Mistral AI New Era: Open LLM Over Torrent Links

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly evolving field that has seen many breakthroughs and innovations in recent years. However, not all AI projects are created equal, and some stand out more than others for their novelty and impact. One such project is Mistral AI’s MoE 8x7B, a language model that is comparable to the anticipated GPT-4.

It was released to the public via a torrent link, without any papers, blogs, or announcements. This article will explore the details of this model, why Mistral AI chose this unconventional way of sharing it, and what implications it has for the AI community and the future of open-source AI.

Mistral AI MoE 8x7B Launch

Mistral Ai

Mistral AI, a new player in the AI world, did something pretty bold and different. Instead of making a big fuss like other big companies (think Google), they just put out their latest cool thing, MoE 8x7B, with a simple torrent link. This move was nothing like the flashy launches you usually see from tech giants.

Take Google, for example. They did this whole big launch called Gemini, but some people, like Andrej Karpathy from OpenAI, they thought Google’s videos hyping up their AI were too polished and exaggerated the AI’s abilities. On the flip side, Mistral just dropped their model without any fuss or fancy videos.

So, while Google got heat for making their AI look better than it might actually be, Mistral took a different route and made their release super simple by just sharing a link for people to download their model directly.

Why Mistral AI Release Stands Out

Mistral AI MoE 8x7B caught people’s attention because it did things differently. It’s like a smaller version of GPT-4, and that got the AI community interested. This model is a Mixture of Experts (MoE) made up of 8 experts, each having 7 billion parameters. Surprisingly, even though it has 8 experts, it only uses 2 when figuring out each piece of information, which sets it apart from other models in how it’s built.

People looked at leaked details about GPT-4 and thought Mistral AI model might be a step before it. GPT-4 could potentially use the same MoE setup but with even more experts and parameters, totaling a whopping 166 billion.

Mistral AI did something unusual with their release, though. They didn’t have the usual stuff like papers, blogs, or fancy announcements. This made people in the AI world talk a lot about it because it’s not what everyone expected, sparking conversations about what this model can do and where it could be used.

Mistral AI unusual decision to share their model through a torrent link, instead of the usual marketing tactics, got different reactions from people. Uri Eliabayev, who knows about AI, said Mistral often does things in a different way, like releasing stuff without making a big deal or giving lots of details.

Jay Scambler, who supports open-source AI, said Mistral AI way of doing things isn’t typical, but it worked well. Even though it’s not the usual approach, it got a lot of people interested and talking. This suggests that Mistral had a smart plan behind their different way of releasing their model.

AI Model and Impact

Mistral, a startup from Paris, recently got valued at a huge $2 billion after a big funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. This achievement comes after they did really well with an earlier round of funding, getting $118 million, which was said to be the biggest ever for seed funding in Europe.

People started noticing Mistral when they launched their first big language AI model called Mistral 7B last September. This helped them become a notable name in the AI world. Also, they got involved in talks about the EU AI Act, where they were apparently pushing for rules that are not so strict for open-source AI projects.

Mistral did things differently with MoE 8x7B. Instead of the usual flashy promotions, they simply put it out there for people to download using a torrent link. This got the AI community talking and wondering what this model can do.

This way of releasing stuff matches Mistral’s style of doing things—more focused on what their creations can do rather than how fancy they look. It got people interested and might change how new and cool tech gets introduced in the AI world.


Mistral AI, a Paris-based startup, has made a splash in the AI world with its unconventional release of MoE 8x7B, a language model that resembles a smaller version of GPT-4. Instead of using the usual marketing strategies, Mistral simply shared a torrent link for people to download their model directly.

This move sparked curiosity and discussion among the AI community, who wondered what this model can do and where it could be used. Mistral’s approach reflects their style of doing things differently, focusing more on the quality and performance of their creations rather than the hype and appearance. Mistral’s release of MoE 8x7B might change how new and cool tech gets introduced in the AI world.

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