27 Best Christmas Fonts For Canva

Christmas is a special time of year.

Besides the celebrations, it’s usually the time to give gifts and showcase well-chosen decorations. That’s where creativity is displayed in all styles.

One way of making a memorable Christmas is incorporating different kinds of fonts that fit the mood. But you can’t just use any font you find.

There are special kinds of Christmas fonts you can find on Canva. These can be used in designing your festive creations without any cost.

Check out the list below for the best Christmas fonts on Canva.

Christmas Fonts On Canva

1. Candy Cane

The Candy Cane font resembles the candy sticks that are common treats during the Christmas season. The iconic spirals that are the standout feature make it very attractive and hard to miss.

Additionally, the curved edges of the font give it a friendly appearance, perfect for Christmas invitations. The font works exceptionally well for child-themed designs, especially when used on gifts.

2. One Starry Night

One Starry Night is a fun and exciting font that is perfect for Christmas cards. The letters contain swirls that give off lots of energy and excitement.

Another standout feature is the thinness of the letters which makes it easy on the eyes. One Starry Night is great for making other Christmas crafts like advent calendars and gift cards.

3. Navidad

The Navidad font is derived from the Spanish Christmas accolade, “Feliz Navidad”. It is a simple Christmas font with decorative serifs that add to the festive spirit of Christmas. The font contains little tick marks that make it more playful.

The font contains big and bold letters that make it easy to read. The font is suitable for all kinds of Christmas crafts but would do great for shiny gifts.

4. Holleigh Caps

Holleigh Caps is a Christmas font that exudes festive charm with its elegant uppercase letters. The typeface captures the spirit of Christmas through graceful curves and seasonal elements like snowflakes and swirls.

Additionally, the carefully crafted letterforms strike a balance between elegant and whimsical. Holleigh Caps is the perfect choice for adding a touch of holiday magic to your Christmas crafts.

5. Harbell

Canva’s Harbell Christmas font gives off the Christmas spirit with its calligraphic design. Its bold typeface is perfect for creating a memorable impact on your Christmas crafts.

Harbell features a balanced blend of traditional Christmas elements, such as holly leaves and playful swirls.

Its typeface is not only decorative but also easy to read. The font is suitable for adding elegance and fun to your Christmas designs.

6. Sofia

Sofia is a simple Canva Christmas font that adds a modern twist to your holiday designs. Its letters are adorned with Christmas patterns, giving them a contemporary feel.

Due to its clean lines and stylish details, Sofia is a versatile choice for a range of informal festive projects. Whether you’re creating Christmas cards or social media posts, the Sofia font will help you add a festive flair.

7. Santa’s Sleigh

The Santa’s Sleigh font has both a decorative and icy touch. The font’s playful design captures the holiday mood. The geometric shapes inside the letters give a captivating illusion of icicles.

The letters of Santa’s Sleigh are shaped like tiny sleighs with curved lines resembling sleigh runners. One look is all it takes to know you’re dealing with a Christmas font.

These elements ensure that your text radiates joy and excitement during the festive season, adding merry magic.

8. Nouvelle Vague

The Nouvelle Vogue Christmas font showcases both a modern and sophisticated take on holiday designs. Its typeface consists of sleek, flowing lines that are thicker and easier to read.

The font is an excellent choice for projects where you want to blend a touch of Christmas charm. The font’s refined aesthetic allows your text to stand out with a timeless and stylish feel.

9. Xiomara

Canva’s Xiomara Christmas font is a delightful mix of playfulness and elegance. Its gentle typeface gives a festive feel, making it perfect for creating Christmas designs.

Xiomara’s letters feature artistic curls and subtle accents that are both decorative and easy to read.

It gives off a warm charm that infuses your text with a joyful spirit. It’s the perfect font for creating eye-catching Christmas invitations.

10. Pacifico

Pacifico is perfect for creating holiday cards, banners, and social media posts. Its simple design makes it suitable for a warm Christmas greeting card.

All the letters maintain Pacifico’s signature casual and handwritten style adorned with Christmas accents. That makes it ideal for personalized creations as it feels more handwritten than most fonts on our list.

The playful and decorative touches infuse a laid-back and joyful spirit into your holiday text. Pacifico is perfect for adding a friendly and approachable holiday vibe to your designs.

11. Snowhouse

Canva’s Snowhouse font stands out with its branchy letters that send forth a happy holiday spirit. Moreover, the letters are adorned with elements that exude a winter wonderland theme.

The Snowhouse font carries a sense of warmth and holiday. That makes it perfect for adding a cozy, seasonal vibe to your Christmas designs.

The well-crafted characters make it a delightful choice for creating visually appealing designs.

12. Magnolia

Magnolia is a Christmas font with thin, elegant calligraphy that contains subtle accent lines. The intricate characters of the font give it a unique and stylish appearance that’s hard to miss.

The font gives off a refined flowery feel. It is the kind of font you want on cards that you give someone you care about.

13. Shipped Goods

Shipped Goods’ quivering lines make it an unusual but delightful choice for creating holiday designs. The font combines a playful aesthetic with a touch of nostalgia and has jagged edges in some areas.

The design is cheerful and lighthearted, making it an excellent choice for adding Christmas cheer to your holiday designs.

Shipped Goods’ letters fit with all kinds of festive packages, especially the types that come with little bows. If you’re into calligraphic art, then consider using the Shipped Goods font.

14. Antrokas

The Antrokas Christmas font is another Canva font that’s designed with a pronounced thickness. At the same time, it has some exceptionally thin parts. The two contrasting sizes give the font an iconic appearance.

Plus, the thin parts of Antrokas contain ribbon-like accents, which make it a perfect choice for Christmas creations.

Antrokas gives off a modern festive flair. The typeface showcases a sleek and contemporary design that is adorned with Christmas elements. However, it can be a little hard to read so ensure you increase the size.

15. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is a simple Christmas font that consists of a thin typeface. Like the original Nickelodeon brand, the letters are playful in nature.

The font radiates a vibrant energy that can resonate well with young children familiar with Nickelodeon content.

On top of this, the font gives off a Nordic charm, which is associated with snow. The Nickelodeon font can be used on its own but can also work well with other typefaces.

16. Harrington

Canva’s Harrington Christmas font is classy with a touch of fun and excitement. The letters contain slight curves and slants, which give them a decorative aspect.

If you love movies like Harry Potter, then Harrington will evoke a familiar, exciting feeling of the magical realm.

The Harrington font strikes a balance of tradition and celebration. That makes it a versatile choice for various Christmas-themed projects.

You can use it for gift cards, greeting cards, and invitations.

17. Chopin Script

Chopin Script is a Christmas font with letters that showcase a beautiful flowing script with a touch of holiday flair. The typeface contains thin letters paired with subtle accents that make it brilliant for Christmas projects.

I particularly loved the smooth tails that swirl into each other. However, it can be a little hard to read when squeezed together.

Still, the intricate design and graceful curves of the Chopin Script font make it timeless. It is perfect for writing beautiful Christmas notes to the people you love.

18. Mountains of Christmas

Mountains of Christmas is another Canva Christmas font with a staggeredness that creates a fun and carefree feel. Plus, Mountains of Christmas contains subtle serifs that are paired with soft curves, perfect for creating artistic holiday illustrations.

Each character is adorned with a touch of holiday magic. But it is the uneven design that looks handwritten that makes it an amazing Christmas font. So add it to your collection.

19. Alex Brush

Alex Brush is a Christmas font with typefaces that feature graceful, sweeping brush strokes. The broad and thick letters of the font make it easy to read, which is perfect for Christmas cards.

The font oozes sophistication and is ideal for adding a touch of refined celebration to your Christmas projects. It is the kind of font you use on formal Christmas items.

Alex Brush comes in different weights that you can use to create varying effects.

20. Learning Curve

Learning Curve is another Canva Christmas font that may appear old-school but is still perfect for spreading Christmas cheer.

The font is made of clean, crisp lines that are easy on the eyes. The old-school design gives it a contemporary and classic look.

If you’re the type of person who loves recreating Victorian-era Christmas traditions, then consider using the Learning Curve font.

21. Maratre

Maratre is a traditional calligraphic font with rich and beautiful loops that make it an elegant choice. It can be used to craft Christmas greetings and invitations.

It consists of Christmas elements that add a touch of festive cheer and excitement. You will be impressed by the elegant flourishes that add sophistication to your holiday-themed projects.

Maratre’s font is eye-catching and will create an impact on anyone who comes across it. You can use it for both formal and informal projects.

22. Grand Hotel

Canva’s Grand Hotel font consists of clean, thick lines with decorative accents that make it suitable for Christmas-themed projects.

The Grand Hotel font has slight slants and curves that make it ideal for artistic projects. You could use it to stitch names on Christmas sweaters or pajamas.

The font can be used as a headline font. It is easy to read even when used in the smallest size.

23. Hultog Snowdrift

Hultog Snowdrift is another artistic Christmas font that works best for decorations. It looks like snow has been piled under the letters.

The font has graceful strokes with a shadow effect in the background. These two add a touch of warmth to your Christmas atmosphere. But what makes it perfect for Christmas is that it’s easy to read even when used in small font sizes.

Hultog Snowdrift works best in upper case.

24. Janda Cheerful Script

Janda Cheerful Script is a lively typeface that consists of youthful loops that radiate the joy of the Christmas season. Its cursive script style brings a sense of fun and playfulness.

It looks handwritten and that makes it more natural when used on cards. It would be an ideal choice for people who love personalizing gifts to make them feel more authentic.

Janda Cheerful Script has an elegant and carefree demeanor, which makes it versatile.

25. Kingthings Willow

Kingthings Willow is another Christmas font that leans heavily towards magical. It has very thick undertones at different angles of the letters. The font’s details resemble handcrafted elements with a touch of vintage charm.

This ornate font gives off a magical and inviting feel, perfect for making decorations that stand out. The letters feature accents such as holly leaves, hence evoking a sense of tradition and celebration.

Kingthings Willow works best as a headline on doors or windows.

26. Thirsty Script

Next up is Thirsty Script, an old-school font that you can use to add a touch of vintage to your Christmas. The font is very stylish and has thick strokes that are easy to read. The eye-catching aesthetic makes it suitable for wall decor.

Thirsty Script brings a balance of sophistication and playfulness. That makes it an excellent choice for labeling Christmas gifts for young children.

27. League Script

Wrapping up our best Christmas fonts on Canva is the League Script font.

The font consists of graceful, handwritten, flowing strokes that give a personal touch. It would work well for Christmas invitation cards or personalized gifts.

League Script’s letters feature subtle loops and curls that make them attractive, hence perfect for invitations. Every letter touches the next, creating a free-flowing artistic effect.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, some of the best Christmas fonts on Canva. Each conveys different festive moods and can be used for a wide range of projects.

It’s hard to pinpoint the best font to go with, as it all depends on what you want to use them for.

So choose the one that fits your needs and create a memorable Christmas.

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