

The beauty of it is that if you want to learn, say, Microsoft Visio, you can download it from haxNode, and the same site will give you free training on how to use it!

15. KoLomPC

KoLomPC is a vast database of software programs for Android, Mac, and Windows. You can even download portable apps and games from the site.

There is a dedicated section for macOS and Android. The vast majority of programs you can find here, however, run on Windows.

To give you a snapshot, here are some software categories you can browse:

You will get activation tools when you download a software program. You can get a crack, a keygen, or a hack, depending on what is available.

The first click you make will take you to an ad network, which is fine. The next click will take you to the download page.

The site, unlike GetIntoPC, provides a unified method of downloading the software program. They also advocate using an IDM to download faster and with a schedule.

Unlike GetIntoPC, KoLomPC offers detailed instructions on using the site and what to expect. For example, before you click, you will know why there are ads and what to do.

16. Soft Famous

Soft Famous is a site where you can download almost anything. Apart from the original versions, the site owners make it a point to update their software programs.

Here are some examples:

One thing that Soft Famous offers is a review for each app. So, for example, if you click on the SmadAV antivirus program, there is an article just below the download button.

The article explains what the program does and why it is a good choice. In addition, there is a rating system on the website where users give between one and five stars for a program, which GetIntoPc does not have.

Below the article about the app is a list of software programs similar to the one you are viewing. It is like what you see on Amazon, where it says, “people who bought this also bought.”

GetIntoPC has a software program recommendation, too. However, the products you see there have no relevance to the one you are looking at.


In my opinion, the best alternative to GetIntoPC is Softonic. This platform has everything you need, like Windows apps, games, productivity programs, and more.

The advantage of Softonic over GetIntoPC is its support for Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows. Softonic also has more categories than GetIntoPC.

Lastly, users of Softonic have a voice. The users provide reviews about the download, which can serve as a guide to people like you and me before we decide to install a program.

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