AI Time Machine: See Your Historic Styles

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Have you ever wondered what you would look like in different eras throughout history? Would you be a Viking warrior, a Roman emperor, a Victorian lady, or a hippie from the 1960s? Well, now you can find out, thanks to a new feature called AI Time Machine, created by genealogy company MyHeritage.

AI Time Machine is a tool that allows you to upload photos of yourself and see how you would have looked in various historical periods, using advanced AI-image generation technology. In this article, we will explore how AI Time Machine works, what themes and eras you can choose from, and what are the benefits and challenges of using this feature.

What is AI Time Machine?

AI Time Machine is a cool feature by MyHeritage that lets you upload your photos and see how you’d look in different historical times and cultures. It uses advanced AI technology to make these images. MyHeritage is a website that helps you learn about your family history. With AI Time Machine, you can pick from lots of themes like Ancient Greece or the 1970s.

AI Time Machine was launched in November 2022, and since then, it has generated over 44 million output images, out of which three million were downloaded for sharing, according to MyHeritage. AI Time Machine became popular after a TikTok trend that has garnered over 30 million views, where people shared their AI-generated photos of themselves in different historical eras. Many people found the feature fun, fascinating, and educational, as they could see themselves in different costumes, hairstyles, and settings from the past.

Transform into a Historical Figure with MyHeritage AI Time Machine

  • Go to myheritage Website and click on “AI Time Machine™” under the “Photos” tab.
Ai Time Machine
  • Upload 10 to 25 photos of the same person from different days, poses, and angles.
Ai Time Machine
  • Use a variety of settings but avoid different ages for better results.
  • You can upload up to 35 photos. Drag and drop photos or upload from your computer or mobile.
  • Crop photos if others appear in the foreground.
  • Enter the person’s first name, gender, and any title.
Ai Time Machine
  • This helps the AI create better-looking images and navigate between models.
  • If not signed in, create an account or log in to MyHeritage.
  • AI Time Machine™ takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to process the initial model. You’ll receive an email when it’s ready.
  • Additional themed images take 1–2 minutes to generate.
  • Click theme buttons to try different looks.
Ai Time Machine
  • View images individually using the arrows on the viewer.
Ai Time Machine
  • Share images on social media or download them individually or as a set.
  • Use the icons to share on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or download as a jpeg file.

What are the themes and eras available on AI Time Machine?

AI Time Machine offers a diverse array of themes and eras, allowing users to explore different historical periods, regions, and cultures. Some fascinating examples include Ancient Greece, a civilization known for its contributions to Western culture, where users can envision themselves as Greek warriors, philosophers, poets, musicians, or goddesses adorned in tunics, togas, laurel wreaths, and sandals.

Ai Time Machine

Another captivating option is the Victorian Era, spanning from 1837 to 1901, characterized by industrial, social, and cultural changes. Users can immerse themselves in this period as Victorian ladies, gentlemen, workers, children, or servants, wearing corsets, bustles, suits, hats, and gloves. The AI Time Machine offers a rich tapestry of historical themes, providing users with a unique and engaging way to visualize themselves in various historical roles and styles.

Limitations and Challenges of MyHeritage AI Time Machine

  • Historical Simulation, Not Reconstruction: The feature is not a historical reconstruction but rather a historical simulation. It doesn’t claim accuracy or authenticity but offers a creative and artistic interpretation of history. Historical filters are based on general trends and stereotypes, possibly not capturing the full diversity and complexity of each era.
  • Facial Transformation, Not Recognition: It is not a facial recognition tool but a facial transformation feature. The goal is not to preserve your identity but to alter it according to historical styles. The transformed photo may not precisely resemble you or your ancestor but rather depict a generic person from that era.
  • Complement, Not Substitute for Genealogical Research: AI Time Machine is not a substitute for genealogical research but serves as a complement. It doesn’t provide factual or documentary evidence about your ancestry or heritage but offers a visual and emotional representation. The transformed photo may not align with the actual appearance or background of your ancestor but presents a hypothetical or fictional scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyHeritage AI Time Machine?

AI Time Machine is a feature developed by MyHeritage that utilizes text-to-image technology to generate realistic and diverse images based on natural language descriptions of historical styles.

Are the generated images Accurate historical Reconstructions?

No, the images are historical simulations, not reconstructions. They are creative and artistic interpretations based on general trends and stereotypes of each era.


AI Time Machine is a feature that allows you to travel through time and see yourself in different historical periods and cultures, using advanced AI-image generation technology. AI Time Machine is a fun, fascinating, and educational tool that can help you connect with your family history and have fun. You can upload photos of yourself and choose from a wide range of themes and eras and see how you would have looked in the past.

You can also download and share your photos on social media or save them to your MyHeritage family tree. AI Time Machine is a feature that has many benefits and challenges and requires careful and responsible use. If you are interested in trying out AI Time Machine, you can visit the MyHeritage website and start your journey.

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