How to Solve the Affirm Service not working on Amazon

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Online shopping has become a convenient and popular way of purchasing goods and services. Amazon, one of the leading e-commerce platforms, offers a variety of payment options to suit different customer needs. One of these options is Affirm, a service that allows users to buy products and pay for them over time in installments.

However, some users have reported facing issues with the Affirm Service not working on Amazon, such as discrepancies in their order history and payment status. This article will explain what Affirm is, why users are encountering problems with it, and how to resolve them.

What is Affirm on Amazon?

Affirm on Amazon is a payment service that allows users to split the cost of their purchases into manageable installments. This innovative payment method provides customers with the flexibility to buy items immediately and pay for them over time. To access this service, purchases must amount to at least $100.

It’s an alternative to traditional credit cards, offering transparent and easy-to-understand terms for users. Through Affirm, eligible shoppers can select this payment option during the checkout process on Amazon, enabling them to spread out their payments without incurring hidden fees or compounding interest.

Why Affirm Service not working on Amazon?

Affirm Service Not Working On Amazon

Users have reported encountering issues with Affirm on Amazon for various reasons, leading to confusion and frustration during the purchasing process. One primary reason for these problems revolves around potential processing errors occurring either on Amazon’s end or within the Affirm system.

These errors might manifest as delays or failures in transmitting order information between Amazon and Affirm, resulting in discrepancies between the approval of the Affirm loan and the actual order status. Users often see messages like “pending – merchant processing,” indicating that the order might not have been successfully transmitted.

Affirm Error Causes

  1. Amazon Processing Error: Users may face an Affirm error due to processing issues on Amazon’s end. Messages like “pending – merchant processing” indicate that the order might not have been successfully transmitted, causing discrepancies.
  2. Affirm Loan Status: Problems with Affirm’s loan status could lead to errors. Users need to ensure their Affirm payment plan is active and check for any pending transactions.
  3. Affirm Order Processing Issues: Some Affirm orders might fail during the payment process. This occurs when affirm approves the loan, but an error arises during the transaction. Retrying the transaction after seeking clarification from both Affirm and Amazon’s customer service is suggested.
  4. Ineligible Purchases: Certain items such as Kindle books, movies, gift cards, Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh orders, and carts under $50 may not qualify for Affirm financing. If any of these items are in your cart, the Affirm option may not be available.
  5. Suspicious Activity: Amazon might flag accounts with suspicious activities, leading to the unavailability of Affirm as a payment option during checkout.
  6. Missed Payments or Disqualification: If you’ve missed a payment with Affirm or if the store’s policy disqualifies you from using their payment plan, affirm may not be accessible for your purchases.
  7. Account Issues or Updates: Using a business account, pending dues, or outdated Amazon app versions can also lead to the Affirm payment option not showing up.

How to Resolve Affirm Errors on Amazon

  1. Contact Amazon Customer Service: If you’re having trouble with Affirm while shopping on Amazon, start by contacting Amazon’s support team.
  2. Explain your problem, share details about your Affirm loan approval, and ask about your order status. Amazon might cancel the Affirm loan, allowing you to try making the purchase again.
  3. Reach Out to Affirm Customer Service: If Amazon can’t fix the issue, get in touch with Affirm’s customer service.
  4. By talking to Affirm, you can get information about your loan status. Discussing your concerns with their support team might help sort out any payment problems.
  5. Wait for 24 Hours: After contacting both Amazon and Affirm, wait for about a day. Sometimes, this waiting period helps update your order details and resolve loan-related issues.
  6. Keep an eye on your Amazon and Affirm accounts during this time for any updates.
  7. Check Your Cart’s Eligibility: Make sure that all items in your Amazon cart are eligible for Affirm transactions. Remove items like gift cards or those below $50 to use Affirm as a payment option.
  8. Verify Your Account Type: Affirm might only work with personal Amazon accounts, not business ones. Log into your personal account to use the Affirm installment plan.
  9. Disable Pop-up Blockers: Turn off any pop-up blockers in your browser settings. Private browsers like Tor or Brave might block necessary pop-ups for Affirm to work correctly.
  10. US Region Restrictions: Affirm payments are only valid within the US. Orders placed outside the US might not be eligible for Affirm financing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific item criteria for using Affirm on Amazon?

Yes, items in your Amazon cart must meet certain criteria to qualify for Affirm transactions. Ensure items are eligible by checking their value and remove any ineligible items like gift cards.

Can Affirm be used for all purchases on Amazon?

Affirm might not be available for all Amazon purchases. Some third-party sellers, specific product types like electronics with additional options selected (like gift wrapping or insurance).

Will Affirm work for business accounts on Amazon?

Affirm services on Amazon are typically available for personal accounts, not business ones. Log into your personal account to access the Affirm installment plan.


In conclusion, addressing issues related to the Affirm service on Amazon requires a strategic approach and careful troubleshooting. Users facing difficulties such as order discrepancies or payment status errors must follow a systematic process to resolve these issues effectively.

By reaching out to Amazon and Affirm Customer Service, checking item eligibility, verifying account information, and allowing a waiting period for potential updates, users can enhance their chances of rectifying the ‘Affirm Service not working on Amazon’ problems.

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