A Murder At The End Of The World Episode 3 Recap: 11 Biggest Reveals

Warning! This article contains spoilers for A Murder At The End Of The World.


  • Darby’s suspicion towards the guests at the retreat grows as she realizes she doesn’t really know anyone, making solving the murder mystery more difficult.
  • Darby learns that Bill was with two other visitors before his death, adding more complexity to the case.
  • Andy Ronson’s plans for the future and his swarm robotics technology raise ethical questions, while Darby discovers Rohan’s involvement and later finds him dead, confirming a big secret is being hidden.

A Murder at the End of the World episode 3 makes a few subtle revelations about the mysteries introduced in episodes 1 and 2 but ultimately leaves viewers with more questions than answers. Unlike episodes 1 and 2, A Murder at the End of the World focuses less on Bill and Darby’s past timeline and unfolds more in the present. It drops several clues surrounding the connections between the guests and even hints at why they could be attending Andy Ronson’s retreat.

The episode also focuses on Andy Ronson’s plans for the future as a tech mogul, which may or may not be directly connected to the show’s overarching mysteries. However, even though the episode is jampacked with several new plot threads, its ending presents its biggest twist. The episode’s conclusion not only confirms that A Murder of the End of the World will follow a typical murder-of-the-week format but also highlights how its central murder mysteries are wrapped in a broader tapestry of several interconnected narratives.

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11 Darby Starts Suspecting Everyone At The Retreat For Bill’s Murder

In A Murder at the End of the World episode 3’s opening moments, Darby shows up at the central hotel’s common room, where Ziba sings a song in Bill’s memory. At this moment, Darby starts realizing that she does not really know anyone at the retreat. Anyone could be a suspect, and almost anyone could be responsible for Bill’s death. Even Lee, who she once looked up to, seems like a stranger even though she seemingly encourages Darby to find the killer. Darby’s suspicion towards all the guests at the retreat establishes that solving the central murder mystery will not be as easy as it initially seemed.

10 Tomas Gives Darby Some Clues About The Night Of The Murder

Daniel Olson as Tomas in A Murder at the End of the World

Later, in A Murder at the End of the World‘s episode 3, Darby visits the hotel’s kitchen and finds Tomas, the hotel employee who bumped into her outside Bill’s room after the murder. Although Tomas initially refuses to tell her anything about the night, he eventually discloses that he was carrying tea for three people to Bill’s room that night. This hints that Bill was with two other visitors minutes before his death. In the kitchen, Darby also gets access to a map of the hotel, and she takes it down on her forearm with a marker for future reference.

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9 Darby Learns More About Bill’s Connections To Other Guests At The Retreat

Emma Corrin as Darby and Harris Dickinson as Bill in A Murder at the End of the World

After returning to her room, Darby uses Ray’s knowledge base to understand more about Bill’s connection with other guests at the retreat. The AI reveals that Oliver has once tweeted about Bill, calling him a failed programmer who wants attention. Ray also adds that Martin had once liked a tweet from Bill, and Bill and Lui Mei were on the same flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver. He further discloses that Lee had attended Bill’s artificial insanity exhibition. When Darby asks Ray about Rohan, he says he was a climatologist and environmental activist but was later held in a prison in Moscow under charges of espionage.

He also tells her Rohan went off the grid after his stint in Moscow, leaving no record of him after 2006. When Darby asks him about Sian, he says that she was recruited by Ronson to lead his company’s lunar colonization program. He also tells her how Oliver pioneered robotics to “break down disabling barriers in society.

8 Darby Finds The Masked Man And Follows Him Outside

Emma Corrin as Darby peeks around a corner in A Murder at the End of the World

Following her interaction with Ray, Darby looks outside her hotel room window and finds the same masked man she had previously seen on Bill’s doorbell cam footage. She sets out to follow him in the cold, where she discovers he has been sending Morse-coded messages to someone else. The message he sends while Darby is sneaking up on him in A Murder at the End of the World‘s episode 3 says, “One down still a go,” which likely alludes to Bill’s death. While the masked man’s message will make more sense as the show progresses, it seemingly hints that Bill and Rohan were part of a group planning to do something at the retreat. Rohan sent that message to assure his team members that even though Rohan was down, their plan was still on.

The meaning of the Masked Man’s Morse-coded message described above is only a running theory based on the hints provided A Murder at the End of the World‘s first three episodes.

7 Lee Tells Darby About Her History With Bill

Emma Corrin as Darby and Brit Marling as Lee Andersen in A Murder at the End of the World

Lee Andersen (Brit Marling) later shows up at Darby’s room, and the two discuss the cam footage from Bill’s doorbell. Lee also opens up about her history with Bill and tells her that they never dated. Lee recalls how Bill suddenly showed up in her doorway after she was doxxed and defamed on the internet. Although she was initially afraid of him, the two eventually started talking about technology and how it scared them. Although Lee seemingly tells the truth about her past connection with Bill, she comes off as an unreliable narrator when she talks about the murder. It seems like she knows more about Bill’s death than she is letting on.

6 Andy Ronson Takes The Retreat Guests On A Southern Summit Tour

Emma Corrin as Darby walks to the retreat in A Murder at the End of the World

Darby receives an invitation to accompany Andy and all the guests on a tour of the southern summit. Due to the extreme temperatures outside, she also gets a jacket. Seeing the tour as an opportunity to investigate, Darby overtakes the pack and joins Rohan to ask him more about his connections with Bill. Rohan initially says that he was avoiding talking to her, but eventually tells about how he knew Bill and why he reacted the way he did when he heard about his death.

5 Rohan Opens Up About His History With Bill To Darby

Javed Kahn as Roah in A Murder at the End of the World-

Rohan tells Darby that he struggled with alcoholism after losing hope in humanity and its future on Earth. However, Bill saved him by telling him he takes humans too seriously. He also told him that regardless of what happens to humans in the future, new forms of life will emerge on the planet, and many old ones will continue to sustain. This realization helped Rohan take it easy on himself and also made him appreciate Bill.

4 Andy Ronson Surprises The Guests With His Swarm Robotics Technology

Oliver (Ryan J. Haddad) holding his glasses in A Murder at the End of the World

From the southern summit, Andy Ronson shows the guests how he and Oliver developed an army of insect-like robots that can effectively build intricate structures with remarkable precision. He says that he imagines a future where robots take over all labor-based work while humans join forces and deduce ways to sustain themselves. Although Andy Ronson’s inventions and ideas for the future of humanity seem fascinating, they raise several ethical questions about the potential consequences of relying so much on technology, especially artificial intelligence.

3 Darby Finds The Masked Man Real Identity

Harris Dickinson as Bill and Emma Corrin as Darby in A Murder At the End of the World

After returning from the summit to the base camp, Darby finds the shoes of the Masked Man in one of the shoe racks. She initially struggles to figure out who they belong to. However, to her surprise, it turns out that they are Rohan’s shoes, confirming that Rohan was the Masked Man outside Bill’s room. When Darby confronts him by repeating his Morse code message, Rohan asks her to be careful and hastily flees the scene.

2 Andy Reveals Some Crucial Details About Bill’s Death To Darby

Darby, Andy Ronson, and Bill in A Murder at the End of the World

Darby later has a brief conversation with Andy and Lee’s son, Zoomer, in A Murder at the End of the World‘s episode 3. Zoomer tells her that his parents fight a lot. However, before he can reveal what they fight about, Andy shows up and asks Darby to leave the retreat. Darby tries to confront him by saying that he did not bother calling the police to investigate Bill’s murder. Andy justifies his actions by claiming that Bill’s heart rate had spiked long before any visitors had come to his room, which confirmed that an overdose killed him. He also tells her that he knows she hacked the doorbell cam footage.

1 Rohan Is Found Dead At The Retreat Moments After Talking To Darby

Emma Corrin as Darby in A Murder at the End of the World

Towards the end of the episode, Darby tries to sneak out of her balcony door to stay at the retreat while Todd waits for her to vacate her room. However, before she leaves, she receives a call from Rohan, who tells her that he loved Bill and would never hurt him. Rohan also adds that Bill wanted to tell him something important the night he died, but when he showed up in his room, Bill was too intoxicated to say anything. After Rohan discloses that he got mad at Bill and left him alone before his murder, Darby hears Rohan fall to the ground and rushes to his room. That is when she hears a scream outside and runs out to discover that Rohan is dead.

Although the cause of Rohan’s death is not confirmed, he likely died from a heart attack, given how he had previously revealed that he had a pacemaker attached to his heart. If Rohan was murdered like Bill, the killer must have manipulated his pacemaker by hacking into its software. His death in A Murder at the End of the World‘s episode 3 confirms that Andy Ronson and Lee Andersen are hiding a big secret, and anyone who figures it out gets killed.

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