How To Make Money On FeetFinder?

Do you want to make money online by snapping pictures of your feet and selling them to thirsty men with a foot fetish?

Selling feet pics is a hot topic nowadays. The idea of making money online by selling feet pics has exploded in popularity in recent times. This is driven by trending TikTok videos from TikTokers who claim to be making hundreds a week, on their phones, selling pictures on feet pic sites like FeetFinder.

However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. While it’s possible to make a surprisingly decent income from selling feet pics, it requires a bit of skill and know-how.

Let’s learn more about it in this guide but first, a quick summary.

How to Get Started on FeetFinder?

Getting started on FeetFinder is a relatively simple process. The platform supports almost all countries, and all you’ll need is some basic information, an ID for verification purposes, and supported payment methods for accepting payments and paying the monthly access fee.

To create your account, head to the signup page and fill out the form. You’ll need to verify your email and send an ID for verification purposes (this can be your driver’s license).

Once you sign up, there are a few things you will need to do before selling feet pics.

You’ll need to fill out your profile by uploading a picture and creating a short bio. This profile picture doesn’t need to contain your face; in fact, it should ideally be a picture of your feet.

Remember, the whole point of selling feet pics as opposed to doing something like webcam streaming is to protect your anonymity online. If you are comfortable with sharing your face, more power to you!

You will also need to add a payment method for receiving payments through FeetFinder. I will talk more about payment methods later.

An ID will be required. This is to ensure that all sellers on FeetFinder are of legal age and are who they say they are.

Finally, you will need to pay the monthly ($4.99), yearly ($14.99), or lifetime ($40) fee for membership. This is required for all sellers. Unfortunately, FeetFinder is not free, but the small investment is worth it.

Once you have everything set up, you can get started with making money! In the next section, I will discuss the four main methods of making money on FeetFinder.

Ways to Make Money on Feet Finder

There are four main ways to make money on Feet Finder. I recommend a combination of all four to maximize your earnings.

1. Selling Albums

One of the first things you should do when signing up for a FeetFinder account is adding albums to your profile. You can do this in the “My Content” section.

These albums stay on your profile until you delete them, and any buyer who comes across your profile can choose to buy them.

You can upload up to 15 pictures per album. Even if you choose to reveal the first photo, customers won’t be able to see the rest of the photos until they purchase the album.

You can set your own price for each album. It could be $5, $20, or any other price you deem fit. Experiment with different prices to see which ones sell best.

In addition, you can upload free albums that are free to access. Giving out some freebies is a good way to show off your sexy feet and attract fans, but be wary not to give out too much content for free, or people won’t bother to purchase your paid content.

I recommend a maximum of one free album, with some of the other paid albums showing just one picture for free.

These albums allow you to earn passive income, because they can be purchased an unlimited number of times. For example, Bob can purchase an album for $10 and then Tim can purchase the same album for $10, giving you a total of $20 in sales from a single album.

2. Selling Custom Content

While albums are great for recurring sales, the big bucks will come from custom content. When you chat with buyers, you can sell them custom-made pictures and videos.

Tell them to send you an offer on your profile.

Since you’re creating content exclusively for the buyer, you can charge a lot more. Many people start by charging $10 for a single picture.

Others charge a lot more, especially for videos.

If it’s a short video of just a few seconds, you might charge $10 or $20. For a longer video that is a minute or two long, you can charge $50, $99, or any other amount.

The more in-demand you are, the more you can charge for custom content.

Some customers may turn into repeat buyers, ordering new pictures and videos a few times a month.

3. Monthly Fan Subscriptions

FeetFinder has launched monthly subscriptions that sellers can offer to fans. For example, for $19.99 a month, you can allow fans to view all of your content, without needing to pay for individual albums.

You get to choose the price of your subscription, and you can change it at any time.

They can still order and pay for custom pictures and videos.

While this sounds like a great way to get recurring income, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

There is the potential for buyers to abuse this feature by subscribing for one month, downloading all of your premium albums, and then unsubscribing the next month. This could be cheaper for them than buying each album individually.

One way to avoid this trap is to only sell 2–3 albums on your profile page at a time. Each month, release new content and delete old content.

In any case, if you don’t keep releasing new content, there is no reason for buyers to remain subscribed.

Again, the subscriptions feature is a bit counterintuitive. If you are a new seller, it could work in your favor.

However, if you are an established seller with a lot of content on your site, the subscription option may attract lowballers who want to pay a one-time fee for all of your content.

Another way to avoid losing money from monthly subscriptions is to price your monthly subscription to be equivalent to the price of three or four albums.

The monthly subscription feature is also good for fans who truly enjoy your content and want to support you for the sake of it (like a monthly tip to show their appreciation). However, you need to first build up a fan base if this is going to be your strategy.

In your profile, specify that you will give subscribers extra attention, respond to their messages quicker, and surprise them with exclusive pictures now and then. Doing that will help maintain a good connection with them and keep them subscribed.

4. Tips

Finally, you can earn money from tips. Tips are nice surprises, but you shouldn’t rely on them for steady income.

The more you focus on building personal relationships with people and making them feel valued, the more likely you are to receive random tips. Reward tippers with surprise content as positive reinforcement and to encourage more tips in the future.

However, don’t go around asking buyers for tips. Produce good content and the tips will follow organically.

How to Get Paid by Feet Finder?

Let’s quickly discuss how to get your money from FeetFinder once you’ve made a sale.

Payment Methods

FeetFinder has partnered with Segway and Paxum for payments, depending on the country you live in.

If you are in the United States, you won’t need to make a separate payment account. You can add your bank account information and get a direct deposit to your bank account via Segway.

In other countries, you may need to create an account with Paxum.

How Often Can You Get Paid?

You can request a payout whenever you want, but the minimum payout amount is $30.

FeetFinder might ask you to verify your bank account by providing a picture of a voided check before your first payment.

Also, FeetFinder takes a 20% commission on all sales made through the platform. This is in addition to the fee you pay for access ($4.99/month for a basic account membership).

Tips for Making More Money on Feet Finder

Don’t expect to sign up for FeetFinder and start making bank overnight. It takes time to figure out a strategy that works for you and build relationships with buyers.

Here are some tips to make your life easier and help you earn more money quickly.

Fill Out Your Bio and Profile

Buyers want to see who you are! You don’t need a picture of your face, but your profile picture should feature an enticing image of your feet.

Your bio should tell people a bit about you, what makes you special, and what kind of content you are willing to make. For example, if you aren’t willing to show your face, you can specify that in your profile.

Try to Get Reviews

Buyers can leave reviews on your profile. In the beginning, it’s a good idea to sell custom content at low prices in exchange for good reviews.

Once you get a few reviews, you can raise your prices. Those reviews are critical in showing buyers that you’re a real person and that other clients enjoy the content you create for them.

Be Proactive and Message Buyers

You can’t expect to sit back and have a steady stream of buyers hitting you up. That’s just not how it works.

Remember, the competition on FeetFinder is intense! There are a lot of other sellers trying to make a living on the platform, so you must be proactive.

Go to the Buyers tab and message or follow buyers. Look for those who are verified (with the verified badge in their profile picture), already have reviews, or have taken the time to fill out their bio.

You can follow them or message them directly from their profiles.

Most buyers won’t reply, but that’s okay. It’s a numbers game; you can always follow up with unresponsive buyers a week or two later, as they might have simply missed your message.

Add a Wishlist

In your profile, there is a section where you can add social links.

In addition to adding links to your social media profiles, though, you can also add a link to your Amazon Wishlist.

That way, fans can purchase items for you, whether they are everyday essentials you need or luxury items you have always wanted.

Focus on Long-Term Relationships

Like any business, selling feet pics online is a long-term investment of your time and money. You need to build up your business over time by creating long-term relationships with clients.

Some clients will only make one-time purchases, and that’s okay. It’s normal in every business, and these clients do contribute a significant percentage of your income.

However, much of your income will likely come from repeat clients. These are men who are enamored with you and have a crush on your feet.

They may buy each new album you release (if you don’t offer a monthly subscription) or place custom content orders on a regular basis.

Follow up with clients who have already made a purchase. Don’t be afraid to spend some time talking to people who haven’t yet purchased from you, but do watch out for freebie-seekers who just want to waste your time and will never convert into customers.

Carve Out a Niche

As I said, there is a lot of competition on FeetFinder. One way to increase your chances of success is to carve out a niche.

There are different categories on FeetFinder, and some buyers are into different things. For example, some people like feet with tattoos, while others like Latina or African feet.

Some people may be into feet with nicely-done nails, while others are into weird things like dirty and smelly feet.

By carving out a niche for yourself, you can stand out from the competition.

Market Yourself Off the Platform

You are not allowed to contact buyers off the platform, as per FeetFinder’s rules. However, it doesn’t hurt to set up an Instagram page and send people to your FeetFinder page by sharing your profile link or username.

You can also market yourself on Reddit. Look for subreddits where people post feet pics and post a few, but be careful not to give away too much for free.

It’s a business, after all.

Hire a Manager

FeetFinder recently launched a new service in which you can hire a manager to manage your account for $100/month.

The manager who will be assigned to your account will take care of handling your messages and custom content requests. You can upload content to your vault for your managers to access.

I haven’t used this service myself, so I can’t say for sure if it’s worth it. It will make things easier for you, but I doubt it will take all the work off your hands.

You will likely still have to be proactive by messaging and interacting with buyers. However, the managers could keep communication going once you are chatting with someone and help you save time, reaching more people in the process.

You can also purchase Boosts, which give you increased visibility to buyers for five hours (Superboosts last for 24 hours).

Watch Out for Scammers

There are a lot of scammers on FeetFinder, and it’s important to avoid them. If you waste time talking with a scammer, you will lose out on potential income you could have made from serious buyers.

Scammers will usually try to take communication off the platform. If someone asks for you to contact them on Snapchat, Kik, or Telegram, discontinue communication.

It’s most likely a scam, and FeetFinder doesn’t allow the exchange of content information, anyway. They will likely send you a fake PayPal payment confirmation that is actually an invoice in disguise or ask you to pay a small processing fee for a payment that will never actually materialize.


FeetFinder is an excellent side hustle, but it requires hard work, dedication, and persistence. There will be moments of frustration, but the ones who keep going will emerge successful.

You won’t get rich overnight. However, if you focus on slowly and consistently building up your feet pic business, it can definitely turn into a full-time income.

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